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  • Creator; bluskiangel
  • Images; 杨怡tvblog
  • Wednesday, May 28, 2008
    *P.S. blogging out of boredom, mostly about e stupid mediacorp
    holidays le, but still gotta do hw. the chinese book report nid 6, i only read 1 (reading another now). oso gotta read Animal Farm for LA... Into Thin Air, Forensic Heroes and War of In-Laws ended yesterday, today Love Guaranteed and A Pillowcase of Mystery starting. gonna watch Love Guaranteed(even though watched b4) cos its seems nicer than the other(which i never watched). when Love Guaranteed ends, then i will watch e other(cos Kenix acts in it). read gd news on the forums today: Love Bond is gonna rerun in July! soooo happy now. I kinda hate mediacorp, they r like copycats. their new show Love Blossoms(7pm show), is oso bout flowers(like Love Bond) and you take the first letters of each word, u get LB(like Love Bond!). their new show La Femme(9pm shows), is like La Femme Desperado - 2/3 of the title is same. even the chinese title was almost the same. mediacorp had wanted to name it 女人当自强, but i think tat they found out tat it was another name for La Femme Desperado( other than 女人唔易做) so they jus had to name it 绝对佳人, which one forumer tot was bad chinese (活该!)

    its so obvious tat they copycat, cos their eng titles usually suck. finished e nice eps of Healing Hands 3 yesterday, Melissa Ng is so pretty in tat show(and Into Thin Air). oso finished all e nice eps of Love Guaranteed yesterday(i dun like her pearl necklace in e show). watched the last ep of her most recent show, The Master of Taichi, on youtube. its quite nice, maybe i'll watch it when it shows on cable next yr. again to emphasize, I HATE MEDIACORP
    P.S. gonna bold all nice show titles in bluebad ones in a disgusting green

    | 11:02 AM |

    Saturday, May 24, 2008
    read my blog post(below this) first!

    e People:

    Soph's bdae

    GY(taken during class breakfast)

    TJ(taken during lifeskills camp)

    Miss Jerusha(farewell party)

    Next, e places:

    6 Joy classroom


    Views from Mt. Faber

    | 5:19 PM |

    mmm, let me recap tis wk. tudou from mon-wed mourning(china) but i can find another way to watch their videos. finished 人间蒸发, now watching 爱情全保, even though they gonna show tat on chnl 55 on wed. now my mum keep on snatching e tv with me, she wanna watch her 法政先锋, so i cannot watch 人间蒸发(again). then they last ep on same day, luckily the 法政先锋 end earlier by 45 min, so i can watch e end. but then 施公奇案 starting on same day as 爱情全保, dunno which to watch. Now i feel tat melissa ng acts very well, like in 人间蒸发 jus see the face expression noe is which of the twins. but she quite pitiful, in both 人间蒸发 and 爱情全保 all dumped on wedding day, even though both shows personality like total different. sch i failed my NAPFA, but nvm, cos H2O failed it with me and i m not the slowest in class(by 1s!) gonna retake it with her, only both of us failed e 2.4 in the class. i got back my report bk(jus) found out tat LA passing mark is 50, not 60. if 60, i fail le and my mum will scold me. but i maybe hav to go eng tuition. on wed we went to arab street and Malay Heritage Centre(or as gy wrote, Visita toa Malaya Heritages Centrea anda Araba Streeta) sammie was quite funny, kept on hiding from the camera with her newspaper(frontpage is Ms S'pore Universe). but i thurs still got her pic of her on gy's phone(i forgot to bring mine). at arab street, me and gy bought an advance bdae present for H2O, a bird whistle. it suits her a lot, as she likes meowing. i can upload pics from my phone le, gonna post it after tis.

