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  • Thursday, December 31, 2009
    hurhur i think i should blog (: i shall go on a blogging spree~

    last last last thur (aka last time i blogged)
    好的不灵坏的灵 :( that time i went down then rmb forgot to take umbrella, so went up to search, then couldnt find so gave up. then waited 5 min for lrt -.- and then 6 min for NE line -.- and then 6 min for circle line -.- yesh i hav like super bad luck so it considered quite gd that i was only a few min late (: apparently sammie and wanline met at toa payoh, so they hopped on the train i was in and found me (apparently wanline said i was too tall ._.) went ion and spotted pg and jh (actually they spotted us (: ) after a while tj, wq and sarah reached, and apparently hannah went to city hall ._. chatted for a long time while waiting for her, and tj and i were persuading wq to take a photo with the lee minho standee outside some shop cos she didnt dare to take. in the end we stood outside the shop and i went to read my tav mag beside the standee -.- ok i must have looked stupid.

    after waiting for half an hour hannah still havent reached, so we went roaming around the place. apparently we went out from the wrong exit, passed some jewellery street and saw some other mrt exit -.- (aka walk one whole round) after tat we walked through food hall, and decided that we had no appetite. there was some very long escalator and sammie and i went on it (the rest followed after tat) and sammie wanted to go down while the others were coming up, but in the end we decided to jus run away to some random place. after running away we got too bored, so walked back and they found us -.- then had "guess where we are" msg sent to hannah and mass going to toilet (:

    half an hour later hannah finally reached, so we went to find her. had some "find the hannah" competition at orchard mrt (yes u can imagine 8 ppl running around the mrt station looking for a person) at first was with sammie and wanline, then around a bend we found tj and sarah (: after tat we found hannah in front of some shop beside the food hall escalator (which we passed by while walking to the mrt station =.=)

    was planning to walk to somerset to eat (: pg and jh walked very fast to macdonalds, so lost them halfway, and we were alrdy quite far away so we stood at some traffic light place for 5-10 min being public hazards D: in the end we decided that we were sick of macdonalds (still sick now) and went to 313@somerset XD heh we WERE in "313" XD took lots of pictures of the signs, uploading soon bah~ the food at 313 were rather ex, there was even a white elephant in the food court (literally. =.=) some of them bought you tiao to share, then continued walking to centrepoint and ate at the new york there~ in the restaurant they were playing some eng song with the same tune as 今天终于知道错(which i only heard in canto and chi b4) XD

    wq treated wl and sammie to dinner, and i called my mum to check if i recorded the awards ceremony special (which was rly, rly good :D) after dinner we spent a long time 凑钱ing to pay the bill, and i think the sales person was pissed XD in the end we had like 20cents in change. 好可怜 :( we walked to plaza singapura after tat cos i decided that the toilets at centrepoint were too dirty XD apparently it was "an OG and hotel" away. i forgot to count the istana and some orchard centre place :X

    after mass toilet break again we went to comic connection to find a present for gy.  i wanted to get her a DGM poster, but those there sucked. and no hetalia too :( in the end wasted time there before walking to food court and deciding that we were too full. some ppl played the 扭蛋 thing too :D and we got rly rly high playing XD after tat i went to poh kim on the way (for a very short while) and then sammie went to play at prize station on the way to the mrt. ended up wasting money >< and spent a lot of time there. sarah and wq also got some small thingum from some machine. and i think we were a crowd (yesh 9 ppl is a crowd) and tempted others to go play too. 连累-ed some guy and some girl to lose a lot of money D:

    hurhur last last last thur was rly fun :D laughed until my face muscles cramped XD

    jus came back from dinner (: grah now my fingers hurt cos they got scalded D: now using sis comp cos father eating dinner outside and this keyboard is rather irritating cos the keys are too tallish and make a lot of noise when they are pressed :( jus now at the mall i went to food court and apparently cass saw me but i didnt see her :X then when i went kfc she came to 打招呼 (:

    hurhur shall blog about random stuff~ now my hair is weird (actually it has always been weird >< ) my fringe looks weirdly like tavia's fringe at last yr tvb anni (which happened to be one of the rly rly few of her hairstyles tat i didnt like :( ), or stephy's fringe in 陪着我走 mv. it covers like half my forehead and the part below the eyebrow got cut off -.- yesh its weird.

