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  • Thursday, April 30, 2009
    i shall post ^^ since sammie told me to. i shall do SEE :D

    Statement: Don't get Brenda and TJ to do a letter to the editor
    Evidence: "What, have we Americans been working towards for the past five score years? It is the removal of segregation and fair treatment of the Blacks. But now, an innocent Black was charged guilty for a crime we know he did not commit. What has the world come to? Injustice, injustice, injustice! Thinking about this topic makes me agitated, about how the Whites treat the Blacks in modern society. Didn’t God create all men (and women) equal? In the bible, it is said that God “hath made of one blood all nations of men” (Acts 17:26). So shouldn’t all men, regardless of Black or White, be treated equally in the eye of the law? Yes they should be. I know that, and I know everyone knows that also. So why don’t we take the first step towards racial equality in America?

    Firstly, look at the public spots in America. Look at the parks, there are separate water coolers for the Blacks and Whites. What does this do? It promotes racial segregation! Look at the schools, Blacks and Whites have separate schools. What does this do again? It promotes racial segregation!

    Thank you very much!"

    Explanation: Brenda and TJ get agitated when writing letter to the editor :(

    haha ^^ i shall jus post about today, since today was so fun :D morning many ppl were doing CSP(cutting paper), so i did too :) then after flag raising a whole crowd of us went to buy thermometers :D chem was normal, jus do work :( PE was fun, i beat UUCG by 3s :D which is gd ^^ and i was 47s earlier than my aim :P and then greenwave we did the coconut thing on the bottom of the dustbin, then went to stare at TJ and amelia do fractional distallation. and sammie, me, fangyi(213) and vanessa(213) stayed in the lab for the whole lunch collecting the water from the condenser and using it to water plants and fill the pond :D apparently we filled 3 full tubs(big big ones) and we transported the water by having a person stand outside, one person fill beakers with the tubs de water, then one person pass filled beakers to the person on the table :D yay i feel so accomplished saving water ^^ then LA i was doing the newspaper thingy still, and TJ abandoned me to go to sammie, hannah and gy de place :(

    after sch TJ and I were chionging chi and TJ extended the deadline by 10 min for herself O.o and WQ, TJ and I chionged to HCI, and we were late :( on the bridge WQ keep calling ms goh's name(but not too loud, she wanted it to sound like murmurs) and when we were off the bridge WQ greeted ms goh ._. runner duty was slack, all i did was set up camera(aka put in tape), teach sec1 use camera(aka press red button) and carry one carton of water down O.o

    i chionged home for HH3, on the bus there was some guy sitting beside me when i went on the bus and when i woke up from my sleep, he started talking to me O.o and he said bye when he went off ._. i don't like the attitude of mos burger workers, there was some guy he forgot i ordered a drink, then i was wondering why he don't pass to me, so i waited there 5 min. when i asked him, then he said he forgot. stupid la, they shuld jus let tat person work in the kitchen and not at the counter :@

    i like chi compres now, they remind me of lots of stuff. e.g. the prac paper reminded me of BBOL cos there were the words "建筑"(BBOL is 建筑有情天) and the block test de had the words 辗转反侧, which reminded me of linda's song :D i read online tat the song is the theme song for linda and raymond's radio drama, so i'll prob listen to it 2moro online, while doing fenxi :(

    i shall go chiong some D.I.E. siggies before i sleep :D

    pictures(tai chi pics so hard to find but easy to blend cos they're green :D):

    | 10:07 PM |

    Sunday, April 26, 2009
    yay stupid ou xuan lost SA to joanne peh :D mua is so high mua wans to hold a prty and celebrate ^^

    | 9:14 PM |

    Saturday, April 25, 2009
    shall make a fast post to revive my blog :D

    MSN convo
    a few days ago me and gy had a msn convo and she was stressing over music, so i typed the subtitles of D.I.E. into the convo for inspiration, and the subtitles fitted :D like when gy was stressed there was a line "i'm your classmate. i know what to do. don't worry" O.o and when she told me to stop the line was "do you want me to leave" and when she said "i do", kenneth's line was "i don't" O.o and there was a line "thanks for being so frank". D.I.E. has really weird subtitles O.o

