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  • Saturday, August 15, 2009
    shall blog about yesterday :D
    yesterday was founders day, morning we went for hall for assemnbly(which was chao hot) then we watched a video :) after tat we listened to some speeches then went back to class to prepare for funfair, then gy and i went to library to print posters(and her fps) after tat i ran back to class, then i realised everyone went to the stall le near the audi(which was at the library side) TJ and i bought a potato each, it was so nice :D and i sold one potato to cass ^^ after tat everyone was like working, so TJ and i didnt know wat to do even though it was our shift, so we ended up walking around selling orangelemonade(aka orange concentrate+lemon concentrate+sprite xD) we were like shouting while walking around the sch, and kept promoting to our class de ppl:D in the end we walked 3 rounds, each round earnt $3 only :( on the 3rd round hannah and sarah joined us, then we sold to mr lee and TJ's cca junior(who is also in greenwave) i tried a bit of the drink too, cos in the end left too little for 1 more cup, so TJ and i shared the rest :D after tat i bought some 饼 thing from the math teachers, then 2 cups of milo from cass, then 1 cup of drink from 112 and 1 more potato and 2 drinks from 212 :D

    after tat we went for field for activities, separated into red and white teams :) the red team was so fun, we(hannah, fiona, ping ghee, wanlin, vanessa and i) faked for many questions, they tell ppl who know answers go up, but no one cared xD and for the school dance, we didnt know how to dance, so 瞎跟 :) then i pulled hannah to do NZQ, while the rest went to "throw rubbish"(4 ppl throw 1 packet ._.) in the end dunno how to do, so we were jus "ha"-ing each other :) and for 山歌, cos the sign looked like london bridge, we ended up playing london bridge and singing Yankee Doodle, "1,2,3,4,5", abc, twinkle twinkle and baa baa black sheep :D then 6 ppl, so 2 ppl sing one song(abc/baabaa/twinkle) and we sang all the way up to class :D red team FTW ^^(sammie u should regret betraying the red team and going to the all-so-slacky white team)

    -haha so long still no full stops xD-
    after sch wanlin, hannah, sammie, TJ and i went to plaza singapura to watch up. apparently we missed the 2pm show, so had to watch the 3.10 one, and still had half an hour. so we went to the food court to eat 拌饭(again) and it was so nice :D and when sammie felt weird about holding 2 balloons(one green one blue) we saw one NY girl holding many many diff coloured de balloons :) Up was nice, and there was one part tat the old man held a blue balloon, so everyone stared at sammie :P and sammie so weird, pay for movie ticket then sleep halfway through the movie all the way to the end :( i realised i eat rly slow, TJ finished all her cookies, hotdog and cheesy sausage b4 the movie even started and when movie end i still had half of my cheesy sausage :)

    sorry for the small font, my blogger is very weird :(

    shall try to post Up icons :D

    these few days im addicted to 时光之光 by Hotcha and *insert the guy's name here* its so nice :D i heard it a few wks ago and forgot about it, but mon they played on tv then i saw :D maybe i shall do some hotcha icons next time :)

    shall go continue watching 婚前昏后 online(my stupid phone alarm didnt ring this morning)

    | 3:25 PM |

    Thursday, August 13, 2009
    i jus read on forums tat FAS gonna show sep 28
    if true then very happy, if flase still happy(cos it will clash with EOYs, and now i watching le, my mum will say i crazy)
    haha cass if FAS shows then u have to watch it after EOYs xD
    yay i am high ^^

    | 12:12 AM |

    Saturday, August 8, 2009
    180th post, 20 more to 200th :D now highing over the cute stevia parts in synopsis in tvb mag and stevia parts in SITS while listening to steven interview :D just realised i forgot to blog about the food club trips, so shall blog :)

    wed sammie, wanlin, hannah and I went to bishan. sammie went straight home, then the rest of us decided to stalk her :D we followed her a long way, all the way to the 十字路口, where she turned her head to look for cars :( after that we went to J8, and ate pasta :D they had 30% discount so we ordered upsize of some cheap pasta and 3 ppl share, quite embarrassing la :( in the end the pasta only got tomato and nothing, quite plain :(