    | 5:07 PM |

    Saturday, May 17, 2008
    watching one funny show on the TV and a sad show on the comp at once. Into Thin Air so sad, the guy left the girl b4 the wedding. its the first show tat made me cry in my heart (P.S. Ten Brothers is the first show tat made me cry tears) its getting really nice and sad

    | 6:10 PM |

    now sabbaticals week le(for non-nanyang ppl, sabbacticals is when we dun hav classes)...chess was quite okay, yesterday i played 3 rounds and won all. 1st was Player B careless didn't notice tat our queens were facing each other so it was quite fast. 2nd and 3rd i won by a pawn(smallest piece). 2nd took a very loong time and 3rd we were rushing through so we could go home - chess tires ur mind and makes ur eyes sore. malay was boring, except for the food and games part. for congkat i won gy by... 10? food was oso quite delicious. had 3 kueh lapis and 2 of the rice one. i think callie ate 10 kueh lapis, she wrote it on the board. tudou taking a super loong time to load, trying to load La Femme Desperado and Into Thin Air, but LFD not loading. Into Thin Air i like the song and only watching it cos of Melissa Ng(hehe). my mother watching a weird TVB anniversary show and she say is 2005(1991+24), but i think it is 1991(24th year). everything(hair, clothes, songs, lighting) is so outdated. found out tat some nice shows were from the same producer: Shine on You, Love Bond, Better Halves and Forensic Heroes from 1 producer; La Femme Desperado, Detective Investigation , Ten Brothers, Revolving Doors of Vengeance, Let's Face It, Triumph to the Skies and A Handful of Love by another. gotta end this super long post~

    | 4:28 PM |

    Sunday, May 11, 2008
    now i watching a very lame show... its like Show A show 20 eps(hav 25), Show B show 2 eps, Show A show rest of 5 eps(ppl 4got 2 show), show B show 1st 2 eps again... n i m e stupid person sitting in front of the TV, watching it a 6th time(chnl U, online, chnl 55, chnl 255(+3) & now chnl 55 again, chnl 255 again)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    these few days trying to upload my videos on imeem, but hav hacker. its like i refresh imeem while uploading then user id change. yesterday i alrdy very angry le deleted the videos that i uploaded but today again... by the same guy. he even caused my whole imeem to lag, cannot load at all. today i couldn't take it anymore and deleted his friends list, this is only a warning. if i see his account on my screen again, he can say byebye to everything in his account: music, playlists, etc. (i can be very evil)
    *The guy's email: (do a good deed by sending all chain mails to his email, spam his account)
    **good news! i logged in imeem again and still in his acc, so i deleted all his playlists
    ***good news! my reflexes were faster than the hacker's, so he failed! (upload finish then in his account)
    ****good news! i finally uploaded my video! at last!

    | 5:49 PM |

    Saturday, May 10, 2008

    jus noticed that in the Mr. Pig MV, there is Sharon Chan(now my 7th fav actress) and in the Don't Blame Her(RDOV) MV, there is Linda Chung, with socks of diff length on each leg(i m lame). hooked on "Love Guaranteed" theme! It so sweet and the song is so, er, harmonious?

