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  • Wednesday, January 28, 2009


    EVERYONE GO WATCH IT FROM 23 MAR 10PM ON CHNL U (if mdc changes it I'll start creating a whole set of anti-mdc icons, banners, animations, groups, blogskins, etc. (yes you get the idea)
    the best CNY present i got ^^ i shall watch it for the 8th time even though block tests are around tat period and my mum will object like crazy O.o luckily its not during LSC, or i'll bring my portable tv along with me and watch it while hiding in the sleeping bag :P CNY was quite fun, sun went for reunion dinner with mother's family ^^ then mon went to my grandpa house to eat and auntie's house to make dumplings :P then tue another reunion dinner with father's side of family(missed 1 ep of ITA) and played mahjong, i won like 5 rounds in a row ^^ my god-cousin(if tats wat u consider ur uncle's godson) also came to visit, and he was cute^^ i also took pics of him with my sis(im a weird 偷拍-er, can go be 狗仔队) this yr the hongbao market price is around $4 for stranger & $20 for relatives :P today sch so doomed, sci was my luckiest class; i did math in sci class, drama in math class, culture forgot do(teacher didnt come anyway, and 50%+ ppl no do), LA no do(Mr Lee say hand in on fri^^). luckily didnt get scolded when i forgot 1 thing per class(except sci la). i just finished watching 2 eps of MR while doing math hw, the MR disc magically appeared in my grandpa's house, dunno whose isit. now i seem to be stuck in many shows: LOS ep 9, LOD ep 8, MR ep 4 O.o now my sis is irritating me, and saying some lame "joke". gtg for dinner, stomach grumbling :(
    P.S. watch preview chnl hav chnl 55 today ^^

    | 4:43 PM |

    Saturday, January 24, 2009
    yay CNY holiday^^ i havent touched my hw yet, gonna chiong it tonight and 2moro :P it will be a long time b4 the next holiday, checked the calendar le :( im waiting for my tvb weekly #600, maybe later go the mall and check whether they hav le. loaded a lot of songs into my phone and snt CNY e-cards to some ppl le(warning: may be loaded with tvb). apparently the yoyo greeting was too short, so i sent the linda one ^^ 2 days, 3h and 5 min more to 人间蒸发, apparently i saw my fav calefare in the trailer ^^(the onehu acts as young melissa in LFD, appears in AR ep 2 and WOIL2 ep 1:P) my sis influenced me to like G.E.M., a singer ^^ i didn't like her that much when she won most popular newcomer(gold) while linda only got silver O.o im still thinking of the stupid fat pig indian couple hu walked out of the lift and scolded me for not opening the door for them O.o i was kinda cursing them in my head, my racism acts up when the ppl scold me. *go die those 2 stupid ppl hu live on lvl 7* i hope they take lift break own, walk stairs slip down, their keys fall from lvl 30 and break into pieces, they get stuck on the flyer, they lose their job, lose all their money in stocks, loansharks go after them, become poor and homeless, etc.(i can be evil) now my yoyo craze is fading away, maybe cos none of her shows are showing now. i rmb when i got yoyo craze i was watching 卫斯里、溏心风暴、法证先锋、爸爸闭翳、新醉打金枝、通天干探、点指贼贼贼捉贼 and now i only see ads of her on tv(im trying to film the cute one^^) maybe i'll get a craze over kenix from ATE2 or flora(i still blame the sciptwriter for making her evil cos her evil smile looks robotishO.o) photoshopped a bit, followed an icon tutorial for the G.E.M. one, redid the old linda one and typed chinese for 人间蒸发 one(first time^^)

    | 4:55 PM |

    Wednesday, January 21, 2009
    yay update^^ for some weird reason my grandfather's house de comp did not work. now im blogging while my mum is bathing O.o i still rmb last wk's PE lesson made my body ache so much and made me hav a dream bout a ballerina holding ball and spinning O.o at least i dreamt of 人间蒸发 1st ep(self-created) last night ^^ oh great i jus rmb about 隔世追凶 and past 10 min le :( too bad flora turned evil from ep 14, or now i'll be having a huge flora-roger craze. now i like joycederek from WOIL2 ^^ C.C. and CoCo are cute :P tonight there is 随时候命 and in 5 days(CNY) theres 人间蒸发^^ i did 2 avatars this wk, but quite 烂 de also did a pic for my cca(which i lavu)

    | 8:08 PM |

    Sunday, January 11, 2009
    jus felt like posting my photoshopped pics while printing my art hw. photoshopped so little these days, like only 3 time in a wk(4 if including art mindmap, i decided the circles i drew were ugly), b4 holidays photoshopped twice a day de. as u can tell i like flora and roger in Unstuck a lot :P flora's expressions are so funny ^^