    these few days i got addicted to random songs, like AWT theme by steven and linda (which rly rocks) and elanne's "show you" (: 五月天's vampire song is quite nice too, i heard it in 无线娱乐新闻台 (the 3h entertainment news everyday) and now it keeps playing in my head ><

    this holidays 过得还蛮充足的 (: did a lot of banners haah

     5 awards
     2 japan
     2 events
     1 mv
     2 random
     3 fungyi
     2 EH
     1 TWF
     1 GF
     1 FTL
     2 TPS
     6 YY
     2 LOW
     3 APCOM
     9 FTF
     1 BBOL
     1 Beyond&TPS
     6 Beyond
     62 SITS
    + 2 Hanami
    114 tavia banners
    and other than that i did like 4 RB ones and 1 OTFB and 2 kenneth ones (: and 4 TMOL ani icons, 20 tav icons, 2 fungyi blends, 2 ray blends and 1 tav one :D =成就感 :D= (although im rather freaked out by myself) ooh and 23 class banners (sammie and tj got double cos they requested (: and cos i was bored >< if u wan see can go class blog (: ) now im starting on a new AWT batch (prob continue during CCA when sch reopens) and i love 调色~ (: hurhur 调色 is rather awesome even though mine still sucks cos i jus started learning to 调 :(

    finished SITS a few days ago~ u can go to see my 59 SITS banners :D the ending was rather bleh :( i wan my 致远+胜雪~ somehow when everyone in the show was emoing i was highing ._. and when tav started emoing i started emoing too :( my 心情 changes very randomly >< oh and when 二少 died i was laughing XD my mum prob thinks im crazy XD hurmph stevia alrdy has a bad ending in LOW (tav got married to moses then died -.-) and SITS is open ending :( if TSOL ending also bad (read from somewhere there TSOL prob no gd ending -.-) then... grah.


     hurhur its gonna be 2010 soon~ oh and
    its red cos my blog the bg colour will prob never be red ba... so can see even if change blogskin (: jus realised there's a highlight function  (: ooh and i shall post ur bdae present (:

    credits: google for bg and poem, dA crossiel for sketch, me for colouring XD

    hope u like ur present~ hurhur i added half of hanami's title in the pic XD ooh long post :D shall end off with sentimental thingum and 2010 resolution cos it's the last day of 2009 D:

    29 things that made my 2009 (:
    (in no particular order)
    1. 212 :D
    2. TMEALTOTKRF____________(heh i forgot wat order the sj names were in)
    3. The-best-clique-in-the-world :D gy+hannah+sarah+sammie+tj~
    4. My awesome deskies (: (includes points 3,4 & 5)
    5. Lyrics copying with TJ
    6. Notes copying with hannah XD
    7. Random bullying of sammie (yay nice old kid (: )
    8. Bus trips with sammie, hannah and wanline :D
    9. Food club trips to toa payoh / bishan. where we took a long time to decide what to eat each time XD
    10. Sushi buffet XD
    11. Movie outing to plaza singapura~ and the one where we didnt get to see a movie :( (eh lets go watch Shrek 4 next yr june. heh im booking u guys 6 months earlier XD)
    12. Massclique outing to orchard :D 
    13. LSC 09 with 212~ 
    14. Outing to sentosa with 212~ (i still love our AWESOME castle :D)
    15. Malacca trip with dear 212 ^^
    16. 8Q chionging with hannah XD and freaking out with tj :D
    17. Clique recesses and lunches~
    18. Random times spent in the music room (haah the piano XD)
    19. Biotech fair (: for the company~
    20. Art lessons discussions XD 
    21. Home econs lesson with gy XD and random adding of coffee in cake making XD
    22. MSN mass convos with clique and wanline (WINN~)
    23. Soldering with sarah~ (it was rly cool XD u guys should regret not going hurhur)
    24. Calligraphy sabbacticals (: (i still suck.)
    25. CCA with liyi, elizabeth and cass
    26. MSN and sms-es with cass (:
    27. Sophia's bdae party (thanks for the bdae sms ^^ kept forgetting to reply ><)
    28. Photoshoppp~
    29. Highing over every piece of tavia news i could find XD
    yay done at last~ :D i seriously think 2009 was the best yr of my life XD each day was spent in an awesomely high mood~~ and 212 took up most of those 29 points ^^ (ehh i keep using the same smilies ><) but, 2010 still has to come D:

    resolutions for 2010
    • grow to 175. then stay at that height till i dunno when.
    • msg below 2. this is to make sure i can pass sec 4 :(
    • pass jap. this seems to be the hardest~
    • improve photoshopping skills (: i need to learn how to make 杂签~
    wishes - 身体健康,每天都high,成绩进步,meet tavia for once~ and stay bonded to my beloved 212 and clique :D and that fungyi and stevia and finally hav a good ending together~ ooh and i wan another mota show and a mingyi show so they can hav a gd ending too~ ok im being too demanding.

