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  • Tuesday, October 27, 2009
    why everyone are sad now ._. i think i too 麻木 alr, a bit 不正常 D:

    anyway, i dun care bout my marks. so long as i pass (: rather happy with hist (got 22 more than expected, cos my expectations are low XD) and ok with LA and a little disappointed with sci (but who cares la)

    recently i love to read fungyi fanfics (: especially 虐文, where the author 虐s fungyi XD those on 杨怡吧 rock a lot ^^ recommended: and im liking fungyi from reading too many fanfics ^^

    i shall answer gy's "things gy* doesn't understand..." part 1 point 3 (:
    S: hairstyles make a lot of difference
    E: rebond and bangs in HOG -
    short hair in MR -
    short straight hair in TSOL - banner front row 2nd from left
    red hair -, banner front row most left
    fringe and ponytail hairstyle -  banner back row most left
    short short hair - my post below
    E: hairstyles can change how a person looks

    as you can see, i dunno wat to post, so BE CONTENT.

    random tav stuff (:
    from 杨怡吧 originally from 怡居 (:

    | 10:21 PM |

    Wednesday, October 21, 2009
    today was such a fun and exciting day :D last day or exams and sis bdae (:

    math was rather easy, got 1.5h: i finished in 45 min (checked each ques after doing), checked again 10 min, annotated all ques 5min, annotated front page 5 min, cleaned eraser 5 min, checked again 5 min, stoned for the rest of the time and sketched tavia pics for the last 5 min XD at one moment CS was sleeping, tempt me to sleep too, but that would not look so gd :(

    drama briefing they showed us some happy tree house clip - i learnt from my past experiences (: i watched front 10s without gory-ness and spent the rest of the time hiding under my jacket XD stoned while looking at danielle and sarah paint the class noticeboard, now it has "212" in block letters and neon pink and small random drawings at the bottom in white XD waited for tianjiao and huahua for a long time, then took class photo (: one part CLS got so high and told some ppl to lift up ms lye XD

    took bus with most of 212 to newton, and at the mrt sammie, gy and sarah abandoned us :( we took the train after them and took up 3 rows of seats XD and WQ was talking very loudly about her experiences in meeting Mediacorp stars XD

    went bugis with clique, that time only had tj+hannah+me. we met them eating takoyaki, so went to buy and after buying, we realised that they abandoned us again =.= had no appetite but still went to eat pasta (hannah and tj wait for me) and they joined us back again =.= then wanted to go kinokuniya. there were 2 lifts, me+hannah go one then the rest go another. at first we thought was lvl 2, so stopped there, while they went lvl 3. then when we went lvl 3, they went to basement again O.o after we left kinokuniya, realised that they went there =.= no fate mann

    got my free coke, walked through the rain with hannah DX went foodcourt to meet the rest, and were approached by some japanese ppl who were learning eng for a survey (2 surveys, to be exact) we kept laughing and all XD went cold storage, and looked at the icecream, almost bought 1 tub to share (:

    went to library cos we had nothing better to do and it was only 3. there were no seats in the main section, so we went kiddy section XD coincidentally, tj and i ended up both reading roald dahl books XD then sammie found some kiddy chi book with hanyupinyin and told gy to read to her XD in the end sammie concluded that the book was too hard -.- ended up taking some chi book with hanyupinyin and eng translation

    gy left halfway, then all of us were so tired and were leaning on each other XD like a random bunch of 5 ppl leaning ._. then hannah sat on the floor and slept, and tj slept too XD went home at around 4, and bought my sis de present (part 2) and wrapping paper (: at home i took a super short time to wrap the present and my sis was surprised i come home so late can wrap XD

    went hougang mall for jap food to celebrate (same as last yr) food was so nice :D and my mum kept telling me to take pics of sis XD went to a lot of shops to look for A-cash for sis, only saw 10k and 30k ones, no 20k :( after that dumped sis and father at poh kim sales, while i went with mum to rent Beyond XD now i hav the first 2 eps waiting for me~~ ^^ bought a cake for sis too, and A-cash 30k (surprise present XD) went poh kim sales, feel so cheated of my $ cos i bought LB and SOY so early D: and ITA (i searched for 1 yr) i saw part 1, no part 2. if hav part 2 i sure buy~~

    did the normal birthday procedures, then my sis so weird. she lift up my present for her then she saw the card below and was like "why is there a card" =.= and sis so happy, she cut cake without cutting the pic on the cake (bob the builder) ._. and she kept reading 福气又安康 novel (i gave to her) and my mum wanted to borrow from her XD

