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  • Creator; bluskiangel
  • Images; 杨怡tvblog
  • Sunday, August 24, 2008
    last wk i was watching the 6th season of Super Trio the 24th ep, with had the cast of 心花放. tat was rly lucky cos only had very little eps there. there was only michael, moses, anne & bernice. then the other team oso had 1 person from 心花放 but he wasnt put in 心花放 team, so i lol-ed all the way. one part they played sucking a pingpong ball, and michael and bernice were so gd at it. they were like biting the ball and they sucked it from far left to far right. moses seemed to speak so little, but he answered many qns when they played charades. i think the fake person they were using spoilt, then louisa had to be the dummy. she even put a sign 假人 in front of her face. :) michael kept on flipping her around, and for a qns he flipped her upside down, then said cannot, then flipped back again. then for louisa's turn she kept on hitting michael. for the answering qns part michael got 2 fishball sticks in a row instead of an umbrella. when ppl got wet, they posed, so the hosts called it dancing :P. for the part like the bombing game, they made used of the topic to scold each other, many ppl made fun of BERMO. ^^ i noticed tat in ep 37 they used the same topics and in the next season(3 yrs later) they used it again O.o and i watched all within a wk. part 3...

    | 4:30 PM |

    now cable's VOD is upgraded... almost all nice chnls all hav (e.g. TVBJ, VV Drama) for $4. tats so ex! i rather stay up till mn to watch ^^ but the new dramas one not bad. they hav 法政先锋2 and 和味浓情 for this mth. but $1/ep oso quite ex. so happy tat 爸爸闭翳 is gonna start in sep, hav BOYO :P. 爱情全保 starting on wed, can watch it for the 6th time and 7th, if i manage to catch the repeats. then in oct chnl u gonna show 女人唔易做 which has jus ended on TVBJ so maybe i'll watch it for the 3rd time. chnl u showing on tue 学警雄心, a 2005 show; cable showing it in sep, at the timeslot which all the 2000-2003 dramas go to (haha). i hav to catch up with 溏心风暴之家好月圆 and im behind by 15 eps, so maybe after EOYs then i watch the whole series(40 eps) at a go. now for the 2nd post...

    | 4:30 PM |

    Friday, August 15, 2008
    these few days im addicted to some songs ^^: the first time i heard it, i didnt think much about it and tot tat it was kinda horrible. when i heard it again(cos it contested for Jade Solid Gold) i could memorise the lyrics le :P the tune is same as 蔡依琳's 爱上一条街 so it can be considered as the canto version, but the lyrics are much nicer :) the theme of 转世惊情, the chorus is super nice. its a 2000/2002 series and mimi lolooks super gd in it :P now... the main blog post (only for patient ppl hu scroll down and do not navigate away once seeing e vids) yesterday we had a trip to the National Singapore Museum, and it was nice. we had to chiong from art and our paint was still wet. sammie borrowed a compartment of my bag(she only brought her pen and milo bar) and gaheee borrowed my file bag. 刘老师 followed us there and on the bus she kept on telling us to 把我们的脚缩进去. then she went to sit at the front and gaheee said tat she was staring at our class through the mirror. when the bus was in Bugis gaheee, TJ and sammie wanted to jump down the door(since we were sitting rite beside it) and they said tat they would only get a warning cos jas got one. when we reached there sammie and gaheee took brochures about food and we got electronic guides and headphones. it was quite cool, replacing the nid for tour guides. the headphones were super itchy and had a weird design. when we were walking round and round, sammie saw many restaurants and kept on talking bout food. TJ kept on taking notes, sammie did nothing, gaheee took notes from her guide and i kept on taking pics(i think i hav 40+ in my phone). i think we hav to write about it for chinese :( at one part we had to break into 2 cos there were 2 routes to follow, but in the end we still met. b4 we met gaheee and i had to go through a dark path and i kept on grabbing her(it was scaryyy). luckily we saw PG and callie so we followed behind them. near the end we saw some old s'pore notes and the HK tourists(yay!) were toking bout how the size shrunk. there was even a 10k note, which should be a lot in the past. when we went out we met into vanny and amelia, and all of us were so hungry. we sneaked walked to the restaurant and the food there were so ex. then we remembered bout sammie's choco bar so she shared it with us. sammie's so nice, her $1.50 choco bar she only ate 3 pieces while the rest of us ate 2 ea and gaheee only ate one.
    we then were still hungry so we went to e food exhibition and it smelled so nice(of food!). they had the tools for ea type of food there, which were laksa, kueh tutu, chicken rice, satay, soft drinks , char kuay teow and roti prata. they oso had vids playing. there were bottles with spices and some had smells. u had to pull a ring and the smell would come out of something like a trumpet. the cinnamon was nice ^^ and the lime, too. when we went out we were dreaming about 刘老师 treating us to pizza and at that point in time(according to ms teng), she appeared. we pushed sammie to tell her about our hunger and she told us tat there were vending machines. we immediately chionged there and bought tidbits(which were 20-30 cents more ex). when the bus came it was too small so no.1-12 had to squeeze with 111. the rest took the purple van with 刘老师 and sammie said tat in the bus, vanny spilled apple juice on her. in my bus, hannah and H20 were sitting behind me and gaheee and we were counting theflags on the road. gaheee won and i lost. when H20 told hannah to wish her gd luck in something, hannah said "hope u flunk" with determination(according to gaheee).
    tat day during 2h chinese we oso watched a movie about 中元节 which is today, and it was funny. they kept on speaking hokkien sometimes. and i <3 the snake 小扁!
    today is 中元节, founders day and hannah's bdae! we had to watch a march and sing songs tat were super high(we sang them in music and we opened our mouths but no sound came out ^^).
    today after sch i went to top up my ez-link card. i put in a $10 note and it came out so i kept on trying. then i used other $10 notes but all no work. then i putin $5 then it worked. it was cheating my feelings!
    tat reminds me of bio, my lye was toking bout cheating feelings, and it reminded me of sammie hu always says the coffee vending machine cheats her feelings and the maths paper cheats her feelings. during bio ms lye was oso toking bout wine, then she talked bout 美食大三通 the apple wine which i had watched last sun too.
    ms lye oso said tat bread contains a bit of alcohol, then junhui asked if we eat a lot and a lot of bread will we get drunk ^^
    gotta end this post:P and watch 汇通天下 and w8 for sonija to appear :P

