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  • Friday, October 31, 2008

    jus found out something on danielle's and nat's blog: 就算世界与我为敌 我chelsea欢你

    its so cute ^^ yesterday we had a fruit hunt in sch and we found many fruits(which is the purpose of the game). b4 we came down(on the 3rd floor) we saw a lady placing fruits in bushes. i was walking down a bush and found an orange in it. continued walking and found an apple. turned back and found a kiwi . lol much >.<>

    then afternoon we watched a bollywood movie. with asoka and the princess from the movie asoka ^^ i like the princess loads for some weird reason. and they acted as brother and sister-in-laws(ahem). i kept on talking to gaheee about how the old lady looked like she was going to kill her husband and tat the husband was going with his daughter-in-law and the lady was going with her son and how the little brother had 2 lovers:the sister-in-law and her sister. i oso tried to think of hu each actress looked like and found out tat old ladies were easier to match. this made gaheee very irritated(muahaha).

    shall blog about today 2moro since my sis is bugging>.<

    | 9:23 PM |

    Thursday, October 30, 2008
    feeling so wu liao now, so went to random photoshop. found out how nice fireworks was too^^(nvr used fireworks b4)
    : without fireworks : with fireworks
    cool rite? some effects can even change the colours ^^

    | 7:39 PM |

    Wednesday, October 29, 2008

    i think i can surely reach 100 posts by 31st Dec, this is alrdy the 93rd post. yesterday i went to west coast, it was part of the post exam activities. it was slackish there, we jus 吃喝玩乐. on the bus me and TJ were arguing whether "我快乐" or "我快乐" was better. we kept on going "不!的!不!的!"^^ then when we reached there we went to ay at the playground, with those swirly things. one part TJ, me and GY all stepped on it and "our lives were flashing before us". then sammie came and we buried a poker card(found on the ground) into the sand. we marked a huge cross on it and stuffed a stick in the middle. then we ate a bit and went to the seashore. there was a couple behaving wat they shouldnt in public and we purposely walked near them(rach, jas and zest too) >.< and we shouted "我们的命真苦啊" to the sea. me and TJ oso used a huge pole(those used to support trees) to carve "112 <3" into the sand. after tat we oso found rocks and stones and threw them into the sea(hoping they would skip). for the interclass activities we oso disqualified ourselves since everyone was oso having heatstroke. we oso bought coke from mcdonalds for the whole class(when we werent supposed to) and i got a ufll cup of ice^^(which was free). on the way back lls sat in ms teng's car and they kept on chatting. they're gd friends but one is an english teacher while the other is a chinese teacher>.< then go back still go sian mus go cca, which we only filmed a firebell and shook the camera. we oso couldnt find a classroom to film so we jus did the titles and credits. they oso kept chatting about the mediacorp crappy show(i heard it from WQ during the trip, liyi during cca and ppl almost said it again today>.<)

    today was interclass captain ball match. i was in the bowl team(which is the worst category) and our strategy at first was to stone and "whoosh" all the way. our team morale was rly high^^ during the game we kept on heart-whooshing(which was patting our chests) in the end we won the first round against 1/10(which they kept on running with the ball even though they got a foul for it b4) so we continued playing the rest and ended up being the 3rd. we got severely injured. hannah knee scratched; WL ingrown toenail; callie arm ache; GY arm ache too; sarah's toe ache; my knee injury got worse(which was caused by knocking into the bedframe tis morning). hannah, me and WL could take the lift due to our injuries>.< we should hav got an award for being the most injured team. and the prize was jus some food from popular, and tat reminds me of my chocolate bar in my bag. gonna watch steps^^

    | 7:25 PM |

    Saturday, October 25, 2008
    now hooked to Better Halves subtheme by Maggie Cheung and Steven MA, and the tune is by Zhou Hua Jian O.o i first heard it on Jia Ying's blog, then i heard it again today at the beginning of a video on Better Halves(it loads slow no matter on 56, youku or tudou). still listening to it now, while waiting for the show to load. its only nice at the chorus, the rest are a bit... erm... boring. but its still nice ^^