    -end of 正经 post. u can read on though~ -

    tavia changed her hairstyle ._. she cut her hair short (aww i liked her hair so much) and now she looks like twins with charmaine ._. really.

    *from tavia baidu 杨怡吧

    does this mean that her char in 鱼跃在花见の朝 is 女强人? cos she looks like that ._.

    | 11:51 PM |

    Tuesday, October 20, 2009
    watching tvb lighting ceremony now ^^ so 豪华 and they show live in 2 malls in hk and tvb there (: and i see Run Run Shaw ._. and their camera makes me dizzy :( their dance is weird, but i love the way they introduce the shows ^^ all the 2009 de, the cast come out(in their clothes for the show) to talk and theme song in bg :D and being the biased me, i muted comp and closed eyes for BF3 part (too lazy to fast forward XD) nancy is weird, she wore the same outfit for RB & ABFAR ._. and wayne changed from his RB clothes(ancient) to his OP clothes(modern) so fast, somemore they 1 after another de XD ok linda and ray jus appeared (: tavia hasnt appeared yet =.= ok she appear le ^^ in her Beyond clothes ._. which look weird to me :( they should have SITS lor, then super nice. or YH or D.I.E. Again XD ooh Beyond song now~~ addicted to it, thought of it during geog and sci exams today XD and moses looks weird with a moustache D: ooh spotted typo! its 恨, they typed as 狠 in the subs XD

    the mc looks weirdly familiar ._. i think he acted show many yrs ago, then last yr he hosted some tvb thing too ba ._. ooh wow gallen's singing is awesome (: 1st time hearing Born Rich theme~~ :D Born Rich cast interview~ (: ok i very chi dun, took long time to realise that the person with joe is anita D: my eyesight is badd :( and kenneth is super shuai :D (my mum says so too :D) and kenix is not there :( someone in the back row has white nails ._. and someone has an over huge ring =.=

    ooh they show the documentary and last yr tvb singers celebrate anniversary and last yr tvb anniversary and variety show ^^ ok i love this thing a lot~~ chnl 48 should totally show it XD but kinda impossible :( ooh and Beyond and BR trailer~~ Beyond one is the combined version of its many trailers ._. ooh and now Beyond producer (my fav producer) interview ^^ yay i like this show~~~~ -screams (im home alone XD)-

    Beyond interview now ^^ and aw they not asking tavia anything :( they ask michelle then susanna then char then moses then kevin. no tavia :O ok at last -grumbles still- lol she say michelle and susanna hav 前科 for acting evil XD

    lol to timefill they hav games thingy ._. 美女厨房 became 美男厨房 ._. weirdd... and now they get ppl to sing old tvb shows de songs ._. which i think my parents know and i dunno at all O.o now they singing HOG song, in some weird way == like choir liddat D: oh yay Triumph theme (: i love that song, jus heard the ktv few days ago (: but they still singing weirdly :(

    part two~~
    grah they talk bout ep 1 ~~ i wan watch~~ over despo XD -crosses fingers 2moro hav stock in rental shop- tavia spoke so little ._. less than 10 lines ba, since part 1 D: and their interviews are tempting me -.- and kenneth said he was aplying when filming in Sabah XD and mypaper says he's a villain ._. -looks forward if its true XD-

    yay finished ^^ they ended with 两生关(subtheme of BR) :D so nice ^^ i shall watch BR maybe tonight ba, or else nid w8 till 2moro or thur :(

    last updated 5.55

    watching BR now (: and addicted to the song le ^^ after like hearing for 2 times ^^ so weird la, they began with ray and i saw his shirt had "~talia" ._. turns out it was Italia =.= ooh sammie u should watch! there's a cute chubby little boy who loves food XD so cute luh