    | 9:58 PM |

    Saturday, August 9, 2008
    here are the photos, i fixed my phone software ^^:
    1)Band concert (waiting)
    TJ trying to take a photo of me

    she looking at the view
    the view tat she was seeing

    a star with our fingers

    another star (with our feet)

    a green version (for my phone wallpaper)

    a heart-shaped stone (those hands are Hannah's)

    Hannah and Chun Shan chatting

    them hiding from the camera (haha i still got TJ)
    Chun Shan running away from the camera

    the esplanade view

    a day that the sky was super pink (dun ask me why)

    2) Some random pics

    effects from a light and a fan, and yes, i did not edit it

    another one, which looks like a cherry

    shadow of a pole at a LRT station, looks like a tree

    ppl busy with their phones at ConnectSingapore yesterday

    the super squeezy 156 after the cross country last last Mon

    死鬼婳婳 (she rly looks like a ghost; taken on CIP 'crazy photo' part)
    my cultivated bacteria from Bio
    my delicious dinner at Ikea Tampines yesterday (i couldnt resist taking a photo)
    3) Scenery

    pictures from the river near my grandparents' house
    tats all, i <3>

    | 5:37 PM |

    Happy National Day! today was a slacky day, cos its supposed to be relaxing for the citizens ^^. i watched many eps of 学警出更 today, and it was quite nice. i only watched those Sonija parts, and it was kinda stupid. (u can skip this part if u wanna)
    First, she was married to a guy. Then, they divorced. Then, they got together again. On the wedding day, they broke up again. When they wanted to be together again, she went missing. And she died shortly after they found her.
    i was lol-ing at the whole show, like it was a comedy when it was supposed to be sad. but some parts i felt sad too :( im so happy! cos 溏心风暴之家好月圆(aka MR) is gonna stop broadcasting during the Olympics. from Aug 6- 25. i hav ample time to catch up with my dear 7 eps ^^ but my mum says she's gonna get me tuition. for LA. and its a personal tutor. i hate tat!!! and around the end of tis month i hav to go for a test at the British Council cos my mum wants to sign me p there. and its twice a week. argh i hate work :( it kills my brain cells. gotta stop crapping b4 my mum comes back (ive been online for 5h)

    | 5:29 PM |

    Friday, August 8, 2008
    blogging again... yesterday i watched 缘来自有机, saw a guy in it watching 法政先锋. then it was the part about his murder - the same guy! i was like lol-ing at the thingy. and in the middle of 法政先锋 in the show, they suddenly showed lottery results (which is impossible) and continued it again... today had ConnectSingapore and it was fun! at first i wanted to meet Gaheee, Sammie and TJ at the bus stop, budden my dad said tat it was dusty as i jus alighted somewhere else and followed the crowd. by tat time Gaheee and Sammie were alrdy there and TJ came super late (like 20 min late). Sammie sent me an sms "Cant believe u did not get lost" and i was lol-ing at it. we sang many songs and got 1 can of 100 plus ea. when we had to walk there we were playing di-da (which ms lye said she figured out the name from the game), then we walked like a train and crab. e walked one whole round when there was a shortcut (so we were saying how stupid the sch was). then when we reched there we kept on passing claps and ; sang songs (Twinkle Twinkle, We Are One and some sang 超喜欢你) and recited 十道黑 super fast (only vanny and TJ could do it). we were standing in the hot sun while the teachers (a very gd example is ms lye) jus sat on the grass with her umbrella and read her bk. then she talked to another guy teacher about bks. we oso did the "i-pi-yaya" thingy and ms lye looked super confused O.o and she oso joined our line. we were "u-lala-u-lala-u-la-u-la-le"-ing while w8ing too, very fun, cos we were kicking our feet left and right. at the end of the thing the whole class danced "Ring-around-the-rosies" and we went in circles :P After the thing i went with Sammie and Jas to take 156. first 54 came (which was to Bishan too but 10 more stops than 156) and so many pl went on it. then 156 came but alrdy a lot of ppl (from the previous stop) then 54 again so we couldnt take it anymre and just called a taxi. we ended up splitting the fare among the 3 of us and i managed to catch up with the first 156, with less ppl. Thou shall go to thy bed to sleep :P (after 女人唔易做) first of course)