    (女)愛難分恩怨 是勝負應要誰人做判斷
    良夜太多亦會倦 花開只怕極短
    (男)兩情牽一線 沒有三生註定也早想牽
    情定半生待發現 鴛鴦怎配亂點
    (女)昨天牽手 哪天分手 真心愛難求
    怕裝高手 錯點佳偶 添冤侶煩憂
    (男)愛要緊守 別當苦酒 相戀要自由
    那怕開口 那怕出醜 將心愛自首
    (合)亂線可剪 愛那可剪 真心勝閒言
    與我執手 對飲喜酒 相戀愛漸厚
    (女)愛難不心軟 恨你的心已完全被切斷
    其實我心漸已亂 怎可給你望穿
    (男)愛難遭欺騙 間中分開已腸斷盡掛念
    情沒法子給遮掩 不經不覺盡顥
    (女)昨天牽手 哪天分手 真心愛難求
    怕裝高手 錯點佳偶 添冤侶煩憂
    (男)愛要緊守 別當苦酒 相戀要自由
    那怕開口 那怕出醜 將心愛自首
    (合)亂線可剪 愛那可剪 真心勝閒言
    與我執手 對飲喜酒 相戀愛漸厚
    兩家開心 兩家分憂 總走到白頭
    地設一雙 天生一對 天荒愛未夠
    兩家開心 兩家分憂 戀走到白頭
    地設一雙 天生一對 戀愛兩共奏
    (男)愛情牽一線 歷幾多風雨情緣或錯漏
    能憑熱愛盡接受 都可跟你共走
    i like posting lyrics nowadays^^

    | 5:34 PM |

    tvb keeps on reusing pairings: Keniael was reused 5 times(DIF 1-3, Shine on You and Love Bond), BOYO 4 times(Armed Reaction 4, Fathers and Sons and Forensic Heroes 1 & 2), JessJoe 3 times(Lady Fan, A Handful of Love and The Drive of Life). melissa and kwong wa were in 4 show together(Legend og Lady Yang, The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow, Riches ans Stitches and The Conqueror's Story) but nvr got together(when they finally got together in a show hey died one after another). i oso jus found out tat in a song they wrote 起 as 企 and 什 as 甚. now bored to death, rewatching Dream of Colours cos it has Melissa and Sharon. at the same time im watching Last One Standing and Legend of the Demigods. fickle me >.<

    | 10:12 AM |

    youtubing now, dun wanna do math and LA hw. its alrdy after the EOYS and we still hav a stack of hw!(58 ques for math, according to casslyn). jus watched the theme of lady fan and noticed tat the Crystal person from LFD was in it(and i did not realise tat 2 yrs ago). oso saw the theme of eternal happiness(which i watched in P1/2) and it is nice~ now im so relaxed cos i got my marks back le. i failedmy history but passed LA!!! *happy* my LA EOY and pull my LA from a C5 to a... B3/B4^^ and if i manage to get 1 more mark for chinese i can get B3^^ assuming LA B3,CL B4,Humans C5 and the rest A1, i can get msg 2.57(3 s.f.). below 3^^ my msg improved 0.6 from semester 1 which was 3.17... tragedy(haha makes me think of sheren in LFD)

    | 10:00 AM |

    Thursday, October 23, 2008


    01. “One Person Dinner” [一人晚餐]

    02. “Two People World” [二人世界]

    03. “Actually I’m Not Happy” [其實我不快樂]

    04. “Heaven’s Matches” [火柴天堂]

    05. “Saiunkoku Monogatari” [彩雲國物語]

    06. “Rollercoaster” [過山車]

    07. “I Don’t Understand You” [我不懂你]

    08. “Swear” [發誓] (Subsong from TVB series Legend of the Demigods)

    09. “Romantic Silence” [浪漫無聲]

    10. “Have Her” [有沒有她]

    11. “You Don’t Understand My Heart” [你不懂我的心] (Mandarin)

    12. “I’m Unhappy” [我不快樂] (Mandarin)


    01. Making of the Album

    02. “Actually I’m Not Happy” [其實我不快樂] MV

    03. “Swear” [發誓] MV

    04. “Heaven’s Matches” [火柴天堂] MV

    05. “I Don’t Understand You” [我不懂你] MV

    06. “One Person Dinner” [一人晚餐] MV

    07. “Two People World” [二人世界] MV

    08. “I’m Unhappy” [我不快樂] (Mandarin) MV

    09. “You Don’t Understand My Heart” [你不懂我的心] (Mandarin) MV

    Click here to buy: (hint hint to my sis)

    Linda's album!!! i jus found out on wed and it came out on tue. IT HAS SAIUNKOKU MONOGATARI AND SWEAR!!! high-ness^^ gonna plead for it to be my bdae present, most prob will get it from yesasia. the cover pic looks nicer, the title font looks nicer, the songs are nicer, and there are mvs :P and its $2 cheaper ^^

    | 6:24 PM |

    so happy and sad now... Happy: Ten Brothers will be showing on chnl 8 on wkdays from 4 nov!(trailers are out!), I will not miss Ten Brothers cos of tuition; Sad: I will miss Ten Brothers cos of C&D nite, I will miss last eppy cos of holidays :'(. now i prefer it to show on wkends: even though i miss more eps, but i would not miss last ep(which is the luvs~)
    last one standing is weird, they pronounce spanner as xi-ban-na, made me keep on laughing. another one i keep on laughing at is yoyo's name in the show-li pui ka-which is hilarious to me. many forummers say tat there will be LOS2(i wan!).
    now I-weekly hav tvb drama, actress and actor voting. i dunno if i gonna vote, if vote most prob will be for yoyo(LOS!), michael(TDOL) and LOS! michael is so cute in TDOL with Sheren and now im beginning to like both of them^^

