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  • Saturday, November 21, 2009
    i shall jus post a random prob ranty post b4 i leave haah

    fri the 13th
    haah my usually luckiest day of the yr :D "13" looks like a "B" haah (so now you know where all ur luck flew to on fri the 13th XD) hmm it was the last day of malacca trip, i went to the kampung without getting bitten by any mosquitoes (: and at night when TUCF was going to end i went to watch start over. halfway through there was an ad with michael wishing tvb happy birthday (i saw a tavia one online on tue) and by the end of TUCF i saw the tav ad haah XD luck maan~~ and i normally dont watch TUCF de. that day i watched, jus nice is one of my fav ep haah, yomo XD

    yesh this wk i feel sho accomplished heh.
    my wonderful accomplishments
    mon - 30 eps GF (with skipping)
    2 eps Beyond (no skip)
    2 eps Born Rich (no skip)
    tue - 15 eps GF (with skipping)
    1 ep Beyond (rewatch haah)
    5 eps Rosy Business (no skip)
    wed - 6 eps Rosy Business
    thur - 2 eps Beyond (watched one of the eps twice)
    1 ep Rosy Business
    fri - 5.5 eps of Rosy Business
    i shall start on holiday homework next wk (:

    tvb anni
     yesh im not blogging this on my other site cos i realised how messed up my thoughts are and im too lazy to separate(heh tj and sammie) them and put them in a logical manner. this yr's one was ok, although i preferred last yr's one more. tavia stuck with her Beyond outfit throughout (which was rather heavy) :( but she looked cute in it haah. and at least it 保温 (: oh and linda was pretty too, and kenneth was cute, and ray was shuai :D

    hmm they started off with run run shaw switching on the lights (which were super cool :D) and then show the streets. and they went to change lyrics of Beyond and WAB theme :( tavia was standing behind charmaine, so she was blocked most of the time. hmph(CBS). she was supposed to be the lead but in the end the 2 supporting characters ended up standing infront and she ended up 2nd line :( -not happy- oh and tvb is super rich, they own so many streets :D

    after that they had mass dance. the camera somehow ended floating around the area with m*****, so i had to use my hand to cover my view of the tv heh.  and im still feeling amazed about how tav got to rehearse when she jus came back from japan (: and i saw some clips of the mass dance, after they finished dancing everyone ran to the studio. the girls ran with their heels, and the guys (ron and bosco) were having a race and bosco 边跑边脱 XD

    the dances were cool :D i loved the songs wakaka (: of them i only found 蓝天(WOG theme) familiar though (: ooh and 难兄难弟 sounds quite nice too (i heard it on the music prog yesterday too :D) and the wushu part was cool. i liked how michelle -erm... cannot think of a word- played(?) with the spear (: and they had a move like our sec 1 talenttime de nanzhongquan move (: the crossover singing part i was having a laughing fit when i saw the 太皇太后 and 尚宫 from Beyond singing and dancing haah. the drums performance was also rather cool too (: and my mum says 敖嘉年 can sing well and that kenneth is shuai :D the last segment was the worse, the 胡搞 skit which made no meaning at all. i loved the MR skit last yr lor (: poor sonija got orange juice and milk all over her hair. and i jus read online that myolie was supposed to get her role hmph(CBS). if it was myolie i would be laughing a lot and enjoying the skit

    oh and yesh. my fav part - the games :D apparently tav's group had 4 FAS ppl in a row :D yoyo+wonghei+tav+evergreen ^^ and tav and yoyo were so cute haah. =i shall not mention about m_____=

    random stuff u can skip (i bet everyone skipped the whole chunk at the front oo, so ya~)

    i love Beyond wakaka~~~ till now i like 金铃(evil~~)+飞燕(loyal servant with an evil~~ master haah)+布小顺(who is nice to the evil~~ person) XD when 金铃 caused some character to die i was feeling rather 痛快 haah. cos i did not like the character's hairstyle anyway (weird reason for hating a character haah) :D till now i havent watched to the part where they reveal 金铃 killed 布公公, so still not hating her (: but 布公公's death part made me rather sad :( i love michelle's crying scenes (still love tavia de too), they always make me have a lot of tears in my eyes (but cannot cry ._.) by the time i come back i can chiong 6 eps of Beyond at once wakaka~ and get my whole share of 金铃's evil parts (:

    lastly, some pics that i did yesterday :D i love HD haah


    | 3:59 PM |

    Wednesday, November 18, 2009
    i jus realised that i needed to post =.=

    last mon
    amazingly chionged 22 eps of TOB (:

    last wed
    went early in the morning to sch (: apparently gy stated in her letter that she needs to reach sch at 6.33 and that day, i reached sch at 6.33 =.= gy, tj and sammie gave me their letters (: thanks sho much ^^ and sammie was funny, she wrote on gy's letter "to the cynical gy who is cynical, cynical, cynical" XD

    had a long long bus ride, sat beside tj (: at the beginning of the bus trip we kept eating, then a lot of ppl went to sleep ._. except for gy, who was awake all along O.o in the middle we stopped at yong peng, where tj and i bought bubblegum, cuttlefish and some blueberry thing (: the tvb mags there were cheaper than sg too, but i alrdy bought those issues le :( im only short of 639, and there only sells 638 and 640 :( then i walked in the souvenir shop, and there were weird noises. then i realised it was canto MUAHEHEHE (: so i thought was radio drama, but saw a screen at the front of the shop and realised that the shopowner was watching LE XD then there was an ad slots, where they show some tvb anniversary show ad (: haha its 2moro 8.30~~

    had a very full lunch (: i love our table~ we ate so much, while the others wasted so much food D: went mini-malaysia after that (: there was some dance performance where they pulled hannah up (haha) and the ppl who were teaching her the dance were dancing differently from the others, so in the end she looked blur and malu XD they had the diff malaysian houses there, and i love the sabah one haah ^^ BR they showed the sabah house, so it was cool going there haah. i pulled hannah there, and the ladder up was so cool :D and b4 that we went to some sarawak house, where the stairs were scary D: i was too afraid to go down (like p5 camp b4 lol)

    then we went to some wells (: apparently sarah had insect repellent on her hands, then she washed her hands with the well water and dumped the water back in the well :/ hopefully no one drinks it -.- dinner we ate a lot again, haah our table rocks (: then we dapaoed some dish which they did the demo for (paid with our own money la) and refilled rice :D in the end we dapaoed the leftovers too, as well as extra rice XD at night we met in vanessa's room (b4 lights out time) and ate, but in the end we were all so quiet :( i was being a guai kid sitting in a corner trying not to dirty the room (:

    =the stupid blogger deleted the rest of my long long post. :. i shall conclude everything=
    - night meetings are phail
    - malacca food is very tempting to eat
    - our group are gluttons
    - they should remove the 叉叉叉 show de poster from the museum (i complained tat twice in reflections booklet and twice in ws haah)
    - hotel tv has tvb related ads heh
    - gy takes forever to bathe
    - take my hotel key with me whereever i go
    - shoes with thick soles are good for u
    - ghost talk apparently amuses gy
    - mingdao and qiaoen hav some unknown show together
    - never buy too much sweets or bubblegum
    - fast songs b4 u sleep, slow songs after you wake up. SITS song for all occasions (:
    - 1 tav article can last you 3 days (somemore i can like memorise the quotes le, and u weekly jus copy all the quotes from mingpao :@ somemore copy wrong de lor!)
    - autographs books can be chionged on bus trips
    - calling the wrong no. gets u a person speaking in canto on the other line
    - some lady at the customs is very irritating
    - hubstation rocks haah
    ok end (: shall post my tav banners and icons and long ago (: (havent finished the 212 batch yet)



    yesh my brain juices died at the end :(

    | 10:29 PM |

    Tuesday, November 10, 2009
    to malacca for 3 days~
    and happy early birthday to myself ^^
    last day being 13~

    | 10:04 PM |

    did banners this morning (: since im too lazy to write letters to everyone heh. and i have no talent whatsoever in writing D: oh well, 9 out of 21 first, rest comes next time:


    you can tell the order i did the pics. by the end my brain cells died and all creativity went Boom :(
    *Pictures used copyrighted by their respective owners

    | 2:10 PM |

    Sunday, November 8, 2009
    shall start off post with "to-do list" XD
    List of shows:
    Star(grah bold does not work) - should watch; Italics - watching; Underline - watched b4; Strike - jus watched

