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  • Creator; bluskiangel
  • Images; 杨怡tvblog
  • Friday, November 28, 2008
    let me emo about the negative effects of going overseas next wk

    1. Miss the last ep of 十兄弟(-50)

    2. Miss the nice boyo ep of FH(-50)

    3. Miss "yoyo-is-a-captive" ep of 新醉打金枝(-40)

    4. Miss ep 11-15 of 通天干探(-30)

    5. Miss ep 1-10 of 街市的童话(-30)

    6. Miss 阿咩 and 唐棠 ep of 高朋满座 (-30)

    7. Miss ep 1-5 of 下一站彩虹(-20)

    8. Miss ep 3-7 of 点指贼贼贼捉贼(-20)

    9. Miss ep 1 & 2 of 甜孙爷爷(-10)

    10. Miss 金枝欲孽 ep 5-9 (-10)

    * point - cannot buy i 周刊 and u 周刊

    argh holiday is bad, i hav to go play maple with casslynn now^^

    | 9:38 AM |

    Thursday, November 27, 2008

    now i feel like bloging about the whole week...

    TVB Anniversary

    last wed was the tvb anniversary and it was rly nice. one performance was by rayda and boscolie and patrick(i dunno wat he's doing there). the song they sang together was rly nice, "Concert" by Eason Chan. then raymond sang some "霍霍霍霍霍霍霍霍" song in chinese and his chinese was kinda nice, although it still sounded like canto to me ^^ then linda sang a rly nice song which i dunno the title and the original singer but im still addicted to it. the lyrics are rly meaningful: 将平凡成为迎风的帆,将摇篮成为蓝天的蓝^^ the rap of moonlight resonance was oso nice, i can memorise the lines le. and one part they went xx兽, xx兽, 东一只, 西一只,南一只,北一只,中一只,发一只,白板一只,碰!^^ and the moonlight resonance cast had cake-smashing. christine ws behind moses and when her hood got pulled off she looked so cute ^^

    Class chalet

    class chalet was on tue. TJ, gaheee and I wanted to meet early but apparently i was late. then we had nothing to do so i dragged them to poh kim(which prices always stay the same) and we went to theoodcourt, where we wasted all our time playing tarzan cos gaheee and I didnt wan to eat. then we put down our bags at the mrt station, and went to mcdonalds for lunch. and then we went to comics connection to buy a bithday present for amelia, but ended up buying birthday present for gaheee instead. on the way i passed my bottle to sammie and she held on to it. and then a label. and then a price tag O.o i keep onpassing my stuff to her and she doesnt even noe how she got my stuff. we took a bus to pasir ris park a walked all the way in to the chalet(10+min of walking/1min of running) i followed sammie to claim the keys and the uncles in the office were quite nice. the chalet we got had 2 storeys, a tv ^^, 4 rms with 2 beds ea , a bbq pit, and 3 toilets. we kept on playing cheat in the afternoon, and i watched my tv show ^^ with yoyo and her cute ancient hairstyle. then we went to the park and sammie and gaheee were quite behind so we called them.

    sammie: wher are u guys

    me: turn left and walk straight

    others: she'll walk into a tree

    me: and walk through the tree

    *sammie turns right*

    me:i said turn left!

    we spent quite a long time directing sammie. after tat we 沙滩上漫步. the sea was so dirty and polluted with garbarge. and there were children swimming in the sea O.o TJ and i carved "112 <3">

    the black cat was with the white cat. it ditched the white cat but it wans to go
    together with it again, so it keeps on giving the white cat the food and
    following it and "humping"(ahem) it. but the white cat was angry and it fought
    off the black cat.

    法证先锋 was quite nice tat nite. i pulled sammie to watch it with me while the otghers went upstairs ^^ and then sarah came down after her bath and she ended up liking it. and ms lye watched it while waiting for the bathroom and she continued watching it after she bathed. which shows that 法证先锋 is a nice show! ^^ then sammie,hannah,sarah and i shared a room(aka the "nocturnal room"), 2 to a bed. we played cheat then uno then murderer(with the "sunrise room") i kept on smsing TJ and gaheee at 11+ cos they did not stay for the night. i seemed like the contact person, in the afternoon hannah and danielle called me and i helped TJ ans huahua's call and i called chunshanO.o) sammie and i read i周刊 on a bed and hannah and sarah read manga on the other bed. and then they watched spirited away and played solitare while sammie and i slept at about 1.30. the next morning i woke up at 6.30 and hannah and sarah were still awake cos they didnt sleep(pro). breakfast was nutella with bread. and sammie and sarah kept on watching chnl news asia while i read the teletext while fiona watched the chinese news. then our room played monopoly while the others went out to cycle. ms lye was oso there and she took over me when i left. i left at about 7.30 and around 9.30 when i sms-ed sammie they were still playing monopoly O.o tats all for this super long post ^^