    | 5:06 PM |

    Tuesday, October 21, 2008
    now in the freezing comp lab... sianz :( i managed to get A2 for my geog^^, A1 for sci and B3 for chi if i manage to claim my 1 mark. they say gonna show Ten Brothers on weekends instead so i shall not kill them. it is also a gd reason to ask ppl to watch(TJ u should be free on weekends). it is also around dinner time(7pm) so can bian kan bian chi. my father will not also tell me to off tv(i also on tv while eating de^^). cca gonna start soon O.o actually it should hav started 10 min ago

    | 3:10 PM |

    Monday, October 20, 2008
    now im watching Last One Standing :) the pace is faster than TaiChi and its much more exciting. Kevin's crush on Yoyo is cute too^^ i hav decided to watch tis show properly(as in, not to skip eps). i rmb watching the first 3 eps of Ten Brothers then skiping to the last ep(yes im impatient). read tat fiona and evergreen will be pairing in the show ^^like in The W Files and Face to Fate). they're like so cute together. here's the first ep(i like posting vids nowadays):

    | 10:23 AM |

    Sunday, October 19, 2008
    noticed tat im posting a lot these days... to get my blog to 100 posts b4 31st dec ^^ jus created a new siggy:

    BOYO again!!! :P quite simple, jus hate the extracting pic part :( now i use soft brushes always, for etracting and blending and jus normal brushing^^ they are easy to use. dun think i can sleep 2nite after using the comp >.<

    | 10:54 PM |

    suddenly im tempted to watch Last One Standing, it looks rly cool. yoyo looks pretty in it too ^^ got bored by The Master of Taichi(even though it has Melissa) cos the pace was too slow and it was kinda boring. here's the poster of LOS:
    on the website yoyo is above the chain instead:
    dunno why they mus hav so many versions, so confusing >.<

    | 9:12 PM |

    Saturday, October 18, 2008


    *Hello My Baby

    想起 溫柔夢裡的臉

    離別的一天 那一年

    因為愛 堅持等待

    盼未來 命運領你回來

    無仇不會成兒女 如愛哪會拋棄

    對你說我抱怨 難忘記你的愛 道出了我的想念

    放開一切不去想從前 放開雙手輕撫我的臉 讓你的笑溫暖我心田

    花開遍 甜夢綿綿

    (Repeat *)

    Hello My Baby

    Hello 看見夢裡的臉

    五月白雲天 帶笑的再相見

    白云天!!! now im in love with this song. was staring at the score at the beginning of the song so i can play it on piano. on youtube there is another version which is more touching but i still prefer this. it was in 东方之珠 ^^ there are many nice chinese oldies in the show and now i like them all. and i watched this show last yr but forgot and jus noticed 2 weeks ago tat the show had 2 theme songs: chinese and cantonese. i still prefer the chinese one, the canto one does not rhyme de.


    i cannot find the canto version :( everyone seems to hav forgotten tat the canto version was used for the last 15 eps(which is exactly half of the show). argh my RealPlyer and ViDown are not working so i cannot dl :( other nice songs^^



    往事只能回味:(my father has this in his cd)

    | 8:20 PM |

    jus decided tat making a blogskin was kinda troublesome so i shall be content with my current one. hopefully my BOYO craze will last me till Dec so i dun hav to change tat often. afterall, channel U is gonna show Forensic Heroes in Nov(HOPEFULLY!).
    added a list of all the show i watched b4 and how many times i watched it in brackets. i always forget when i watch a show(weirdly Fantasy Hotel seemed familiar to me when i did not watch it b4). jus noticed tat i watched almost all shows tat mediacorp showed since 2005. and some i watched when i was 6/7 and i still rmb some scenes(like in one show there was the 七步诗).
    feel like photoshopping more images for my blogskin but i couldnt find any pics. fathers and sons was the show with the most pics le. or maybe i should screencap my love bond vcd.
    jus noticed tat a lady was in many shows one after another b4. 8pm:Fathers and Sons;9pm:The Drive of Life;10pm:La Femme Desperado;10.30pm:Glittering Days. too bad she wasnt in The Biter Bitten or she'll be in all the shows i watch on cable.
    speaking of The Biter Bitten, the title is oso weird. 'Biter' means a person or animal that bites, esp. habitually or viciously or a cheat; swindler; fraud. and it had nothing to do with it, it is a show about treasure hunting. the chinese title is oso weird(人生马戏团), and the only parts to do with a circus Linda's parts.
    o great, now i feel like doing a review on Fathers and Sons. for some weird reason it is because tat the ending is badly planned and it is by my fav producer :( but no on will read so i shall jus go find pics of Love Guaranteed to photoshop :)