    | 10:51 PM |

    Thursday, August 7, 2008
    i jus feel like blogging again.. everyone's asleep le, and i hav been slacking for the past 1.5h. 2moro is connect singapore! jerald said tat she is oso going, gonna look out for her. today in sch there were dsa auditions, and i saw someone from pl. i was so happy (i wan juniors to come ny!) and when i saw the person after sch in the canteen, sammie said tat i was looking at her like a sicko. she's the one thinking sick, i was jus loving my pri sch uni and stuff like tat :P today was 112-soft toy day! so many ppl brought softtoys but some forgot (eg. me, chun shan, TJ,etc.) i kept on hugging sammie's Barney (which had yellow teeth) cos it was so cuddly. then i told her to place colgate on Barney's teeth to whiten it :P callie brought a very big doggy soft toy, then she placed it on a able during LA. everyone kept on going over to pat it until she went "Don't molest my soft toy!" haha :P we oso had maths SIA presentation, and sammie was hilarious, very entertaining (like in the script she was to be 'highly entertaining'). she was very aggressive (as usual) and she went to write 'chelsea' on one side of the board which she tot no one would see (actually no one saw it). im adicted to 心花放 again! kenix is jus too cute in it XD cant resist but to watch (2-4 times of 1 show is not too much, about 7 is) 学警出更 oso not bad, but my mum dun let me watch :(, sonijia looks so pretty in it

    | 9:54 PM |

    Wednesday, August 6, 2008

    2nd part of the main post, cos too long le, scroll down to read bottom one first...


    MR they keep switching the years, so confusing. like: 1996, now, 1978, 1979, 1990, 1995, now, 1996, now, 1996 and u get the idea. gtg do art, gonna end this looong post ^^ 1995, now, 1996, now, 1996 and u get the idea. gtg do art, gonna end this looong post ^^

    | 10:06 PM |

    i didnt post so long le! like... in 20 days. so this will be a super long post, longest in the history (of my blog). on mon i went for band concert. after 3rd lang i went with chunshan to take mrt. one train jus left then the board said "6 min" but less than 1 min 1 arrived le, totally empty, like 1st station. its like till city hall only me & chunshan on the whole row of seats. then when we reached one train arrived, but hannah and TJ not in it, so we called them, they said tanjong pagar. then another arrived, they not in again. so i called hannah she kept on laughing, then we called TJ she keep on laughing too, then found out tat their train broke down. then we walked to citylink, all the way to suntec city and not esplanade. we walked many rounds to burger king, and we were like window-shopping. there was a shop called "Fat Face" and another with lots of french words, which TJ kept on looking at. the waitress at BK was nice, and funny :P we were like a noisy bunch of igorant kids in a super empty restaurant. after tat we walked all the way back to esplanade, went to the lib (cos TJ and hannah wanted to go there). TJ did her very disgusting french hw there, which was like drawing and colouring. then hannah spotted huahua at the entrance so we all packed our bags and left sneakily. then we went rooftop garden and when we wanted to call huahua to play the "hiding" game, she appeared there. we ran aroundin many circles until she was finally gone. we oso met TJ's friend, and took many pics. we used our fingers and feet to form stars, and we found a heart-shaped stone. too bad my phone cant upload pics, something wrong with e software, maybe i'll fiddle with it during e wkends and try to upload. tue we had home econs, cooked curry chicken, which was so milky. we oso had a concert by "Marmalade Jam", and the baby waso cute! supposed to be lullaby but the baby kept on moving arms and kicking. then chi we read bout "朱比赛". today the chi speech training was... lame. then bio near my area (e.g. TJ, fiona & chunshan) were all like gonna sleep liddat, then i went toilet to wash face. anxious bout my LA results! i dun wanna fail (even though i 100% will fail). the rest of the subjects all quite okay :P now.. the drama section...
    溏心风暴之家好月圆(aka MR) is great and funny! i only managed to watch 2... 3 behind schedule:( they used sign lang to scold "Sa 姨" and didnt care about her. then when she as locked in the toilet and "Jo Bao" came, they said tat she was practising for a play when she was scolding the guy. then when she talked about the lock they said tat she was playing the guy's part too >.<>

    | 9:11 PM |