    fyi, this is a ranting post XD oh well better than nothing since hannah told me post and i dunno post wat XD at most i promise next post not ranting :(

    | 4:52 PM |

    Thursday, October 15, 2009
    Short update (: 188th post le ^^
    jus realised that 钟无艳 was in MR ._. i heard that song in so many mota MR mvs, but i didn’t notice it in the show b4 ._. the same way i didn’t notice 祝君好 D: oh well (: it’s a nice song ^^ and they played it for the mota part in the show~~~ ooh and it was in the list for founders day song dedication :D only canto song

    eoys are quite ok, hist 2moro :O

    LA was ok, i crapped for unseen and managed to crap out a horrid compo XD today chi the 实用文 I kept screwing up the format, wrote the front part 5 times and the end part twice :( but still finished in time ^^

    off to study hist~ grah after eoys i shall spend time 研究ing terragen, i suck too much

    P.S. u can add me in twitter if u hav one :D

    | 9:25 PM |

    Tuesday, October 13, 2009
    Motivation post (:

    Goals (probably cannot reach)

    LA: A2
    IM: A1
    HCL: A2 (prob impossible)
    Sci: A1
    IH: B3 (prob impossible too)


    [x] 2 compres
    -exam over-

    [x] Revision booklet
    [x] Assessment book
    [ ] Quad graphs

    [x] 250 idioms
    [x] 俗语
    [x] Read through info
    -exam over-

    [x] Chemistry
    [x] Physics
    [ ] Newton’s Laws
    [ ] Biology

    [x] Word def.
    [x] Malaya Federation
    [x] Essay topics
    -exam over-

    [ ] Plate tectonics
    [x] Rivers
    [x] Weathering and Erosion
    [x] Rocks
    [ ] Weather and Climate
    [ ] Natural Vegetation

    Motivations: things to do after exams

    - Watch Beyond the Realm of Conscience
    - Watch Born Rich
    - Watch Man in Charge
    - Finish Sweetness in the Salt (16 more eps)
    - Finish The King of Snooker (7 more eps)
    - Rewatch Survivor's Law 2
    - Create new blogskin
    - Learn photography
    - Learn to create blends
    - Go crazy over cantopop XD


    | 10:11 PM |

    Monday, October 12, 2009
    blogger is screwed, and it swallowed up my post =.= oh well retype (grah u sammie)


    its a nice song ^^ i heard it one random thursday on my music programme (which is rather rare cos thurs is retro music day)-grah i keep copying and pasting my post, shall do it in word instead- i heard it on mon in MR :D nv noticed it before though :( then i kept playing that song on the comp, until my mum said she liked it too :D it’s a nice nice song~~~

    wed lunch

    read a fungyi-taro-bota fanfic with sarah and gy (they had nothing better to do). the fanfic had some part about the missing soya sauce, and “keeping track” of the soup, so we concluded that the soup kidnapped the soya sauce XD and one part was about ray’s character “exploding” and “the door went ajar”, so he’s the soup XD

    pe on thur

    the cheesy chicken cheerleading cheem FTW :D fyi, it’s the name of our nice defence-cheerleading team XD we were defending Sammie during captain’s ball (I kept jumping in front of her XD) and then played captain’s ball with the sec3s (phail D:) and basketball (we ended up cheering for the other team playing captain’s ball against the sec3 ^^) in the end we played captain’s ball with our class again (at first we were meditating, but mr chia made us play :( ) but only left 2 min XD

    last day of lessons

    lessons were fun :D drama we (the publicity team) drew many posters XD one had a spastic guy and the other had a spastic “we love cheese” at the corner ^^ and the drama group title is super super long (rly) last lesson of the day was math (: we went through timed trial 7 and 8 then had Q&A session with mrs wong ^^ then she almost went crazy with all our questions XD and WQ asked if we could use calculators (someone alrdy asked tat b4) and mrs wong went crazily hopping around ._. in a nutshell(practising for LA =.=), the last lesson of the yr was memorable :D