    | 4:37 PM |

    Friday, October 17, 2008
    changed the pic for my blogskin. with the pic done, i can now concentrate on changing the skin. the blending is a bit horrible, cos i did it with an eraser. now hav to stare at codes >.<

    | 11:11 AM |

    Thursday, October 16, 2008

    another vid^^ this song is rly nice, and i've got the BOYO craze now. i didnt like them tat much in FH, only from FAS then started feeling tat they were cute. and i jus noticed tat they were first together in AR4. b4 i felt tat yoyo looked weird in short hair, but now i prefer her in short hair. except for Forensic Heroes 2 which her hair was a disaster, all messed up. in HOG her hair was still okay, since she tied it up. i shall post more to get my blog to 100 posts by the end of this yr :P

    | 12:19 PM |

    *WARNING: this post is dedicated to a CHEATER and a RIGGER

    hmph i hate mediacorp, i wanna stab them in the stomach and the heart 100 times each. all throw them on the floor till their skulls crack. and feed them super heavy dosage of poison till they foam from the mouth and hav heart attack. and spend my birthday wishes hoping tat TVB takes over them. and hope tat they cose down as soon as possible and spam their comments box 100 times everyday telling them to show TVB dramas. and go straight to their door scolding them till school reopens and scold again after school ends till next yr.
    enough of all the scolding and cursing. (yes i can get very evil when i dun get my shows) the stupid, idiotic, bimbo, brainless, fat, anorexic, dumbo, ****(发挥你自己的想象力) mediacorp dun wan show my Ten Brothers so I 跟他们拼到底. cheater of ppl's feelings! hope they close down 10 times due to... the stock market crisis! if they dun show Forensic Heroes too i will scold and curse them 10 times of wat i scolded jus now. i boycotted channel 8 since WOIL ended and shall continue till they show TVB dramas. *attempts to calm down*. not working.

    now on my next scolding:
    the stupid, idiotic, bimbo, brainless, fat, anorexic, dumbo, ****(发挥你自己的想象力) TVB go rig the polls. the original one Raymond was leading then they go create another fake one and make Kevin lead. then ppl found out they went to close the old one. so fake lor, rigger! if Kevin wins then all the FungFung fans will go and scold TVB. see how they hide themselves.

    | 11:18 AM |

    Wednesday, October 15, 2008

    changed my blogskin^^

    its by tvbobsessions, another mediacorp forummer

    the rest are like... MR, HOG & DOL. all those i dun like tat much >.<

    now working on a pic of BOYO to replace as i dun like AJCL tat much too

    gotta get back to work~

    | 6:02 PM |

    Tuesday, October 14, 2008

    this is to revive my blog+spend my time away...

    and TJ tagged me :(

    A. People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and replace any questions that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves.

    B. Tag 8 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse. These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by. Continue this game by sending it to other people.

    1. What do you think an ideal best friend should be like?

    someone hu lets me rant all about tvb

    2. What would you never ever give up?

    HK drama

    3. What do you want the most now?

    to pass my exams

    4. What would you do with a billion dollars?

    save most for the future and spend like... $100?

    5. Do you like this quiz?


    6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?

    let me write out the model ans from cliche tvb shows: to be loved by the person you love (which is similar to TJ's version(haha TJ u think like TVB)

    7. Can you whistle?

    no, and this ques reminds me of no.9 in Ten Brothers hu blows wind(and ppl said tat he save on phone and transportation cos he can shout and he can blow ppl to somewhere else)

    8. Is there anything that has made you extremely happy?

    the one week holiday i hav now?

    9.Do you like chocolate?

    not tat much, but i like them with caramel^^

    10. Would you trade your most beloved object for a guy?

    depends, cos my fav object is a pillow and i dun ppl wan my pillow :P

    11.How would you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

    buying at least one drama per month

    12. Who are currently the most important people to you?


    13.Have you finished all your revision?

    why mus i revise when i can slack now?

    14. What do you want to do after exams?

    wat im doing now?

    15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?


    16. What does your favourite kind of shampoo smells like?

    i dun like shampoo, cos my shampoo smells like antibiotics:( and this ques reminds me of LFD when Ray luved Mel's shampoo and used it to wash the toilet. and use his story as an idea for an ad on shampoo. and buy flowers tat smell like the shampoo)

    17. How would you rate the perfection of your life now?

    erm, bad. cos im failing my LA

    18. What type of people do you like?

    ppl hu dun scold TVB shows (ahem gaheee and TJ*winks vigorously*)

    TAGGED: anyone's hu reading this

    | 8:29 PM |