    thur after sch(and after all the blocks) the four of us went toa payoh and skipped romeo and juliet :D we took a long time b4 deciding wat to eat in macdonalds and finding a seat. and while hannah and sammie were buying their stuff, an old lady spoke to wanlin and i and she said she was from NY too :) hannah spent so much money la, double fillet o fish and still upsize :( after tat we went popular cos i tried to find RE's album for jermia, but no hav. and i saw some Love TV cd with MR on the cover, so tempted to buy :D and all of a sudden my phone rang and i saw hannah's name on screen so i said "hannah why u call me" and hannah was O.o-ing cos she was in front of me. in the end we realised tat hannah lost her phone in macdonalds and we had o go back get, quite embarrassing again :( then we wanted to drag sammie again to popular, but she chose to go kiddy palace, so wewent there to choose a b'dae present for hannah. hannah said she liked to pull heads off barbie dolls, and we kept choosing barbie stuff :D and in kiddy palace they played the barney theme song with weird lyrics :( and i kept talking about h the sch 90 anniversary song sounds like a barney song ._. after tat sammie wanted to go home again, but we persuaded her to go popular for "5min" and stayed there for a long time :D toa payoh HDB hub toilet is like our sch, nid take toilet paper first :( and in the end hannah finally chose some cards (after weighing many times) and we could go home at last :) sammie so 念家 de, always 吵着要回家, like ome 3 yr old kid xD

    ahh i miss national day celebration, we randomly sang national day songs yesterday at the busstop and on the streets and felt so patriotic :D oh and NEVER eat sushi buffet for 3 hours in a go :( but smashing frozen strawberries then freezing it again then eating it is nice :D

    | 5:32 PM |

    Friday, August 7, 2009
    okok im blogging :( argh my comp suddenly not showing all the fromatting stuff on blogger, so i cannot upload pic and stuff D: shall jus do a long-winded post on random stuff :)

    long long time ago
    3 wks(or maybe 4) ago de sunday i was trying to watch HOG ad(cos the day b4 i saw a HOG ad) so i randomly watched some movie at 11.30 :) then i saw some guy and i was like "orh,肥猫" then i saw wayne then i was like "orh, wayne" and all of a sudden, (in the show) a hand reached out on the floor to pick something, they show the face and it was tavia :D got so high la, didnt even know she was in tat movie :) then i watched tat movie all the way to 12(saw her twice only). and tat reminds me, im still stuck at part 4 :(

    then like 2 wks ago i had a high fever, it was like SOS time(aka 8) then i feel very sick le, then in the middle of FH2(aka 9) all of a sudden i got a fever :( it was like 38.4 deg. then i went to see doc halfway through FH2 :( the next day at first my fever went down at 8, then i watched ID精英 last ep and kept smsing gy(cos she was acting as some unattentive student in the class play) then all of a sudden at noon it became 39 deg, then evening become 39.8 deg :( then sat temp went down again, and sun afternoon went up again, its like a rollercoaster. and tat sunday sammie and chunshan still came to my house to do biotech presentation ppt :( but i think ok de la, after the meeting i checked my temp again and it was ok ._. so mon i went to sch even though i had 7 day mc (mon to fri)
    then tat tue had biotech presentation, at sci centre :D they make us waste time la, go at 7+ and presentation at 12+. then b4 tat we kept rehearsing in the morning and when we were using mrs tan's tablet to save the ppt, we saw tat her desktop wallpaper was BOF, so amelia was highing ._. we got to the top few floors of the sci centre, and went into some cool conference room. there was tj, amelia, CS, sammie, me and 3 sec 1s. then we were so boliao tat we played songs in the room and talked rly loudly and kept asking the sec1s who were their idols. and they still owe us an answer :( CS said her idol was lee kuan yew(i dun believe) and sammie said her idol was 五月天(she doesnt even talk about them de lor)and i was sad cos i missed ict and i wanted to go back to sch for lessons. the presentation was scary, my stomach kept grumbling quite loudly :( after TJ's and amelia's presentation we went to eat macdonalds, double fillet burger :D and after tat sammie, TJ and amelia went home while CS and i went back to sch. by the time we reached there left 10 min for dance, so we jus stand and see them dance. then after tat there was no CCA lor, it was jus take temp and go :( and ms ang only told us tat at 3.30
    thur had biotech prize presentation, so we had to go there. sammie and i went there during lunch, and had lunch at a coffeeshop, as usual sammie ate chao fast :( then went there had a lot of time, so we met with TJ, amelia and CS and went roaming around sci centre :D the dry ice thing quite cool, i took a vid of it ^^ then sammie and i could not find all of them, so we went to some DNA thing and did some lame quiz. and so 巧, tat time in sch was supposed to be bio lesson ._. prize presentation TJ and amelia said they were hoping not to win, and were stressing out about chi SIA. in the end, they won first ._. they got like $700, which means $125 each, after deducting school tax :( and they had promised to 请我们吃饭 b4 tat time if they won, so we wanted to go suchi buffet :D

