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  • Creator; bluskiangel
  • Images; 杨怡tvblog
  • Wednesday, December 31, 2008
    last day of 2008! im looking forward a bit to 2009. 2009 is gd and bad. gd cos many ppl going back tvb act, bad cos no boyo(and yomo) T.T 2nite im staying up to watch the countdown party, hk de. jus in case mdc de hav XNR(im anti-XNR). gahee and my sis are also anti-XNR, but now my mum likes XNR(when i see her watching it, i go eek) hk de they say hav ray, but they wrote his name as "林一峰"O.o 2 more days to sch, and i hav 357 words to go for commonwealth, hav to finish by tonight so 2moro can chiong 16 ep of LOS(which takes 12h). i also nid to work on a new blogskin, currently halfway done(its about into thin air ^^) yesterday photoshopped some banners:
    - still hoping of mdc to air Love Guaranteed(though i think they wont)

    - they're so cute in To Get Unstuck in Time(watching it on cable currently). one part flora went "又是你?" and roger went "又是你?香港的每一个案子你都目击的啊?" ^^ they're so cute, and the fake dating part ^^

    gonna go work on my commonwealth =.=

    | 11:23 AM |

    Friday, December 26, 2008
    i photoshopped so much today, 2moro's tuition i'll be so dead X.X made an emoticon(to irritate cass) and an icon of yoyo^^ with rui en edition too =.= but i dun think the animation works in blogger T.T

    | 5:14 PM |

    Thursday, December 25, 2008
    cass told me to blog, nowadays i so lazy to blog =.= past few days i was youtubing, there was one with raymond pranking linda, telling her to visit a granny^^ and i rewatched 15/16 ep with FH and super trio ep with LB. i oso finished almost all FH clips and FAS clips. FAS de i watch from they cut the roast pig to promotion to celebrating ^^ and FH de costume fitting bobby so funny, he forgot his role and had to ask others O.o i oso watched 味分高下 with boyo^^ bobby tried to use 美人计 on the other group^^ and the ther group paid HK$1000 for yoyo to eat a mouth of wasabi, she almost landed up in hospital O.o now im continuing LOS, which i paused 2 months ago. hopefully i'll finish it b4 sch reopens(doubt so, i dun fast forward any parts). now i keep on making banners and creating animations in photoshop(i jus noticed tat function about 3 days ago). created a rly rly crappy yomo ani which i dun wanna blog. here's are some banners ^^

    (click to see ani)(o great it doesnt work on blogger)

    | 5:21 PM |

    Monday, December 15, 2008
    suddenly i wan 2009 to come. 2008 was the yr of the sequels, 2009 is the yr of all past tvb actresses ^^ kenix, maggie and flora are going to have new shows next yr(hopefully)^^ too bad mel not acting. after watching ep 1 of 冲上云霄 i like flora cos her voice sounds so sweet and now i dun like myolie cos her voice sounds a bit irritating in it. 2009 the actors part oso quite weird. i cant imagine sunny acting ron's dad(age diff 12 yrs) and bobby acting ray's dad(age diff 19 yrs) O.O
    new photoshopped work:

    P.S. imo the 2nd one looks better

    | 2:42 PM |

    Wednesday, December 10, 2008
    now im so bored, waiting for my father to come home with the compo pad so i can do my math. i feel so dead, still got 3 compo to do(including tuition) and chinese book review. now i photosop so little, only 1 icon O.o and now im not bothering with facebook and maple. but i m still dead. btw, did blogger update or smthing? it seems so weird now O.o

    | 1:01 PM |

    Monday, December 8, 2008
    i feel like blogging about my trip after i load the camera software onto my comp. while overseas i thought of 3 more bad points:
    11. Miss the last ep of 布衣神相
    12. Miss the first 3 eps of 谈判专家
    13. Miss the ep of 劲歌金曲 with 其实我不快乐 ranking first and linda singing it live
    now i keep on replaying a vid of yoyo, so cute. she pretended to be a reporter-cum-cameraman on the anniversary day, filming ppl

    Yoyo: 不好意思, 有东西问
    Nancy: 好烦啊
    Cho Lam: 管你什么事啊, 为什么是蒙嘉慧扎机。蒙嘉慧扎机我们不拍的,只不知道
    Kate: 我们不要蒙古包来扎机
    Yoyo: 我是蒙古包在这里

    so cute lor ^^ "蒙古包" :P

    | 11:27 AM |