    the super nice poh kim shop which everyone should go buy their discs from

    i love the poh kim branch at hougang mall :D the staff there are so nice ^^ they always choose nice shows to show :D i rmb b4 even though SL2 was a super old show, they still played it. and TCB too :D there were 4 tvs, one show FAS, one show MR, one show Click入黄金屋and the last one (outside the shop) was showing SITS :D somemore the SITS they were showing ep 10 and 11 (i paused after ep 9) ^^ and when i was crazily hopping and pointing the tvs to my sis, the shopkeeper stared at me XD

    oh well off to study hist b4 i die of a panic attack on thur D:

    * yay finally managed to post it ^^

    | 10:25 AM |

    Wednesday, October 7, 2009
    shall do a quiz from sarah cos i have no mood to sleep :(

    So, how asian are you?
    [√] both of your parents are from Asia
    [√] You were born in Asia
    [ ]You use the term "Azn" - at times.
    [ ]You think DDR is cool
    [ ] You've watch lots of anime
    [ ] You like Korean drama
    [√] You have stuff hanging on your D.S [pencilcase]
    [√] Your parents want you to marry within your own race
    [√] You eat rice almost everyday
    [ ] You drink lemon tea
    √'s so far: 5
    [ ] You style your hair
    [ ] You have a meebo/myspace/friendster
    [√] You speak languages other than English
    [ ] Your parents are strict
    [ ] Your parents have high expectations of you
    [√] You always get A's/B's on your report
    [√] You do Chemistry/Biology/physics/Accounting
    [√] You know your multiplication tables
    [√] You play badminton or table tennis
    [ ] You've seen the asian version The ring/The grudge
    √'s so far: 10
    [√] You own an asian car (Honda,Toyota,etc)[taxi counted ba...]
    [√] You're not the only child
    [√]You've gotten little red envelopes around February
    [ ] You know the difference between kung fu, karate and tae kwon do
    [ ] (If you're a girl)You prefer white guys over asian guys (If you're a guy)You prefer asian girls
    [√] Your motherfather tries to bargain even though the product is already discounted
    [ ]You can do the rubiks cube
    [√] You have a box of noodles somewhere in your house
    [ ] You play videogames
    √'s so far: 15
    [√] Everytime you're going out your parents ask you where you're going and what time you'll be home
    [ ] You have karaoke at home
    [ ] You know BOA/Gazette/AyumiHamasaki/Gackt [whut]
    [ ] You've been to a LAN more than 3 times
    [ ] You have incense sticks/moth balls in your house
    [√] You own a gaming console
    [√] You play a musical instrument
    [√] You don't wear shoes in your house
    [√] You can use chopsticks
    [√] You get nothing if you do well in school
    √'s so far: 21
    [ ] Your parents won't let you go out if you have school the next day
    [√] You have asian Songs on your computer/iPod
    [ ] You don't like football
    [ ] You know what ulzzang/tb means  [ooh tb (prob not the one im thinking of XD)]
    [ ] You know what purikura is
    [ ] you like bubble tea
    [ ]Your parents bought you shoes many sizes too big so you can "grow into it" and wear it for years to come
    [√] You've played finalfantasy
    [ ] You believe in fortune cookies
    √'s so far: 23
    [ ] You get mostly "No"'s when you ask your parents for permission for something
    [ ] You've heard the song "Got rice?"[reminds me of micheal's 安乐茶饭._.]
    [√] You have a tutor
    [√] You've had pockys/yan yan before [HAHAHAH YANYAN NO LIKE YOU]
    [ ] When you seek for your mother's or father’s permission she/he replies "Ask your dad/mom"
    √'s so far: 25
    Total √'s: 25
    Your total x 3 = 75% Asian

