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  • Creator; bluskiangel
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  • Thursday, January 24, 2008
    argh... got in AV club:'( wanna appeal but i went staffroom these few days tues-on mc, wed-meeting, today- no one answer+not there. haiz... 2moro cca start le... actually AV not bad le la, most ppl got in girl guides(yk, melissa, hannah, rachel). but AV nid go sch on Sat(on duty) hiragana test on mon... jap is fun! 1st dict got 4/4, 2nd one got 10/11. <3>


    | 4:34 PM |

    Friday, January 18, 2008
    long time no post... too lazy:p now my angel mad le... so long never write back, so i gonna write back this weekend, pass to her on fri. jap is fun! out of all the hiragana, i can only remember a-to, the rest mus revise, jap hw oso not done yet:( sch is quite ok, other then me forgetting to do work(lucky teacher no call me say). went throught "The Lady of Shalott" during Lang Arts, now doing time capsule. Maths last wk had maths olympiad test, only ans 17 out of 30, so didnt get in. now maths quite tough, now jap my av subject le. CLC had calligraphy and i m so bad @ it... most ppl write too thin the lines, i write too thick:p Science my class learning Physics 1st, nw learning vernier caliper, quite fun(hw do very fast). History hav to write bout wat u wanna preserve, Geo nothing much, learnt bout populations. PE sux, still last in class(yay! i can tell future), the PE teacher talk so much i didnt care, was killing ants with my foot that time:p ICT quite ok... taught us how log in sch system & lms. me was first to figure how to log in sch system(b4 teacher taught). the ICT teacher was the guy hu interviewed me for ICC. canteen food is great! but the queue so long... cos 4 lvls combined recess & lunch, skipped recess & lunch quite a few times this wk. the ice-creams are great(<3>

    | 4:32 PM |

    Friday, January 11, 2008
    so happy:p got in 3rd lang! jap and in bishan! whoo-hoo! i <3>


    | 5:14 PM |

    Monday, January 7, 2008
    hi... today had sec1 installation ceremony rehersal then had talk on sec1 IP. had a breakfast bash too, we were given a hard chicken nugget & 2 sandwiches(egg+tuna/cheese+ham) w/mayo. after that we went for the cheering competition. heard lotsa cheers by other classes like dynamite(found on yunting's blog-1st part), ???(found on yunting's blog too-2nd part)-I only noe some words, change the rafflesians to nanyang, fight ahx2 after the 1st fight, green black fight to red and white & the last 2 sentences are total diff. my class cheer was 山歌 , too bad we didnt win; 3rd-1/8, 2nd-1/08, first-1/11(yk, mel & nina class). then had PPCG & lunch. lunch yk, mel, nina, jiayu(one of their classmates) & I went to play the swings. yk & i didnt play cos most were taken and those left were so high. then went to SAC but was not open. havent went to the library yet. maybe will go there after get new ez-link. last few hours we had PSS; the PSL talk alot then no one reply(hehe), then she keep on saying she hearing-impaired to make us talk louder. gtg for dinner. tata!

    | 4:45 PM |

    Saturday, January 5, 2008
    hi! today i changed my blogskin! its pink & cute with charmmy kitty!(mocca) hehez:p i helped my sis's fwen pass lvl 7 license today. i feel so proud, cos my sis so pro then she fail the license. going to be dinner soon. tata!

    | 6:15 PM |

    Friday, January 4, 2008
    yesterday my father helped me to appeal 3rd lang, hope can get in; yeekhoon oso appealing 3rd lang. 3rd day of sch le, quite fun today. had amazing race & telematch and they really helped with the class spirit. today assembly the principal intro new teachers until 8++am then we still had to go through the evacuation plan. the telematch was fun; we played pass the straw, move the hula hoops & transporting water bombs. our class won the telematch(yay!) and in the end each one got 4 Fruit Plus, my fwen didnt wan hers so she gav 1 to me. so funny the 'sc's threw water bombs @ each other @ the end. then we went for amazing race, one station had to line up white thingys into a long line so we took off all our shoes & socks. another part we went to the "rooftop hall", no one inside so the PSL went to call while our whole class queued up for the water-cooler. in the end they were w8ing downstairs... even though we only completed 4 out of 8 stations, end 10.50am le and our recess supposed to be from 10.15am to 10.45am. so whole class change finish 10min all over le, I only ate Fruit Plus for recess. In the audi I was so hungry that stomach grumble so hard, so loud, so.... afternoon cca exhibition was so scary. the sec 2-4s kept on pulling us to their cca booths, almost all cca all give sweet. in the end I only took one sweet from the ICC cos I only wanted to join that. hav interviews next wk, dunno why so little ppl sign up still mus interview. yeekhoon & melissa oso signed up for it. dunno whether should i change my blogskin, this one use 2 months le, kinda tired of it. jus chatted with soph, she ask whether i can go ice-skating. gtg now to wake my sis, sayonara

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    | 7:39 PM |

    Wednesday, January 2, 2008
    Hi! today 1st day of sch le, the PSLs quite nice, playin games time they so funny. yk, nina & melissa in 1/11, shumin in 1/02 while i in 1/12. the bad thing about it is that i am alone:'(, the gd thing about it is that its a GEP class. dunno why i will get in that class too, but my ft quite nice too, no scold ppl. the food there quite okay, but quite ex, maybe will try the spaghetti 2moro. gtg let sis play hopdance. bb:p


    | 4:56 PM |

    Tuesday, January 1, 2008
    Watched a very nice series on cable these days. The show is "At Home With Love" and its song is great! Here is the song on youtube:


    | 2:51 PM |