    hurhur shall end off this post~ happy advanced new yr~ ooh and
    212 '09 I LOVE YOU GUYS~

    | 9:17 PM |

    Thursday, December 10, 2009
    200th post!
    wanted to blog on fri but blogger hated me a lot, and i keep dragging XD

    some post i typed on fri b4 the awards
    haah tvb award ceremony starting soon, the food show credits end le :D
    hopefully tav can win an award (女喜 or 人气 ^^ ) lala~
    made 2 pics of tav (just) with the red carpet pictures :D
    =丢图, jumps backward on the sofa + hugs cushion tightly XD=

    this yr awards ceremony quite ok (: jus tat its draggy, all the hosts talk so much :( last yr de more fun lol, everyone's speech had time limit XD and i rmb cho lam chionging his speech like crazy :D

    i was very quiet when watching lol, cos my mum at the front part say i too 多嘴 :( in the end she also talked a lot when she saw 黄日华 (one of her idols 20 yrs ago. apparently she had a poster of him on her bedroom door b4 ._.) that guy is quite nice lol XD i like the way he introduced the winner :D he said that out of the nominees the winner is pretty =thinks of tav= 身材好 =thinks of tav= and the youngest =still thinks of tav XD= in the end 真的是 ^^ and then my mum also say tav acted well haah. even though she only watched a little bit of Beyond XD and for the 表现 award when stephen (GM of tvb i think) was talking bout the acting class and 配角奖 i was thinking of tav too XD and when my mum said tat tav this yr so 被捧 i told like an essay to her about how nice she is lol XD

    i should be going soon, 约 sammie and wanline meet at 4.44 ._. (sammie chose the time)
    walk to lrt (5 min) + ride from here to bishan (30 min) + wait for lrt (5 min) + wait for NE line (5 min) + wait for circle line (5 min) = 50 min. and i still havent added wait for NS line + NS line train journey yet. aish. 快点丢图吧~ (i think this post total shuld hav 30 banners XD dont blame me if it hangs ur comp)

    the 2nd last one is super random XD and the last one is dejavu-ish XD

    | 3:55 PM |

    Tuesday, December 1, 2009
    yay changed blogskin (: im supposed to post. hmm i shall start with expressing my anger towards someone.
    M***** YOU 张真玮! when ppl get first, you are supposed to say why the person so good get first, not to complain about the person. 敢贬怡贬金玲贬宫心计去死吧你!没见过宫心计的布公公是怎么死的啊?!让我想重演金玲在二十三集的戏份 =takes candlestand and smashes across his head= i hoping tat when he go work eating then choke on his sandwich. then cycle bike to work roll into a drain. then take lift to work lift spoil and drop many floors down and transport him to many yrs ago (like 巴不得爸爸) and in the lift have some poisonous gas. and then he take stairs climb until high floor then out of breath heart attack. then he step on banana skin and roll down the many floors. then level 1 have a puddle of oil he roll out the building onto the road. then on the road the car crash into him. then the ambulance hav traffic jam take long time. then in ambulance his oxygen mask stop working. then the driver first day driving drive the ambulance into the sea. then some shark come out and eat him. GRAH LALALALA
    P.S. if you 得罪 me in any way (intentional of unintentional) i'll curse u in the same way(or worse) =warning=
    ok im okay. at least better than jus now. I HATE THAT STUPID GUY. b4 i alrdy hated his articles le lor. i was cursing sammie's i-weekly in malacca cos of his stupid articles. then now still getting worse DX HURMPH. I SHALL CURSE EVERY SINGLE OF HIS ARTICLES. and hope that he gets fired this very millisecond. yesterday i was happily reading my iweekly and tav got first in voting and i was very happy then i saw his article and went "GRAHLALA i want kill you" and had the 我要杀人 look for the rest of the train ride home. yesh you get the point - HE SUCKS.

    ok for the proper post section (: i went for australia trip last last sat to last thur :D and survived with 1 8days + 2 tvb mags XD

    day 1
    actually its not even a day lor -.- at the airport i grabbed an 8days before checking in (cos there was a 2cmx2cm pic of Beyond) and it was not disappointing :D it survived me for the waiting for plane+time in plane+time next day in aus even though it was only one page long ^^ hmm the reporter could be a tav fan, he mentioned tav thrice and charmaine only once haah :D and there was some big pic of 金玲 and on the cover there was michelle+tav+moses+kevin (mota becomes the 重点 cos they are in the middle XD) hmm if one day my scanner works then maybe i'll scan tat article haah. its so nice :D (compared to iweekly)