    | 11:03 AM |

    Saturday, November 22, 2008
    now trying to dl windows live messenger on the new comp cos the old one had a virus. they dun allow me to dl it :( and after buying this comp, my mum suddenly asked the technician and the old comp got revived^^ and even faster now. now i prefer using the old comp cos of the not-so-ticklish touchpad and the speed. the keyboard's the same though. shall blog about tvb anniversary 2moro while loading photoshop and maple ^^

    | 11:34 PM |

    Sunday, November 16, 2008

    yesterday was the tvb awards ceremony ^^ my predictions were right(except for the 1st award cos i didnt noe of its existence and the entertainment shows cos i dun watch themO.o)my mum said tat the show was boring cos most of the prizes went to 溏心风暴之家好月圆 which season 1 is liked by my father but not my mother O.o here's the list from Facebook TVB group (posting for fun):

    时尚魅力大奖 胡杏儿

    飞跃进步女艺员 胡定欣

    飞跃进步男艺员 王祖蓝

    tvb.com人气大奖 林峰

    最佳综艺资讯节目 《了解·关怀一百万人的故事》

    最佳节目主持 苏施黄《苏Good》

    我最喜爱的电视女角色 李司棋《溏心风暴之家好月圆》

    我最喜爱的电视男角色 林峰《溏心风暴之家好月圆》

    最具欣赏价值大奖 《合晒合尺》

    最佳女配角 杨怡《溏心风暴之家好月圆》

    最佳男配角 黎耀祥《秀才爱上兵》

    最佳剧集 《溏心风暴之家好月圆》

    最佳女主角 米雪《溏心风暴之家好月圆》

    最佳男主角 夏雨《溏心风暴之家好月圆》

    万千光辉演艺大奖 秦沛

    i like the last award the most, cos the guy rly deserves it. he acted for so long(even b4 TVB started) and i see him in almost every show as someone's father(he was in Love Bond, Shine on You & Love Guaranteed ^^ top 3 fav) cant w8 till wed, tvb anniversary ^^ hope tat they show the sales presentation clips cos i dunno where to watch them. and here's the list of shows in 2009 from and wiki (u shuld be happy i dun hav many nice shows; Italics- who i like):

    THE GREATNESS OF A HERO - 盛世人傑 Cast: Kent Cheng, Sunny Chan, Bernice Liu, Sonjia Kwok, Lee Heung Kam, Claire Yiu, Tracy Yip, Leila Tong, Stephan Wong

    MAN IN CHARGE - 幕後大老爺 20 EPISODES Cast: Kenneth Ma, Kate Tsui, Matthew Ko, Leila Tong (one of the reason i dun wanna go HK in dec. the other's TGOL, which i feel is boring)

    BIG WHITE GOURD 大冬瓜 Cast: Sunny Chan, Lousia So, Nancy Wu, Charles Szeto, Huo Si Yan, Fiona Yuen, Angelina Lo

    SWEETNESS IN THE SALT - 勝雪鹽棧 Cast: Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Joey Leung, Raymond Wong, Joel Chan, Cheung Chi Kwong, Fiona Yuen(OMG so many fiona shows ^^), Kwok Fung, Felix Lok, Kara Hui, Lee Kok Lun.

    E.U. 學警狙擊 - 30 EPISODES Cast: Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Michael Miu, Kathy Chow Hoi Mei, Michael Tse, Elanne Kong, Domenic Lam, Joel Chan, Patrick Tang, Angelina Lo, Charles Si To, Anita Kwan, Casper Chan, Dickson Lee, Kaki Leung [Guest Appearance: Joey Yung]

    JUST LOVE II 老婆大人 II 25 EPISODE Cast: Jessica Hsuan, Sunny Chan, Joyce Tang, Patrick Tang, Jacky Jai, Selena Li