    | 12:14 PM |

    Friday, May 9, 2008
    some very funny parts of maths SIA discussion today: *warning! long post!(edited) (I-sammie)
    Part 1-
    Bren says:
    now short of sarah
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says:
    i'm talking to her on the phone
    Bren says:
    tell her go online'
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says:
    she says later
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says:
    she's going to bathe
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says:
    now i'm not talking to her.
    I says:
    bathe with the computer!!!
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says:
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says:
    ooh. long.
    Bren says:
    Bren says:
    how to?
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says:
    okay. so what are we talking?
    Bren says:
    it'll spark
    Bren says:
    i think
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says:
    then the com will spoil and she won't be able to come online AT ALL
    I says:
    isnt that fun?
    I says:
    Go to school to use
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says:
    but she'll be bathing.
    .elle let's go on dreaming; says:
    Bren says:
    bath in the sch?
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says:
    but she'll be halfway bathing.
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says:
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says:
    I says:
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says:
    so you're going to go on about how to go to school while you're halfway bathing?
    Bren says:
    bathe in the sch
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says:
    go on sammie.
    Bren says:
    I says:
    She can wrap a towel around hersef
    .elle let's go on dreaming; says: ><
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: o-o
    .elle let's go on dreaming; says: that sounds so weird!!!
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: SAMMIE!
    I says: and use a pail and bathe in thr car
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: so she's going to go halfway across the country while BATHING?
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: in the car?
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: with a towel around herself?
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: the towel will get wet.
    Bren says: so where is danny?
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: she talked what.
    I says: Danny is bathing?
    Bren says: haha
    I says: in her car
    Bren says: she can walk to sch
    Bren says: then bathe
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: while walking.
    Bren says: haha
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: but the towel will still get wet!
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: spare a thought for the towel!
    I says: walk to school and bathe at the same time
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: don't you pity the towel?
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: it will get drenched!
    I says: dont use towel
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: and then it will not be able to do its job properly
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: hen wei qu towel.
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: then use what?
    I says: use nothing I says: or wear clothes
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: SAMMIE YOU SICKO
    I says: cant you bathe and wear clothes at the same time
    Part 2-
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: photoshop is good
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: haha
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: WHO CARES
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: >D
    I says: Making people stress and die is GOOD!?!?
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says:
    .elle let's go on dreaming; says:
    thats cause you hate it!
    .elle let's go on dreaming; says:
    however, me spends all me ICT time now reading d.gray-man!
    .elle let's go on dreaming; says:
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says:
    you is the lucky person who has photoshop.
    I says:
    man are not grey
    I says:
    unless they are dead
    .elle let's go on dreaming; says:
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: HUNDRED SOMETHING AND FOURTH POINT!
    .elle let's go on dreaming; says: HAHAHA
    Bren says: ya, ded ppl r greymen
    .elle let's go on dreaming; says: o.O
    .elle let's go on dreaming; says: OHHH
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: danielle you seriously need to update your list!
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: o-o
    Bren says: d-grayman Bren says: =
    .elle let's go on dreaming; says: AHAHAHA SMANATHA YOU IDIOT (:
    Bren says: dead grayman
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: who IS D.gray-man anyway?
    Bren says: another equation
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: is it even a person?
    Part 3-
    I says: BTW,Idiots are the happiest people in the world
    [Hannah] -gahbleh. says: are you the happiest person in the world?
    I says: no, the unhappiest cause im not an idiot

    | 9:42 PM |

    Sunday, May 4, 2008
    today so happy & so sad... i went to PS e VCD shop to check, then saw tat they hav big promotion... each eppie only $1, so 1 part only $10. very sad leh, 3 weeks ago i just bought 1 part for $24, 白白浪费了$14, can buy another part leh! my aunt bought me "Shine on You" parts 1&3, cos i alrdy hav part 2. hav the whole series now. gonna buy the whole of "Love Bond" sometime tis wk, only $30, b4 was $63.80, total save $ 33.80. offer only till 11 may & "Ten Brothers" no discount. now hav to 忍四个星期then can watch

    | 5:01 PM |

    Friday, May 2, 2008
    hehe, now i blogging during cca (duno wat else to do).argh, now i thinking monthly post a bit too long time le, thinking of fortnite-posting so now i posting a SUUUPEEER long post:)now i like to use the :) face more than :p face, but i still like it with "hehe". only one fav actor now: Raymond Lam. watched too much of his shows:) finally tot of hu was my fav actresses(7 @ the moment!):
    1st - Kenix Kwok Ho Ying (Shine on You & Love Bond)
    2nd - Maggie Cheung Ho Yee (The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow)
    3rd - Linda Chung (Virtues of Harmony 2 & Heavenly In-law)
    4th - Jessica Hester Hsuan (A Handful of Love & Just Love)
    5th - Melissa Ng (The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow, The Conqueror's Story & La Femme Desperado)
    6th - Fiona Yuen (Just Love)
    7th - Kingdom Yuen (Virtues of Harmony 1 & 2)
    jus finished watching "A Journey Called Life" yesterday, now watching "La Femme Desperado", duno why some sites put it as "Le Femme Desperado". its a nice name for a show, french(cool!). the first time i saw a tvb show with a french name:) the ep6 so funny, Ling tried to "seduce" Xiao Qi, like keep on staring @ him, then he tot she was crazy:) i <3 TOOOOO long le. gonna stop blogging:)

    | 3:06 PM |