    The Awakening Story
    Eternal Happiness
    Golden Faith*
    Good Against Evil*
    Whatever It Takes*
    Vigilante Force
    The W Files*
    Find the Light
    The Vigilante in the Mask*
    Twin of Brothers
    Shades of Truth*
    The Prince's Shadow
    The Academy
    Yummy Yummy
    A Pillow Case of Mystery
    Face to Fate*
    Land of Wealth*
    Dicey Business*
    Heart of Greed
    On the First Beat
    Fathers and Sons
    The Building Blocks of Life
    Moonlight Resonance
    Sweetness in the Salt
    Beyond the Realm of Conscience
    that weirdly looks like a lot D: well only 2 shows to finish, if i dun count those i watched b4 le (: feeling so accomplished now, finished FTL within 2 days (biased watching XD) and FTF, LOW, DB and BBOL(as i typed i added more and more into the list XD) are super tempting to rewatch (:

    sandwich making
    had sandwich making last fri (forgot to post) sammie, gy, PG, callie, rachel and i were working on some super large sandwich XD it looks messy, but its edible (: in the end it got sent for competition instead (its not supposed to~) and IMO amelia and vanessa were scary :( =shrinks in a corner= im afraid of serious stuff D:

    went sentosa on tue (: gy and hannah and sarah and sammie went into the water, abandoning tj and me :( but they huo gai, in the end walk around with no shoes XD then they had to run all the way back (between beaches) nad kept playing in the water while tj and i were picking seashells (: tj (lol almost typed as tvb XD) is so pro lor, she picked 5 seashells (: and i was thinking of the "Sally sells seashells on the seashore" part from FAS XD

    the weather was super hot, so in the end tj put on my cap and i jus used the umbrella (: I LOVE SANDCASTLES :D (at least, the one our class built ^^) we worked as a class to build the sandcastle, and we even dug a moat around the castle XD seawater could flow into the front part of the moat, then we filled back part with buckets of water (phail) and got it filled for like less an a sec :( but it was still prettaye (:

    had interclass on wed (: super phail la, at first nid 3 sports, then no enough, so 2 sports. in the end volleyball short of 1 person, so only 1 sport left - netball :( me and gy were chao slack, we jus record score for the team (: but its important role too ^^ 212 did quite okay, and being the lazy me, i went to eat between matches XD i was chewing my cheese sausage while walking to get the score card from the umpire (: and i was super blur that day, one time walk to umpire drop the pens into many pieces (somemore forgot to pick up a piece, had to pick it up afterwards) another time i left the pen there at the umpire table :(

    zest broke her shoes before/during/after the first match, so gy lent her shoes to zest. in the end gy and i share 1 pair of shoes, 轮流穿 (:

    thur had FOA (: some ppl had to perform and some had to go for some ISO thingum so in the end only 6 ppl could go :( at one point of time wq help out of MSP performance, fiona went toilet and zest&jasmine went back to class (pon~) so left gy and me D: then we could not pon too, or else 212 no one le XD the indian dance part was rather weird, and i loved the band performance (:

    halfway through sammie and wanlin started smsing us on how boring ISO was, so we replied (actually gy did most of the typing) and now there is some weird prob between wq and sammie ._. we were laughing at them cos they complain ISO boring (acutally FOA also quite boring) XD

    last day of sch
    cleaned the class (: =not used to seeing class so clean= hehe, im phail as cleaniness coord :(  level closure the sec 1s delay us like 30 min lor, in the end only show 201 to erm... 205? de montage :( we watched montage in class though (: and according to jun hui, they played the montage in canteen and image suddenly blanked out and llama song played 3 times XD

    class closure was a little weird, reflections were around the same. oh except for sammie's XD she complained that we were too emo and stuff, when we were not as emo as other classes ._.