    BEAUTY HIGH RESOLUTION - 美麗高解像 Cast: Christine Ng, Kate Tsui, Sharon Chan, Stephan Huynh, Wong Cho Lam, Kingdom Yuen, Chris Lai Lok Yi, Raymond Cho, Mimi Lo

    THE THRESHOLD OF A PERSON - ID精英(cool title, nice cast ^^) - 25 EPISODES Cast: Benny Chan Chien Pang, Roger Kwok, Yoyo Mung, Raymond Cho, Toby Leung, Natalie Tong, Claire Yiu, Kenny Wong, , Florence Kwok, Power Chan

    KING OF BILLIARDS - 桌球天王 20 EPISODES Cast: Adam Cheng, Joyce Tang, Niki Chow, Derek Kwok, Patrick Tang, Benz Hui

    A PILLOW CASE OF MYSTERY II - 施公奇案 II 20 EPISODES Cast: Bobby Au Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Leila Tong

    RED POWDER MERCHANT- 紅粉商人 25 EPISODES Cast: Wayne Lai, Sheren Teng, Ron Ng, Kiki Sheung, Suki Chui

    BURNING FLAME III - 烈火雄心III Cast: Wong Hei, Ray Lui, Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Aimee Chan, Stephen Wong, Stephen Huyhn

    DOGS ON THE BEAT - 有狗出更 Cast: Steven Ma, Kent Cheng, Linda Chung, Maggie Siu, Raymond Wong, Natalie Tong, Koni Lui, Shermon Tang (reminds me of AJCL O.o)

    TIGER WONG SNATCHES THE BRIDE - 王老虎搶親 Cast: Chin Ka Lok, Sammul Chan, Louisa So, Nancy Wu

    THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY (REMAKE) - Click入黃金屋 Cast: Wayne Lai, Sonija Kwok, Shirley Yeung, Eric Suen, Vivien Yeo, Paul Chun

    GENERAL CHAI AND LADY BALSAM - 蔡鍔與小鳳仙 Cast: Damian Lau, Kathy Chow, Kenneth Ma, Toby Leung, Crystal Tin, Angela Tong

    DIE II - 古靈精探II Cast: Roger Kwok, Sonija Kwok, Derek Kwok, Kitty Yuen, Nancy Wu

    BUSINESS DOCTOR - 企業醫生 Cast: Dayo Wong, Charmaine Sheh, Michael Tse, Benz Hui, Power Chan, Theresa Lee (i dun like Dayo:( )

    CHAU HEUNG ANGERS TONG BAK-FU - 秋香怒點唐伯虎 Cast: Moses Chan, Myolie Wu, Ha Yu, Lai Lok Yi, Wayne Lai, Fala Chen, Elaine Yiu, Johnson Lee

    MONEY LEADS TO CRIME - 金錢誘罪 Cast: Gallen Lo, Ray Lui, Kenix Kwok, Joe Ma, Anita Yuen, Jamie Chik, Nancy Sit, Kenneth Ma, Bernice Liu, Toby Leung, Vincent Wong, Benz Hui

    LITTLE HOROSCOPE PRINCE (sound so cute^^) - 星座小王子 Cast: Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Michael Tse, Kingdom Yuen

    SUPER WOMAN - 飛女正傳 Cast: Ada Choi, Moses Chan, Kenny Wong, Raymond Cho (weird show, weird title)

    FATHER'S SON - 巴不得爸爸 Cast: Ron Ng, Myolie Wu, Sunny Chan, Shirley Yeung, David Chiang

    SCHEMING PALACE - 宮心計 Cast: Moses Chan, Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng, Susanna Kwan, Michelle Yim, Christine Ng, Tavia Yeung, Fala Chen, Selena Li, Raymond Wong, Kara Hui

    STAR'S JOURNEY - 摘星之旅 Cast: Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Toby Leung, Dominic Lam, Power Chan

    WRITTEN FROM HEAVEN TO EARTH - 寫我仙凡間 Cast: Ron Ng, Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Steven Ma, Elliot Yue

    HEAVEN AND EARTH - 天與地 Cast: Nick Cheung, Bowie Lam, Moses Chan(so much of Moses O.o), Charmaine Sheh, Sheren Tang, Louise Lee, Maggie Siu, Kate Tsui

    WARS OF IN-LAWS III - 疆屍奶奶再戰戈師奶(pls no vampires) Cast: Liza Wang, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Derek Kwok, Joyce Tang, Benz Hui