    national day celebration
    national day celebration today was so fun :D morning i took out all my tvb life which i brought for class mascot, then a lot of ppl started doing the 心理测验 :D cass was suay, she came to take i-weekly and when she came our class was playing Reach Out for the Skies, but very soft. then when she walked away, we started to blast the song :) and we almost played 勇敢向前飞 ._. assembly was a bit boring, hav the national day message. but we sang some songs, like Reach Out for the Skies :D and we recited the recollections of Singapore, which i suggested to write in the history essay :) after tat we went back to class and did some NE quiz, then do mascots. the mascot we only got like 10-15 min to do lor, cos at first ms lye thought 50 min, so we 慢慢来 did NE quiz :( we kept cutting my magazines for leaves, and some ppl did sticking and some painted the cardboard. JH was a nice mascot :D the celebration we had the mascot presenting first, and some were pretty scary(looked like joker) for the 207 one YLS also helped them by holding their class the signboard and fan the mascot(i think cos she is their form) then we sang a lot of songs, and got all highish and stood on the benches :D and i took hannah's balloon and hit it like a bongo :D and abducted it for the rest of the day ^^ then they got the teachers to sing, and one part was ms lye and mr ng and ms sabrina and mr lee. then mr lee like so 疯, he jumped on the tabl in front of 212 bench ._. then all the teachers got lost and stuff in the song, so quite soft at some parts. everyone was high and stood on benches or tables. the ones near the middle stood on benches, then the sides de stood on tables :) it looked like a stadium lor, like a U shape :D our class mascot(a tree) won a prize, they had like 4 prizes :D then we gave out the sweets and stuff, oh later i hav to take out my twisties and seaweed. all of a sudden someone dropped a glass container with the small sweet biscuit thingy, then i had my "broom speech" at sammie cos she was picking up the pieces. it was like:
    Me: Use a broom! You know in shows someone drop a glass thing, then one person want to pick up with hands, then cut him/herself, then someone comes and says "use a broom"!

    after the celebration we went out, with a whole other group of 212-ers who were going for ice skating. then we kept waiting for bus, cos all like so crowded :( we took bus to newton, and acted all guai-kiaish there. it was like we crossed the road in a straight single file, then like choo-choo train, and raised one hand when crossing the road :) and on the escalators we were standing in single file too, like a whole bunch of crazy ppl(but it was a pretty sight^^) after tat we took the last cabin of NS line and a bunch of us alighted at dhoby ghaut to go to vivo :D we changed in the vivo mrt toilet, then went to check movie stuff, but tickets all selling fast :( so TJ and CS watched harry potter while the rest of us went bookstore, which i saw a bernice mag(the previous issue of tat had tavia on cover :D) and a lot of books on taiwan and korean shows, just no hk :( after tat they spent many hours sitting in the middle of the mall gossiping, and i got so bored and went poh kim to watch shows. poh kim there so nice, they played YCOM inside(4 screens) and blasted FH2 outside :D i was watching FH2 the ep 7 end with some other guy, then we attracted a bit of attention(the volume of FH2 contributed too) then a lot of ppl started watching too. at one point of time had total 8 ppl(including me) watching lor :D and there was a person introducing to her mother FH2 the storyline :) i stood there for about an hour and saw ep 7 end, most of ep 8 and ep 9 front part :D and the ep 7 end and ep 9 front all hav boyo :D then i walked back to vivo(2nd time walking back, 1st time was to check on them so i boliao) then they realised sakae sushi was at the poh kim place. so i walked there for a 3rd time D: we started the buffet at 3, then ate all the way to 6. TJ and CS came to join us at 3.45, and by then we ate 29 plates total le, cos we were counting the plastic containers :D but the ppl collected the containers when we had 40+ :( total the 6 of us ate 76 plates(not including chawanmushi), cos sammie said she wanted to make the "sushi guy" bankrupt. one part the ppl kept on giving our orders to the other table, i think they wrote wrongly ba :( it was like they keep giving to them, finally one time correct give to us, then next time they gave them again
    brenda's example
    a kid gets 0 for tests everytime. finally, the kid gets 100 for a quiz. the next time, he gets 0 for a test again :(

    in the end hannah, TJ and I last min then rmb we did not order red plate(can order 1 each) then we ordered. each plate had 3: hannah gave 1 to sammie and ate 2; TJ gave one to CS, smuggled 1 out and ate 1; i ate 1 full 1, 1 the salmon and half the rice(placed the rest of the rice in between the stacks of plates and on the table) and 打包-ed one(aka smuggled) for sis. in the end 3 of us were super bloated, and amelia was the most not full de. we spent $16+ each, after all the 17% extra charges :( but TJ and amelia pay $10 for us each la(except tat they dun pay for hannah) so still ok :D i hugged hannah's balloon(named it ballonie) throughout the train journey, it is so nice to use as a pillow :D and i abducted it home ^^

    shall go to bed, mum wan use comp

    | 11:34 PM |