    CCA erm... talk at SMU yesterday
    yesterday cass, i and 2 sec 4 seniors went for the code xtremeapps launch at SMU. at first ms ang told us leave class at 1.45, then she change to 1. and in the end, she told us to wait in the canteen or in front GO till 1.30 O.o and weirdly i was tempted to go up to class and attend CME lesson. then we sat in ms ang's car there, which cass loves :) and when ms ang asked if we saw a toy bus, we were looking around for it and a senior found it under her skirt(or around there) O.o and one part when the lane was having a jam, ms ang still waited(although she could change lane) cos she liked it and she parked in B2 cos she liked it O.o and we reach early so she went to eat first, and cass and I jus sat there. and jus nice 933 playing Fahrenheit's 不会爱 :D and when we went in SMU, cass and I had nothing to do, so we jus stand at a corner. and when cass see the phone brochure hav miotv so she say she wanted for bdae present then ms ang appear behind her :P and she talked to cass about how bad is coke and iced lemon tea :D the talks at SMU was a bit boring in the middle part that i felt like sleeping :( and tat time jus nice 4, so i tot about D.I.E. repeating on cable :P and when the thing ended cass, one senior and I walked all the way to dhoby ghaut mrt, and we had to ask for ms ang's no. cos we had to sms her when we reach home. and after cass bought her dear i-weekly(which was not so dear cos of OYP's face on the cover) she waited for me to buy my dinner, go toilet and buy tvb mag(which had KOS report :D). when i reach home i was so pissed, cos when i reach home early HH3 mel parts are at last 10 min, when i reach home late HH3 mel parts all in front :@

    lucky me
    yay this morning i was so lucy, my mum let me watch Just Love :D then after that she switched on tv and watched Yummy Yummy, then after Yummy Yummy was Ten Brothers 3min long ad(always shows after Yummy Yummy, which means at 4.50+am,10.50+am,3.50+pm and 10.50+pm :D). and after that i switched to tvbj(which was showing tvb news:D) and there was report on Rosy Business ^^. then i heard jay's song on tvb8 and watched mel's emo part in taichi on VVdrama(for the 3rd time :P) and after that tvb8 had the song 美空云雀 and tvbj had 五月天's song :D and after the song was report on Pearl in the Palm and King of Snooker ^^. ad the next time i switched on tv i saw report on the Legend of PuSongLing on tvbxinghe :D and i read about tat report on thur night and watched the vid on linda's blog this morning :D yay lucky lucky day ^^

    taichi pics:

    and pics of weird ppl from disney for my sis(note: i do not like vanessa and zac):

    | 2:10 PM |

    Friday, April 17, 2009
    great now im really tired of kenneth >.< he's in the 8pm,9pm,10pm and 10.30pm show grah

    | 9:22 PM |

    using one of my very screwed skins now, cos the AJCL one was horrible in firefox :( shall fix it during the weekends ba
    edit: that screwed skin is horrible in firefox too, so now i shall jus use a random linda blogskin i found on blogskins :D

    | 8:12 PM |

    yay changed blogskin again ^^ did it during cca(took me 1h+) :D i can't think of what to blog now, wanna go read fanfics and photoshop ^^
    p.s. i thought of something :D
    (AKA. H2O)

    | 4:14 PM |

    Sunday, April 12, 2009
    yay bought 十分爱 at last ^^ i saw the whole series while trying to find it. there was 独家试爱 and 保持爱 in compass point, 我的最爱 in hougang mall and 千般爱 in thomson plaza (haha both my mum and cass say got so many 爱^^) now im tempted to buy 我的最爱, cos hav natalie and linda and hui ying hong :D but its NC16 :( so many shows NC16 lor, even TUCF an AJCL all NC16(the huge NC16 sign on the poster of AJCL irritates me-.-) Argh i missed the first min of BBOL, later 10+ then watch. I like tavia in BBOL ^^ and christine is quite funny. BBOL so similar to AHWL, the old guy and middle-aged lady and the company name O.o im bored, shall post pics of my shi fen ai disc and banners i made ^^:

    | 7:44 PM |

    Thursday, April 9, 2009
    now i like the ending song of KOS ^^ but i dunno where i can find it and i dunno the name of the song :( i shall go to bed, 2moro try to watch ep 8 & 9, so i can be as fast as hk showing speed ^^

    | 11:05 PM |

    yay its linda's birthday today :D

    oh and the after effects of watching KOS^^

    and sammie's John Terry icon:)

    | 7:51 PM |

    Sunday, April 5, 2009
    changed blogskin ^^ gtg for dinner now

    | 6:10 PM |

    Friday, April 3, 2009
    O.o i watch 3 shows a day:太极(8 pm),古灵精探(9pm) & 爱情全保(10pm) i just noticed that kenneth is in the 8pm, 9pm and 10pm show; melissa is in the 8pm and 10pm show; rain lau is in the 9pm and 10pm show; some mother actress is in the 8pm and 9pm show O.o tvb is really short of budget -.-
    edit: and derek is in the 8pm and 9pm show and paul is in the 8pm and 10pm show O.o
    edit-edit: nancy is in the 9pm show and cameo in 10pm show, and 搂住有情人(10.25pm) has her too; 2 small roles in the 9pm show were the office workers in the 10pm show; if i watch 老婆大人 at 9, i'll see sunny twice(cos he in 10pm too) O.o

    | 9:14 PM |

    yay major icon spam ^^ all done during cca :)

    Vampire Knight

    Death Note

    | 4:13 PM |