    DOG LIKE DOG, LOVING GRANDPA (weird title)- 狗吾狗•親親爺爺 (sounds so much like 甜孙爷爷) Cast: Chung King Fai(haha i knew this guy was filming once i saw the title), Fala Chen, Lee Sze Kei

    IRON WARRIOR SEEKING WIFE - 鐵馬尋橋 Cast: Yuen Wah, Yuen Qiu, Raymond Lam (OMG OMG OMG kungfu movie stars ^^)

    (Producer: 唐基明)Michael Miu, Maggie Cheung (plz film this show)

    | 5:40 PM |

    Saturday, November 15, 2008
    now i dun wanna go for holiday overseas, jus noticed tat i will be missing the last ep of 十兄弟(which is the saddest ^^) and the nicest ep of 法证先锋(the one tat Boyo had non-PG scenes, cos it was the first time they went together) argh, now i watching now megavideo, so miss oso nvm

    | 5:40 PM |

    i went crazy photoshopping icons jus now, 3 icons in 90 min O.o and in the morning i photoshopped too. went searching on AF for pics ^^
    they all look the same O.o cos im not gd at photoshop, only started photoshopping icons yesterday. nxt time i can jus change my msn dp anytime cos i hav so many for backup O.o
    C&D fundraising
    the fundraising was quite nice, we sold muffins, goodie bags and choco & peanut butter stuff. while waiting we went to the swings and TJ & i played drama A-Z(mine hk, hers the restO.o)b4 the intermission callie and i were tending the stall: she was watching 转角*遇到爱 on my portable tv and i read 法证先锋's synopsis. after chatting i realised tat she watches a lot of hk drama too, also watch 十兄弟 3 times ^^ and according to her mum, 女人唔易做 is not suitable for our age and im younger than callie(i think) and i watched it thrice O.o then intermission i went around outside the audi selling the choco stuff. nat said we mus stuff it into their face so i ended up doing tat to 99% of the ppl there(including our class) and i asked sammie the most no. of times. then the debrief took up so much time i kept on staring at my watch and rambled on about 法证先锋 with sammie. it ended up like: 22 01 30s - o my the theme song jus ended; 22 02 - they jus discovered the case; 22 05 - the girl(yoyo) meets the guy(bobby). haha. and she was so irritated ^^
    C&D performance
    tat morning i saw sammie while walking to the audi and we had about 30 min to go, so we sat down and read i-周刊. she read last wk de(casslynn told me to bring) while i read the lastest issue. and the lastest issue was about tvb so i kept on talking to her about it and about 十兄弟(cos she's reading it). the rehersals took forever cos the teacher was so picky so some ppl were cursing and swearing under their breath while waiting. then one part TJ, sammie and i wanted to go toilet but we kept on standing up and sitting down so gaheee went "go toilet also nid proposal de meh" so we jus went lor. and sneaked back to our seats(first we sit at back, then sit rite in front of our seats, then we went to our seatsO.o) when we came back. but when it was our turn the teacher did not scold us much(well, not as much). break 11 of us wanted to go to J8, but 156 didnt come and Chun Shan lost her wallet. in the end TJ, gaheee, sammie, hannah, sarah and i went to AMK hub. we found a table with 6 seats, then the food we ordered were symmetrical. TJ and i korean, sammie and gaheee mcdonalds, sarah and hannah jap O.o then we went minitoons(to buy sweets). there was apparently a 15% on birthdays so they took my ezlink card and gaheee&sammie bought me a bottle(which they forgot to tear the price tag off O.o) hannah received a flower(dunno wat type) and sarah received a chrysanthemum(which is meant for the dead) so i took a 遗照 of her. my cca senior oso gav me a card and 2 kit-kat ^^ b4 the performance we went to eat cup noodles which we bought at cheers and went to play the swings and then went back to our changing rm, which was huge. the whole rm had mirrors and around the mirrors were lightbulbs. there was oso a toilet in there ^^ then i tried to force makeup on sammie(she was sweating and rubbed her makeup off with her hanky), who was on the stairs and she tried to kill me by pushing me down. luckily we made it all the way to the rm b4 i died. then i tried forcing blush on her, and she almost killed me again, i ended up lying flat on the floor. then she ran away again but TJ & gaheee found her in front of the audi. we stayed on the 3rd floor stairs and called her, like kidnappers O.o in the end the last few mins sammie let me makeup for her(finally). the performance was quite gd, the audience laughed at the sad parts but not for the the funny parts O.o sammie was so cute in front of her father, she went to ask her father to buy her a balloon :P which she used in the audi to hit my head(cos i ws sitting in front of her) and then she hit her own head. gonna do icons of 美味天王 ^^