    =.= doubt accuracy cos there are NO HONGKONG/CHINA/TAIWAN related ques! grah. ok shall go sleep le (:

    | 11:20 PM |

    Tuesday, October 6, 2009
    shall be nice and blog :D now using uncle's new comp with super huge screen ^^ but not so gd keyboard :(

    today was so nice ^^ morning was raining, so i slept all the way till assembly XD LA was rather slack, went through answers for past paper, then Mr Lee took 15 min answering questions at some tables, so we ended up reading the notes at te side bout italy and france (: then dance was quite fun, tj and i got the dance correct ^^ so fast last lesson le :( then chinese had cuo bie zi spelling, got okok mark (: and geog was scribbling all over sammie's notes XD sammie is a nice old little kid (: lunch gy and i were thinking of chi names for sammie ^^ thought of xie xie ni (obvious), xie bu gai (in canto it can become dor xe xe mm goi XD) and xie yan she (looks like xiexie again ^^) art was cleanin the super dusty tables (reminds me of cleaning comp lab 2) when mrs tan give us the work to do then she ask 1 to 4 to raise hand, then hannah no listen so i shouted "3!" and after that need raise hand again and hannah still didnt notice, so gy and i shouted "3!" again :D hannah was our leader, so we were saluting her and when we walked to toilet to get the toiletpaper we were marching spastically XD

    just now on the way home i went by the -be careful of flowerpots dropping down as you have no shelter on ur head- way, and on cigarette dropped down from the "sky" grah i hate killer litter, it only missed me by 15cm D:

    dinner soon (: and grah i hate the i-weekly reporter, talks bout tavia-ray-bernice new show but mix up with fala-steven show, then say fala lead in the bernice show and pair with ray :@ somemore is the last wk bu fen qing hong zao bai de guy who wrote the quite anti-tav article :@ tat guy shall be my newest hate (:

    edit: my blog should be loading faster cos i change no. of post on page from 20 to 6 (: and if there are any typos, blame the keyboard (:

    | 4:25 PM |

    Monday, October 5, 2009
    shall post a music meme first (:
    wanted to post one, but gave up XD shall blog or i'll get bothered. by various people :(

    last monday
    pe was fun ^^ played soccer and was defence with gy and PG :D we were jus slacking away and chatting, and whenever a ball came, it would jus bounce off our legs (each of us got bumped once) XD and so phia wanted to try to be defence, but she gave up after like... 5min? so we returned (: we were like 3/4time cheerleaders, cheering for "Our Team" (lol no name), then mr chia asked if we were from choir XD in the end "our team" won 3-2 ^^

    jap eoy D: i mugged 5 chapters in that day, 1 in lunch and 4 during assembly (got LOA) :D and during assembly only 4 of us were there: fiona, JH, H2 and me (which equals to 2 jap 2 french ._.) i was hogging the comp listening to 幸福药草 (its a nice song :D) learnt that fiona watched 爱情魔发师, and tat she doesnt like 晴空 -tsk tsk- and prefers 小贝 -grah-
    -CI formed :D-

    found out that sammie hashad a blog. for like 2 months with only hannah invited. hmph (CBS). and during lunch we went to show her blog on the screen and that caused hannah to get some heart attack ._. and sammie is some 迟钝 kid who took so long to find out the evil plot XD plotters ftw ^^

    went out with sammie, wanlin and sarah to TPY after sch. turns out that they were not showing Yummy Yummy in foodcourt, so we went macdonalds :D and had a mini gossip session (:

    i jus realised i was show crazy for a month ._.

    sep hols wk :You're Hired
    1st wk of sch: D.I.E. Again
    2nd wk of sch: 老王同学会 and Hetalia
    last wk + this wk: 爱情魔发师 and 爱情经纪约

    finished all le, so now i shall go study :D and the next two shows im anticipating is in the middle of eoys D: hopefully and resist temptation for a few days :(

    almost forgot:

    (left to right)
    1 - some random eye i did
    2 - rozen maiden colouring for hannah
    3 - poland colouring (sarasan tell me if u wan the original colouring)
    *if u wan lelouch banners go ask sarasan too

    drawings copyrighted by me (1), gy(2) and sarasan(3) :D textures from hybrid-genesis as usual ;D
    random tvb pics shall be posted on my tvb site (link below) which is rather dead, or else my blog will continue crashing sammie's comp XD

    | 5:19 PM |