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  • Creator; bluskiangel
  • Images; 杨怡tvblog
  • Sunday, July 19, 2009
    im wondering wat im doing at home instead of being at bugis :( decided not to go cos none of my rly favs, so lazy to go there and squeeze :( if tavia/linda/yoyo/kenneth come, i 100% go, if sharon/shirley/moses/ray come, i 50% go. so i didn't go :( now watching SITS, stevia :D

    last last fri
    went to toa payoh after sch with wanlin, amelia, TJ, sammie and hannah ^^ we went to buy sushi(again xD) then we went to food court and bought 2 sets of pepper lunch upsize, amelia+tj+sammie ate the chicken one, wanlin+hannah+me ate the beef one :D then we went to macdonalds to drink those $1 coke/sprite, then went to see TS sale. i so xintong la, i saw 十分爱 disc selling for only $5(dropped by $1.90) and hav so many, tat time i took 1 day searching 4 shops to find it :( then we went kiddy palace, hoping to buy a toddler girl de dress for WQ's birthday present, but too ex le :( tthen we spent like 1h to decide wat present to buy, we even called WQ(but she couldnt tell our identities - lead to the death threat) and in the end we jus bought the cute polar bear :D and were zilian-ing all the way to the mrt ^^ pics:

    last fri
    morning was 惨 la, got the filming of some show, which made me feel so stupid :( and the hosts were so tall and sary and familiar looking ._. i was wondering why one guy so familiar, then rmb he was in PG :D as the guy who died in ep 1 and randomly appeared in flashbacks ^^ and fri was sot toy day, so everyone brought their soft toys :D and i kept hugging hannah's bunny(usa-chan!) during history and geog :D then went plaza singapura after school with sammie(took long time to persuade), wanlin, TJ, hannah, sarah and huahua. at first TJ+sarah+huahua wanted to watch HP and the rest of us wanted to jus roam around, but the HP tickets all sold out till 5.30, and the not selling fast one was at 10.30, so they followed us around too :D we went to otaku house to see stuff, then we bought sausages at the japanese fair ^^ and then we bought sushi, sammie+TJ+wanlin+me bought 16 pieces of maki, and hannah+sarah+huahua+wanlin(again) bought a box of assorted sushi. then we went to carrefour to eat the sample sausage, the berry drink and some of them ate cheese(i think). then went poh kim, then went food court cos i needed to buy dinner. and in the end TJ and sarah shared a coconut, huahua bought tausuan and sammie and hannah shared ice jelly with cocktail. sammie and hannah so troublesome la, they scissors-paper-stone and stuff any times to decide ice jelly with aloe vera, then they think too ex, then think again. after tat wanlin+sarah+TJ+me bought korean food,cos the 拌饭 quite cheap ^^ and sammie so weird la, she mix all the chilli and soy sauce and stuff into the empty coconut ._.

    i shall post the pictures of the costume fitting of 谈情说案 :D i love the scrapbook-looking ones ^^

    set 1: whole cast

    set 2: BK

    random siggies

    soft toy day:

    and a random piano icon :D

    | 4:44 PM |

    Thursday, July 9, 2009
    WUAHAHAHA i shall blog for the first time in dunno how long xD changed blogskin ^^ first blogskin which i did from scratch :D influenced by watching too many fungyi and mota mvs, reading a fanfic with bota+taro+fungyi all squished in it and watching a bit of SITS with stevia. how nice now i think i 精神错乱 le :(

    sch is fun(at least more fun than holidays luh) ^^ last wk after sch i kept going to eat :( shall blog about the food outings :D

    Went with sammie and hannah to toa payoh :D and cos they were hungry i 陪 them to foodcourt and ended up eating too. shared the korean chicken set with hannah, half bowl of rice each(i still had dinner after that la, and it was alrdy 3.45) and on the way to foodcourt we passed popular and i saw ray's disc no.5 on charts ^^

    we ate again! haha ^^ but this time we ate sushi from NTUC :D all of us bought handrolls and were trying to unroll it while standing outside TS, then i saw them put MR disc right beside XNR :@ XNR is a stupid crappy show that no one buys that they must place the discs right beside the MR discs to attract attention but someone hated it a lot and banged them all down so now they lie flat behind the MR discs that stand so tall and straight. :D

    ate again :D but at J8 with sarah too ^^ we spent forever to decide what to eat, then in the end we ate yoshinoya :D and hannah and sarah saw their pri sch friend in RI ._. after that hannah and sammie were 纠缠ing outside the mrt, cos hannah wanted to go sammie's house. and we saw so phia and a bunch of her cca friends ._. in the end sammie jus ran home so hannah, sarah and I went to shop for presents. they took like 1h+ to decide on a present for fangyi, and i bought cass's present very fast(cos b4 go J8 after comiclife then she said she wanted a frog le). ooh i still owe her a blogskin :(

    ate again(yes, again). went to toa payoh with wanlin, sammie, hannah and TJ ^^ we first went to eat sushi from NTUC(TJ and I bought 2 each :D) then we went to foodcourt to eat korean 拌饭 :D 4 of us (sammie didnt want to eat) shared the set and 1 bowl of rice, aka one quarter bowl for each person, then 2 ppl share 1 bowl of soup. and after that still hungry then went to buy agar-agar ^^

    ok im hungry now. 2moro another food trip(we specially paused a wk cos we broke le, and got H&W today) im happy cos im taller than my sis by a little bit and lighter by quite a lot :D shall go do lit circle preparation and find something to eat then sleep. oh ya and pic spam ^^

    P.S. omg ray ad on tv now ^^

    animated icons<

    set1: tavia&fala

    set 2: mota

    set3: tavia

    set 4: tavia&selena

    set5: taro

    set 6: fungyi

    set 5: stevia

    set 6: stevia

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    set 8: bota

    我的最爱 siggies

    threshold siggies

    SITS siggies

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    bota siggies (really random)

    yay done :D those were accumulated over dunno how many months lor(1 or 2 ba) the tavia pairings stuff are in sets cos i got influenced by the tavia forums :)

    credits: google images/taviayeung network forums for pics, hybrid genesis for textures and soy from soompi for gif bgs :D

    | 10:24 PM |