    | 4:41 PM |

    Friday, November 14, 2008
    hahas im lazy again so i shall not blog about C&D(leave it for the wkends). ms lye jus confirmed the friend request on facebook and on her profile there was a pic of her bf. saw a very funny clip on youtube, with the ppl from FH. the show is 15/16, which seems mentioned b4 in WTTH. the clip was taken in 2006 and ppl uploaded it this yr O.o yoyo and linda are super cute ^^ linda explain like she noe a lot, but she doesnt even noe the diff between roman and arabic numerals O.o so the hosts said roman de is the numbers below the tvb sign in the scrolling credits. then a ques is to choose between 史丹利街 and 史丹顿街 and yoyo wasnt listening to linda so she asked linda which one was the ans. then linda ans 顿, so the ppl said tat yoyo was 钝 :P then yoyo said tat she was 傻, so the ppl said tat linda was 钝 instead. then after tat yoyo said “钝” so the ppl took it as she admitted she was 钝. a ques was asking which finger represent a person's partner so yoyo explained tat ring finger cos the ring is to "套住对方" and the ppl said tat being with her is like in jail O.o here's e vid:

    i oso photoshopped icons for fun(1st try^^):

    found many nice pics on AF ^^

    | 4:29 PM |

    Thursday, November 13, 2008
    now im addicted to "Mamma Mia Mix", the theme song of A Recipe for the Heart(cable spelt the "for" as "from", 害我 take so long to search). the show is for the tvb anniversary in 1997(omg 11 yrs), now showing on cable. the song is sung(or isit sang?) by Lydia Shum, Paul Chun, Bobby Au Yeung, Louis Koo, Esther Kwan, Maggie Cheung and Jessica Hsuan. all veterans, no newbies at all ^^

    the song is nice except for the first 17s and the end, which has cambodian or viet O.o (its from a vid online)
    other than those, there is Miriam Yeung, Bowie Lam, Sunny Chan, Nick Cheung, Evergreen Mak, Joey Leung, some 真情 guy and Wayne Lai(i didnt noe he acted then O.o) i missed the first 4 eps cos of C&D(which i will blog... about 2moro ba, lazy now) cant w8 till jessica appears in the show, and miriam currently is cute ^^ her char is very silly and does not understand wat ppl say and a guy said “人蠢不会明白我说的话。这句话你明白了吗?” so cute^^ and the girls' names all so funny: 圆圆、苏苏、津津、爽爽、嘉嘉、珍珍、修修。 i jus realised i missed TDOL, gonna watch later at 4

    | 12:50 PM |

    Wednesday, November 12, 2008
    happy belated birthday to me ^^ now im 13 yrs and 1 day old. shall post about C&D nite and fundraising 2moro, C&D nite was a success. so happy now, found out tat TVB sales presentation clips came out on my bdae! so now i'll be even more excited every yr on my bdae. looking forward to the grand production, which has kenix ^^ finally a show of hers since 2006. and it'll start filming this month:P (weirdly she looks the same as in RDOV O.o)
    some ppl say tat maggie's oso gonna hav a show with michael miu. i luv both of them, and they nvr paired up b4. gonna help me mum type her resume!(why the government loves having long forms tat u nid to fill in from 'O' lvl to uni grades?!)

    | 4:33 PM |

    Monday, November 10, 2008
    my bdae's 2moro^^ my mum says she'll get me half of Into Thin Air's VCD, the full set id too ex. why mus she not allow me to buy Love Guaranteed :'( my father is going to get me Linda's album reloaded, if it is selling in SG:( i can only find it on Yesasia

    | 12:22 PM |

    100th post! i think i'll use this post to write a review on FAS even though the last ep was a month ago. u don't hav to read this, its for my own pleasure ^^ (i nid to get the words out of my head)