    farewell for ms yap was fun, the performances and stuff. and im sad. ms lye's leaving. liu lao shi's leaving. home ec teacher's leaving. even the scary calligraphy teacher is leaving. hannah got all so emo at the end and got me emo too :( oh and that hannah keeps complaining that i keep leaning back on her and causes her legs to become so warm XD

    after sch had food club (: shared pepper lunch with wanlin and sarah (we always hav pepper lunch de ._.) and the food court no play Yummy Yummy de~~ they did not show that in food court ever since the 1st ep showed there. haah i bet it attracts too much crowd who are there to watch the show instead of eating so they cannot show XD then had ice cream in macdonalds, and gossiped a little too (:

    i shall go roam baidu. and 212 rocks (: (haha gy i shall not care about you)

    | 11:17 PM |

    Thursday, November 5, 2009
    attempt to do gy's hetalia meme with tvb names XD -bad feeling-

    TITLE: TVB meme!

    1) Moses
    2) Raymond
    3) Tavia
    4) Chris
    5) Fala
    6) Linda
    7) Kate
    8) Bosco
    9) Kenneth
    10) Steven
    11) Ron
    12) Michelle
    ==== Order is randomly generated to ensure fairness === HERE WE GO!

    1) Have you read a five/ten fic before?
    [Fala/Steven] erm... nope ._. those would be the rly ulu ones, but they have a show coming out together (:

    2) Do you think three is hot? How hot?
    [Tavia] ._. define lol. i think she is pretty (:

    3) What would happen if six got one pregnant?
    [Linda/Moses] quotes gy: "O_O NOT HAPPENING" unless its the other way round and in HOG

    4) Do you recall any good fics about nine?
    [Kenneth] No :( the only one i read with him his character was tav's step-brother, and he liked her and got rejected :(

    5) Would seven and two make a good couple?
    [Kate/Raymond] erm not rly, i prefer fungyi (: hopefully TF can change my mind about that pairing...

    6) Four/eight or four/nine?
    [Chris/Bosco][Chris/Kenneth] NONE. it would be very wrong

    7) What would happen if seven discovered three and eight in a secret relationship?
    [Kate,Tavia/Bosco] Nothing would happen...? and bota fans would be very happy (:

    8) Make a summary of at least twenty words for a two/six fic.
    [Raymond/Linda] ooh rayda XD fungyi was living happily ever after when one day tavia's character died in a car accident -weeps- and then ray meets linda. the end. rayda were together and one day  linda realised ray had an affair with tavia XD and then there could be lots of fighting over him~

    9). Is there such a thing as a four/ten romantic fluff story?
    [Chris/Steven] quote gy: "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    10) Suggest a title for a one/five Hurt/Comfort fic.
    [Moses/Fala] Ah Ka XD he's a nice brother to hav (:

    11. What kind of plot would you use for a three/eleven fic?
    [Tavia/Ron] there are alrdy a lot of taro fics ._. they could be together and break up and moses/kenneth/steven anlian tavia or she meets a quiet ray (:

    12. Does anyone on your friends list read number seven het? What about nine slash?
    skip cos no one reads tvb fics :(

    13. If you wrote a songfic about number nine, what song would you chose?
    [Kenneth] 小乌龟 (: it was in a 明怡 mv on baidu XD

    14. If you wrote a two/three/six fic, what would the warning be?
    [Raymond/Tavia/Linda] XD i read lots of these fics. WARNING: fungyi fic with chunks of rayda too

    15. What pick-up line might eight use on five?
    [Bosco/Fala] Let's go dance XD i jus read a fanfic with bosco asking tav to dance XD

    16. Challenge: Write a drabblefic for ten/eight.
    [Steven/Bosco] impossible -.-

    17) What would happen if Seven walked in on Two and Twelve having sex?
    [Kate, Raymond/Michelle] Nothing would happen -.- why does 7 walk into everything ._.

