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  • Monday, December 31, 2007
    hi! found some videos about "To Grow With Love" on youtube today! enjoy! (P.S. dunno why the video wont load)

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    | 12:03 PM |

    Sunday, December 30, 2007
    hi... now no mood to play audi. this morning while going to church had car accident, whole dent @ the boot, luckily didnt hit me, missed by a bit. the whole boot now dented, muz go the company get replacement taxi. then my father so exaggerating, go call ambulance when no one was injured. but i really wanted to punch up that guy, we drive so slow le, he can see but he jus chiong come out. should hav asked him fr all sorts of compensation, like physical damage, psychological damage, car damage, time wasted, etc. i noe a lot, but really wat, his van only paint scratch, ours alrdy bak touching floor le, drive then the thing still scratch the floor. after that i was late for church by half an hour; lost there, didnt noe where my new class was. this afternoon went shopping, 1st go grandpa's house in geylang bahru to collect altered skirt. nxt time cedar moving near there, behind my childcare centre in the cc, maybe sometimes will meet into some fwenz there. then went to bus stop to take bus to paragon, but the bus so long didnt come(15 min). saw bus 31, so happy, hav tv mobile, so nxt time i take bus from nanyang can watch, jus nice parental guidance oso show that time. ate din tai fung @ paragon(lunch, but @ 2++), the xiao long bao so nice & juicy. then took mrt to toa payoh; got a new file & a pretty umbrella(hello kitty-pink). going to watch "The Suite Life of Zack & Cody" le, tata!


    | 6:46 PM |

    Wednesday, December 19, 2007
    hi! very long no post le. last wed wanted to post but forgot; too lazy. last tuesday went to sandra's house wih soph, sy, sarah, kj & yiting. soph & sy were a little late as they missed 3 buses then the 4th one wouldnt come so they walked to school. then after that sarah came & kj and yt came @ about 3. we walked 2 mcdonald 4 lunch(yum!) and played the mafia game & indian poker till yt came. then they watched a scary movie(PG14) and @ first they wanted to watch a M18 movie so I jus read my newspaper(Digital Life) in one corner. after that the rain stopped so sy, ky & soph went to the park to play ball while sand & yt planned the treasure hunt and i played with sand's cousin, Ray(he was sooo cute). they came back, watched kinship first ep(sand record) and played the treasure hunt. in the end kj & me won!(yay!) then we had to plan one for sand & yt, then switched. played soccer till went home, got hit by ball(cos goalkeeper) then our goal was quite small(yay!). thursday went to practise bus routes and shopping! got myself a watch($28) cos my pri 1 watch disappeared & my pri 5 watch spoiled. the garlic butter & clam chowder in Fish & Co. was great! fri went nanyang register, didnt hav to bring anything, only nid fill up phone no. the books & uniform so ex, add together is $400++! saw yee khoon, nina, shu min; only didnt see melissa. the rest of the days i forgot... to grow with love quite nice, watch it on cable everyday, today oso watched "Dicey Business" recommended by JiaYing. Song of to grow with love i going to add in my playlist soon, maybe 2moro; for the main time, jus hear this

    going to finish the "love" series by Tvb(only nice ones)! Finished: "A Handful of Love", "Love Bond", "Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love", "To Love with no Regrets" & "Lost in the Chamber of Love" . Now watching:"At Home with Love" & "To Grow with Love". Left:"Under the Canopy of Love" & "Love Guaranteed" sry for not updating for so long!


    | 10:11 AM |

    Saturday, December 15, 2007
    hiie! now dunno wat 2 do again; maple sian le, bad @ audi & getting tired of gc(hard 2 lvl). went 2 eat buffet yesterday, ate until so full and only nid pay $18 for it(used voucher). watched "Alvin & the Chipmunks" after it @ ps, had 2 rush-went vivo first then took mrt, movie @ 3.10pm we there alrdy 3.05pm then still so long queue. my sis lyked Theodore hu was sooo cute. I lyk the songs in the movie, lyk the christmas song and "Witch Doctor". maybe i would buy the soundtrack as it is so hard to find the songs online:p

    the christmas song

    Witch Doctor

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    | 3:40 PM |

    Thursday, December 13, 2007
    havent posted 4 another long time. haiz... dunno wat 2 watch now, hav so many shows 2 watch, even thinking of repeating some shows. Look @ my list of shows:
    With Kenix-Revolving Doors of Vengeance(8), A Pillowcase of Mystery(4), Ten Brothers(all) & Love Bond(all)
    With Jessica-Just Love(all), A Handful of Love(all), Parental Guidance(all) & Lady Fan(none)
    With Maggie-Ups and Downs in the Sea of Love(all) & The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow(all)
    Others-Yummy Yummy(all)
    long list rite? going to watch cable tv later(got it on Tue), 2moro going 2 watch "Alvin and the Chipmunks"

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    | 11:36 AM |

    Friday, December 7, 2007
    Hiie... Jus as bored as yesterday, actually more bored than yesterday. Today I watched some eps of "Parental Guidance" again & watched ep 13B of "Just Love" many many times. I jus love the part of that ep with Fiona Yuen! She and 13 gong are so funny that I watched it 11 times and I am still not tired of it!(10:59-12:19 of the video)

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    | 11:40 AM |

    Thursday, December 6, 2007
    Hiie.. Haven't posted 4 another "long time". Chatting with YK now, dunno wat 2 do... These few days i kept on watching Jessica Hester Hsuan's shows; "Just Love"(老婆大人) and "Parental Guidance"(her eng is quite gd). Amazingly, I completed the whole PG series in two days(3 on the 1st, 10 on the 2nd). W8ing for the 2nd season now... They just started filming in Nov so I'll hav 2 w8 long 4 it... I got a new list of my fav actresses(more detailed), added some new names:
    Fav HongKong actress list:
    *****-Maggie Cheung, Kenix Kwok & Jessica Hsuan
    ****-Fiona Yuen
    ***-Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung, Leila Tong & Bernice Liu
    **-The rest of the gd actresses
    *-The rest of the average actresses

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    | 4:00 PM |