    Top-ranked market research manager Man Tin Tsz (Bobby Au-Yeung Chun Wah) is an expert at price comparison. Commonly nicknamed “the Honorable Min Jeong Ho”, his personal motto is “always be price-conscious”. Tsz, who relishes his yuppie lifestyle, has been longing for an early retirement, but the sudden return of his eight-year-old son seems to have completely shattered his dreams. Tsz has no experience in taking care of children and is totally clueless about how to look after his son. Luckily his ally-cum-rival Kam Mei Tsun (Yoyo Mung Ka Wai) is there to help and look out for him in every way. The pair gets to know each other better and gradually grow to be great buddies. Later Tsz discovers that Kam is actually the one referred to as “Platinum Dae Jang Geum”.
    Tsz manages to patch up his relationship with his godfather Ko Chi Tim (Ha Yu) by a beef ball. Tim has been trying hard to accommodate himself to his son Ko Ching (Wong Hei), but Ching has given full attention to his own daughter and shows no concern at all for Tim. Ching has focused too much on his daughter that he has completely disregarded his responsibility as a son and a husband. At the darkest moment in his life, Ching is lucky to still have Tsz and his soul mate Law Sz Hei (Tavia Yeung Yi) by his side. In the meantime, Ching happens to discover a secret that his father has been hiding all these years…
    Credits: Astro On Demand
    The synopsis is wrong O.o Boyo were friends from the beginning, never rivals. I was looking forward to this series to show on cable. It is by my favourite producer who produced Love Bond, Shine on You & Better Halves^^(all my favs). That time I was also having the Yoyo craze due to Forensic Heroes(which is starting tonight^^). However the themesong sounded weird to me, but after listening to it many times(before the show starts) I got used to it and loved it loads(contemplating changing the vid on my blog). The pics were arranged by the couplings. Bobby+Yoyo;Wong Hei+Halina;Wong Hei+Tavia;Bobby+Anne;Lok Yi+Tavia;Evergreen+Yoyo(so manyO.o) And there was a pic tat was similar to GGOH theme, weird especially watching them one after another.
    The show was quite slow at the beginning, focusing mostly on their jobs. I was anticipating for Anne to appear, as this was her 2nd last show(and i will not watch BBOL). Bobby and Anne were cute when they were taking care of the kid(jus noticed tat Bobby+Anne=BoNe>.<) screenshotted by me^^

    In ep 8, the show became much cuter as Jacky appeared(the little boy in TVB mag that Sammie likes). That shows how draggy the show was, it took one-third of the show b4 the boy appears. The scenes between Tavia and Wong Hei were quite cute too, the parts where she mistakens him as a lecher>.<

    The middle part of the show was like any other show, not much dramatic stuff. I began liking the show when Bobby pretended to woo Yoyo(cos Yoyo dared him to) and the whole scene was really sweet and funny.
    In ep 20 Yoyo said tat it was sweet of a guy to block a girl from... something bad. After tat Bobby went to block a pail of water from being splashed on Yoyo^^ and the person mistakes them as husband and wife
    My fav ep is ep 21, chao funny(i hav it in my phone). bobby gets a cold from the water so yoyo goes to visit him.then she tripped on the carpet and they kissed. then suddenly ha yu came back and they got so frightened.
    then they went to hide in the room and went ha yu opened the door, yoyo was squashed behind it. then they sneaked out of the house while ha yu sang "煮姜煮姜煮姜!"^^ and when yoyo realised she forgot her handbag ha yu took it out for her, and her expression was like melissa's in Love Guaranteed ep 6 ^^ and when she turned to walk into the lift she almost banged into the wall ^^
    And in ep 22, Yoyo swims in the cold pool water in the cold water cos of Bobby. Later in the ep, they go together. I was !!! cos they were still awkward in the previous ep and suddenly they go together. they could hav further developed on the BOYO parts, they were much more interesting to watch than Wong Hei and Tavia. I jus noticed tat Wong Hei and Tavia worked together in Shades of Truth, but i dun rmb much of them in tat show, which means tat i dun like their pairing. The pairings in FAS seem to hav huge age gaps. Bobby is 48 while Yoyo is 32, which is an age gap of 16 yrs;Wong Hei is 41 while Tavia is 29, age gap of 11 yrs.
    The last ep was a total waste of time, when i watched it online i kept on fast forwarding it till the last min. The ep was focusing on Ha Yu who had a stroke and was in coma, woke up, lost his memory and tata the end. they could hav more on how evergreen got caught and stuff. and at the ending they were talking about 大道理, and i hate shows with 大道理(tats why i dun like 心花放 last ep tat much). This show is now my 6th fav. If not for the last ep, FAS would be my 5th fav, above 十兄弟.