    18) What kind of plot would you use if you wanted Four to de-flower One?
    [Chris/Moses] SKIP~~~

    19) Does anyone on your friends list read Seven slash?
    [Kate] NO. none exist and no one i know read tvb fanfic -.-

    20) Does anyone on your friends list read Three het?
    [Tavia] what is a het? ._. oh well no one read tvb fic -.-

    21) Does anyone on your friends list write or draw Eleven?
    [Ron] No.

    22) Would you write Two/Four/Five?
    [Raymond/Chris/Fala] ._. no. cos i dun like any pairing between the three =.=

    23) What might Ten scream at a moment of great passion?
    [Steven] good question... i dunno -.-

    24) When was the last time you read a fic about Five?
    [Fala] Never

    25) What is Six's super-secret kink?
    [Linda] if its super secret why would i know -.-

    26) Would Eleven shag Nine? Drunk or sober?
    [Ron/Kenneth]  N.O. NO!

    27) If Three and Seven get together, who tops?
    [Tavia/Kate] EWW. -SKIPPED-

    28) "One and Nine are in a happy relationship until Nine suddenly runs off with Four. One, broken-hearted, has a hot one-night stand with Eleven and a brief unhappy affair with Twelve, then follows the wise advice of Five and finds true love with Two." What title would you give this fic?
    [Moses and Kenneth are in a happy relationship until Kenneth suddenly runs off with Chris. Moses, broken-hearted, has a hot one night stand with Ron and a brief unhappy affair with Raymond, then follows the wise advice of Fala and finds true love with Raymond]
    sounds wrong. all guys ._.

    29) How would you feel if Seven/Eight was canon?
    [Kate/Bosco] i dun get this. =skipped=

    THE END.

    OK MY BAD FEELING CAME TRUE D: i only like 8 and 14 XD filled with rayda and fungyi~

    prob posting a normal post soon. depends on how you define it.

    | 5:24 PM |

    Sunday, November 1, 2009

    星期一我又去了学校,应为要准备dramafest的演出。我在后台时,听到了《溏心风暴》的插曲,"My Love Will Get You Home"。 起初我还以为自己听错了,只是个幻觉。但是,过后我听到台上的一个人喊了:“溏心风暴!” =) 过后我跟加恩,倖怡(刚刚发现你的名字也有“怡”(: )和佳慧去印和贴海报,还感到蛮自豪的……

    星期二和三拿回了考试成绩,我对今次考试的成绩还蛮知足的,跟去年相比我已经进步了许多 (:

    星期五早上学了kickboxing,感到非常的无聊 ><

    下午到了212表演……我们班还满不错的,表演前大家睡了半个小时 ;) 本来我是应该要化妆的,但是没人发现,我又一直在忙帮hanna和harry化妆,所以勉强逃过了一“劫”。但是,我和倖怡演讲到一半时发现了mic是坏的,唉……臭大了:( 但是,212表演得很好噢!我以你们为傲(: 虽然过后公布结果是大家都有点囧,但过后都还满开心的 (:

    那些老师们啊,真的……很烦。他们把我们“禁锢”在那里那么久,六点多才放我们走。一能走我就一直跑,跑到巴士站,搭了第一辆巴士。过后到了巴士站又一直跑,跑到地铁站。过后环东北线时又一直跑,换轻轨列车时又一直跑。跑啊跑啊,还蛮累的 :( 不过,还是蛮值得的,到家时还能看八分钟羊咩的专访(: 虽然那时有很多不如意的事(先有塞车,过后下大雨,过后是大雨加塞车,走回家时还有打雷闪电,旁门又坏了,走了一大圈),但是过程只是平常回家的时间加二十分钟 (:

    现在好无聊啊,差不多整个班都患上了ppb :( 哎呀闷死了啦!去读羊咩的新闻报道和fanfic了吧……

    还是很闷D: 现在不能看《宫心计》,电视被霸占了:( btw,我想金铃应该是个天蝎座,因为根据学校GO的日历,天蝎座容易嫉妒,有很大的占有欲,为了达到目的不惜任何代价……还蛮像金铃的 (: 我想看金铃变坏,第六集她的“坏”是属于贪玩的,第七集的“坏”还是蛮少的……


    | 6:24 PM |