    | 6:54 PM |

    Wednesday, January 7, 2009
    today sch was fun^^ LA we went to the comp lab for some TKAM(the mocking bird thingy la) narrative and we ended up writing something like a fanfic O.o and the names part we were laughing so much^^ we talked bout baby names then sammie rly went to search baby names O.o then we were talking about me and tj being adopted by sammie and sammie went to search for kids put up for adoption O.o then during lunch we(gaheee, TJ and I) drew out a relationship chart and one for another story too. the first story is about sam atticus(sammie) having 2 adopted daughters lily(tj) & brenda(obviously me la). then lily went with john robinson(robinsons+john little), the slave. donut(gaheee) was the cousin of lily and bren hu 暗恋 john. then she plotted to killed lily with sam(hu was actually wanting to kill john). and sammie wanted to whip him but in the end killed lily. and john in the end 哭死. and donut and bren revenge for lily and john lynched sam O.o im too lazy to type version 2=.=
    then lunch i walked out of class wanting to go to the toilet and then someone asked me "do you know brenda lee?" and i saw the nametag and realised it was my mortal O.o then my mortal saw my nametag too. im like the most 失败 angel, 1 letter 就 busted le x.x and my mortal is anti-mdc and she is ok with hk dramas^^ and she wans to join infocomm(crosses fingers) gtg, 2moro hav sch T.T

    | 9:52 PM |

    Sunday, January 4, 2009
    First Day of School
    first day of sch was fun, no lessons at all,. we got ms lye for ft again^^ one of the lucky class hu got same ft 2 yrs in a row. and 陈老师(the dance teacher) was our co-ft, and ms lye asked her if we could hav PCCG in the dance studio. and during lessons 陈老师 was staring at ms lye and kept on shaking her head, said she's like a student O.o and 陈老师 said she was 研究-ing ms lye's, moves, ms lye kept on moving her arms while talking. then ms lye placed her hands behind her back and her body began moving. then one hand came out. then the other O.o and in the student planner they wrote it as term1week0 =.= THE SCHOOL EARNS 1 DAY FROM US!!! and ms lye kept on talking about fri being wk 0. during lunch we walked near the general office, and chunshan kept on looking at the 2007 sch pic. then TJ told her not to look at the big picture, literally. and sammie kept on spinning the keychain tat i gave her, and she chipped all 4 corners. then during assembly she caused the keychain to separate part by part, but pieced it back. then she dropped it under her chair and on the top of her seat O.o and sammie took 157!!! ^^ kinda rare, cos she said she 心情好 then take 157 de, so i took 157 with hannah and sammie. and on the bus she finally remembered why she 心情好 - her mum was going to fetch herO.o

    Wild Wild Wet
    yesterday went to wild wild wet with sis(not counting mum cos she was reading newspapers there O.o) it was so fun, i havent been there since... 4 yrs ago. we went on every slide, and the slide tat my sis said was kiddy was the one she loved the most O.o everytime i slide down it the water splashes on me and i almost drowned. then there were some rides rly high up, hav to climb stairs. and i was screaming away cos i was afraid of heights(u can roll down those stairs). and there was a rly fun ride where u sit on a huge float and slide down. it has 6 seats but because no one was there me and my sis jus went on one, and we were screaming like siao. she was like"wats beind me" and i went"we're going down!" =.= and the tsunami thingy we were struggling on the huge floats and were kicking like crazy to change direction(yes we're kinda mad)

    yesterday there was the JSG top 10 songs, i watched the whole show(3h). it was kinda nice, but im still wondering why susanna got 杰出 when she only has 1 song this yr. and 爱不疚,捞月亮的人,歌·颂 & 眼睛不能没眼泪 got in top 10 ^^ but linda and bosco only got silver for 新人(one 男 de one 女 de) T.T and i found out the title of one song tat i liked(always think in art class) but i did not know the singer and title(heard it during ads). its 一事无成 by 郑融 and周柏豪 ^^ and one part cho lam sang with leo, he sang vry nice ^^ and then another person was singing he was dancing with another person O.o gtg, see whether they are showing cho lam's singing part on tv now ^^

    | 4:28 PM |

    Thursday, January 1, 2009
    happy new year everyone! 2009 le, 2moro sch's reopening =.= and i spent the last few min of 2008 and first few min of 2009 doing my commonwealth T.T oso changed blogskin le. my plan to chiong LOS failed terribly, still at ep 8. photoshopped 2 banners this morning:

    : jan de calendar pic. doesnt look so nice to me, my 2nd try using textures

    : now i like flora and roger even more^^ chao cute, but its contradicting watching roger in LOS and TGUIT O.o one bad guy one good guy

    | 9:21 PM |


    | 12:00 AM |