    | 9:12 AM |

    Friday, November 7, 2008
    posting bout the past days...
    1. during C&D nite i found out tat Wan Qing watches 十兄弟 ^^
    2. after tat a random teacher called me to take the schedule, and i said wrong number =.=
    3. we went to change b4 going to coro and when Wan Qing saw Vanessa she said "I didn't know you were that hot"(as in weather)
    4. at coro we went to ntuc and we attacked all the tidbit shelves
    5. TJ and me found 4 more ppl and bought he 6-can pack of pepsi
    6. we walked to NYPS so we could work in their canteen
    7. fiona and chun shan went to escape halfway, they ran very fast and looked very happy O.o
    8. the old sch girls called their ex-teachers but didn't get through
    9. we decided to go mcdonalds
    10. suddenly a McDelivery motorcycle drove past us and I waved bye to it
    11. at McDonalds I worked with So Phia to make goodie bags
    12. we were super fast, about less than 1 min for ea
    13. TJ and Wan Lin complained tat ours had tails
    14. they said it was messy but I said it was cute
    15. and they do not hav a system for packing(unlike us), they 随着心情
    16. halfway through we ran out of wrapping paper
    17. So Phia and I ended up going to the florist with sammie
    18. sammie had no more money and had to run back to get vanny's wallet
    19. we stayed there as hostages while waiting
    20. asked for a receipt even though it only costed 1 dollar
    21. TJ gave a sweet to a little girl
    22. a little boy rejected her choco
    23. when we wanted to go it started raining
    24. had 6 ppl(including me) who wanted to take taxi
    25. the taxi driver rejected us
    26. So Phia and Sarah took the bus, took sammie's umbrella(which the 6 of us shared) and took all the newspaper fishes
    27. sammie walked in the rain to hail a cab for us (CLAPS for brave sammie)
    28. we took the cab to toa payoh
    29. on the way hannah asked Wan Lin if she needed to be dropped off at her house
    30. and Wan Lin said tat we jus passed her house O.o
    31. at toa payoh sammie took mrt, wan lin took 157 and hannah & I took 31

    had three dreams last nite and 2 were about TVB. rarely have dreams about TVB, in the past i only had 2, and in one night i suddenly hav 2. one was about 布衣神相, most prob watched too much of it. it was in a format of an advertisment. and the time was 9.40pm, when in real life shuld be 9.35pm . had one weird part when frankie was holding a stick and the ground with it and blood started flowing from the bottom of the stick O.o then suddenly he was fine again and started talking bout having a gymnastic troupe and walking on a string thingy(too much of 人生马戏团). the other was about yoyo, too much of 法政先锋's ads. it has 4 ads -- bobby:watched once; lives:watched twice; together:watched four times; together w/words: watched five times

    gotta watch LFD last ep, end my post(which i owe TJ)

    | 9:36 PM |

    岁月风云 is nice~ only at the back part though, watching the show cos of Sheren & Michael, they're so cute together^^ esp. when michael tries to woo Sheren and is jealous of the other guy. and to think i hated them in the front part of the show O.o

    | 9:34 PM |

    Thursday, November 6, 2008
    stupid blogger doesnt allow me to post long stuff and deleted all my words >.<

    tag reply:
    TJ>> HAPPY? this is ur tag reply, the one and only tag reply on my blog. (u shuld feel honoured)

    | 6:38 PM |

    Saturday, November 1, 2008
    erm yesterday was the last day of sch ^^ had spring cleaning for the whole morning, chao boring de. then they say mus clear locker so i ran there and i found in it a... library receipt. of the bk GY forgot to return for 2 months. then after tat we played cheat and uno, which we've been playing for many days. and i ended game for cheat^^ then had level closure, had teachers going up to speak(we sabo-ed ms lye and failed to get ms teng) and fiona(as usual, she speaks every time they require speeches since... term 1 ba) hu spoke about asking teachers if they were married(LLS :P) we oso learnt the ending of C&D nite and it was sad... after t 113 went on stage and theirs was so happy O.o

    i jus found out last wk tat chnl U shows chnl 8 ads too, but no the other way round. i saw most of my TB ads on chnl U. last nite in one ad slot they showed TB trailer then i was wishing for TB's and it came out nxt^^ now off to watch more trailers :P

    random pic tat i photoshopped ^^

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