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  • Sunday, February 22, 2009
    i forgot to post the siggy O.o

    i nid to make more siggies, this was made so long ago de -.- now i <3 无谓情歌 ^^ although i hate the rap part which makes up the majority of the song O.o i heard it on the music programme on tvbJ ^^ now like no shows to watch after LSC, ITA ended on fri and WMA & AR ending the day b4 LSC(which is gd!). my mum said i can watch MR now at 8 ^^ although i cant imagine watching 1h of tv a day after LSC(LG only starts on the 23rd and most prob i cant watch cos i hav the disc T.T)

    | 7:00 PM |

    being cleaniness coordinator is so fun
    (quotes from the punishment list by hannah)

    - you will have to hold your hat on your head

    - The ‘I did not do duty’ suit includes two cards that you hang around your neck and a hat that you clip on your head (or hair).
    omg im laughing like a crazy person now ^^

    | 6:49 PM |

    long time no blog, now blogging while studying jap -.- i dunno why ppl say my blogskin looks disturbing, even my mum says so. i did one WMA de le, but lazy to change, maybe change 2moro early in morning. 2moro TJ's birthday le, happy birthday TJ! now history project we always email each other in white, invisible ink group O.o on fri TJ & I talked bout 北风吹过的“夏天” O.o the xiatian is a char in 终极一家. and TJ said that 北风吹过的夏天,头发很乱 ^^ and these few days during lunch we had something like a "music club". one day we went to photocopy piano scores and the next day we went to the music lab to play the grand piano, and i kept on going "the crowd hollers" - the crowd was me O.o then i end up slamming all the tables. and i listen to them play while lying on the very shaky tables O.o and when home ec ended and we were on the way back to class, i went to slam almost everything with my pen (that includes the stairs, the bin, the railing, the windows, the board, the computer, the wall, the duster nad last but not least, sammie O.o) i shall go back to revise and be a gd student =.=

    | 6:12 PM |

    the icons i forgetten to post:

    Gaheee and sammie called me a stalker cos of my fala icons O.o the tavia icons turned out to be a failure, i did 8 and 5 looked horrible :( and the linda one i did in 10 min for my sis's msn dp ^^

    | 6:01 PM |

    Tuesday, February 3, 2009
    now im so 心疼,i went to and on the main page the 正在播映 box had ITA T.T so now showing on cable de chnl 107. now i like michelle in ITA ^^ but its contradicting watching her in ITA and MR(she's evil in MR). on sat my mum and I went out and when she was speaking to the sales person, i said i'll go plaza singapura first and meet her in poh kim. and she was like "poh kim?!" haha ^^ i go there at least once a week, cos i pass by compass point on my way home after cca and i go plaza singapura often :P i did some icons throughout the weekend, used 1 colour blend to create 1 siggy and 6 icons (i dun hav the siggy with me now). I also made 5 mota icons with different colourings ^^ jus moved to comp lab 2, comps all changed le. cca starting soon. cass hav chinese remedial while liyi and elizabeth hav aep, im alone for the front part of the cca and there's a super tall instructor and a shorter teacher O.o

    | 2:56 PM |