    ooh and the plane was nice too :D there was stephanie's 郑融·精选, ray's let's get wet, bosco's 全角度爱你, hin's love and living, and miriam+eason's discs too :D and linda's 一人晚餐·二人世界 was still there haah (: i love stephanie's disc wahaha. i wanted to buy it b4 but it costs $34 at orchard :( but kinda worth it haah, and i got myself addicted to 2 more songs from the disc during the plane ride (: oh and on the plane i watched laughing gor 之变節 halfway (:

    day 2
    reached australia haah, went to some church to take photos (: after tat went to some art gallery (which i rly dunno how to appreciate) and we went to some farm to see sheep, horses and ducks (: and at night we went to some rly cold place to see penguins :D thinking of songs in your head help you to feel warmer ^^ since 心静自然凉, 心吵自然暖 (lol my 歪理 XD) i was thinking of  第几天(thanks to bota mvs) and Beyond and BR theme ^^ and it helped alot haah.

    day 3
    saw koalas. hmm i cannot rmb what happened for the rest fo the day. ohh~~ we took some dolphin cruise (which we did not see any dolphins) and i sat on the upper deck of the ship haah. it reminded me of ray in HOG (the yacht scene was edited into a fungyi mv) and SL2 ending(which was on a yacht) :D the ride was super long, so all along i was ranting about fungyi and shows to my mum and sis since they had nothing better to do too XD

    that night went to chinatown, which was rather boring. the only familiar faces i saw was cai yi lin poster, wang li hong poster and pin yuan poster :( my family wandered away to some other street cos my mum decided that the food there were too expensive haah. then =dramatic music plays= i stopped walking on the street. in front of the shop. (yes you know what happened) i saw TKOS and BR poster wakakakakakaka. and ITCOB too. but the shop closed le, so couldnt go in :( during dinner i felt like i had a fever (due to the earlier excitment) and had some O.O look on my face haah. and my mum asked if i was fine cos she thought tat i had gone silly (i hit my head while exiting the boat) then she gave in and said i could go see the store after dinner haah. on the way back to the hotel. luckily the lights in the shop do not switch off de (: i peered in the store and saw JL2 poster and LOW and many other discs haah. so the rest of the night i had some :D look on my face and kept persuading my mum to bring me there on the free day XD

    day 4
    yesh boring shopping day. went to some tower de 88th floor (which was rly cool) b4 going to queen victoria market. markets dont suit my taste cos i have nothing to buy there haah. so while my mum+father+sis+grandpa wer happily shopping, i stood behind like a loner gobbling up a mango. ya it sounds sho sad D: oh and lunch the tour group was awesome :D I LOVE YOU TOUR COMPANY ^^ they brought us to some street to have lunch, and i was like "why is this place so familiar". haah it was the street with the tvb store wakakaka :D and on the way to the restaurant i had some crazy look on my face (the :] look) and the tour guide thought i had something wrong haah XD and i heard some ppl in the group talking bout BR :D after lunch (i finished it faster than the rest of the group) my mum brought me and my sis to the store :D and then i saw Beyond poster (or rather banner) and i could feel my heartbeat from my face haah. i went to look at disc prices and my mum was like "what are you staring at" XD then i said SITS and she bought SITS for me ^^ HAAH. and while my mum was talking to the store owner i went to watch Beyond (they were showing there) and it was ep 20 haah. 金玲 :D:D and i went crazy in front of the shop owner haah. and apparently the tour guide's wife watched HOG, MR and is chasing Beyond and BR lalala~ the rest of the day according to my sis i had some "retarded" ^^ cum :D smile (in other words fangirl smile lol) XD

    that night my family walked to the casino. which was rather far away. and somemore my parents+grandpa stayed there for 1.5h :( my sis and i were sharing 1 small cup of tiramisu, and we finished it in 50 min. cos my parents said tat they would only take an hour, i happily spent 10 min tryign to scrape whatever was there. and then time up they havent come out, i gave up grah. ended up reading tvb mag and listening to some tav interview (which i heard at least 10 times le) and watching whatever mvs i had on my phone and staring at their orange juice machine spin. now i know how their orange juice machine spin le -.-

    day 5
    took free tram to docklands and took photos there. then took the the tram to harbourtown for shopping :D my mum bought for me one shirt+ one pair of jeans+ one keychain ^^ and my sis was being some crazy person trying out all the hats and glasses in the shops O.o ooh and i saw some pretty jacket. but it was too expensive so didnt buy haah. that jacket de price enough to rent 26 eps of shows le (:

    after tat wanted to take the free tram to melbourne central. but my mum decided to be comedic and said we were on the wrong side of the road. so we took the tram on the other side (which was the real wrong side of the road) and ended up passing docklands+our hotel again. luckily it goes in a loop. and the whole tram journey i was laughing at my mum haah. after a long time we finally got there, then my mum decided to take a bus (which totalled up to SG$20 for 2h tickets for my family) cos she didnt want to walk four streets. yesh. and at italian street we ate icecreams (the mango icecream there rly tastes like mango) and drank slurpee haah. in the end we realised tat there was a free train service and my mum decided to take it (even though we alrdy has a bus ticket) yes you know what happened. the bus passed docklands again and we landed up in harbourtown again -.- 早知道就不用花那么多$和时间去那里=.= and after tat we took the tram back to the hotel (the right side tat was wrong before) and passed docklands again. comedy lor. 1 day went the same place 2 times took 3 diff ways of transport passed the same place 4 times -.- hurhur. at the hotel my phone started ringing. and my mum thought her fren called her (she diverted to my phone), so i went to answer. in the end i heard “宫心计有新碟来了” XD the rental shop caleld from sg to australia to ask if we wanted to rent Beyond haah. and my mum was like laughing XD

    yesh and tat night my parents decided to go casino again. this time my mum dumped my sis and i in a restaurant and she said 1h again. we waited about 20min for the food, then slowly ate strand by strand for 5min, then i made my sis drink the whole jar (yes jar) of water and then debated for 10min whether we wanted another plate (we wanted another plate, but my sis did not want to order the same thing and she did not want garlic in her food so took long time) and in the end we decided that we were full (haah water makes u feel bloated~) XD how useless. then we took a stroll around the hotel looking at all the clothes they sold and all the menus of diff restaurants, and we walked rly slowly haah. i told my sis tat an invisible stitch was walking in front of me and it only walks 1 tile at a time haah XD and no one would want to step on stitch (: then we found a spot to sit down and i read my tvb mag BR synopsis while waiting for the performance. the christmas performance was cool haah. so dark and like those japan ones where something suddenly lights up and sings ^^ after the performance we got so bored and started dancing and playing 象棋(i dunno how we did it) with the tiles XD

    last day
    morning my mum, grandpa and i watched sesame street with my sis -.- i still rmb the letter of the day was K and the no. was 5 -.- walked all the way to queen victoria market again cos my sis wanted to buy hats. after 40 min we finally reached there, and we bought some nice food to eat :D apparently they sell wurst there too ._. =thinks of hetalia= i ate mango again, and bought souvenirs too (: in the end my sister did not buy a hat cos it was too expensive, and we walked 20min back again. we were 30 min earlier than the time we were supposed to be there, so went to buy some chocolate+cheezels (: in the end the tour bus was late by 1.5h :( i ended up watching my sis de "Sonny with a Chance" vid on her phone :( and forced her to hear 40s of tav interview haah. where they had excerpts of Beyond with 金玲 saying “你同我,根本冇得争” XD i love that sentence haah.

    at the airport my sis fren called her about PSLE marks (rather stupid to call from sg to australia. they will get the shock of their lives when they get their phone bill XD) she got 50 marks higher than her expectation (which was rly low) and now she still hasnt decided wat sch to go -.- at the stamping passport part the immigration officer said i dont look like 14 ._. oh and the airport customs was rather irritating. i alrdy gone through the metal detector thing and didnt beep le, but they still want to search me. grah. 没事好做啊. i look like criminal meh =.= they 侵犯我的私隐 lor.

    on the plane i finished watching the movie :D it was rather amusing watching everyone kill each other XD e.g. Kenny kill some calefare then Wayne kill Kenny then Koni kill Wayne and Wayne kill Koni back XD oh and Johnson kill Fala then Francis kill Johnson then Anthony kill Francis XD weirdly amusing lor~ and then watched the girl who leapt through time (i watced the back half on okto b4) and it was nice :D i love the song haah~ and i heard all of stephanie's songs again, and couldnt sleep. i spent 3h trying to sleep. in the end, i slept for the last 15 min -.-

    class chalet
    after tat went class chalet (: i told my father it was SAF de le, then he still insist tat it was SAFRA. in the end we went to the wrong place and i was like hahaha (: spent 10min getting to the right place (and a lot of taxi fare) and saw pg+sammie at the busstop (: all of them were still awake then, and apparently they watched ponyo twice ._. and apparently they went tampines one rental shop and saw Beyond poster~~~ D: it was exactly 11 by the time i reached there (suay) so couldnt watch OTFB :( haiz hopefully 何花 didnt appear in tat ep. spent 1h doing nothing while the rest chionged autographed books, then the class watched coraline at 12 :D nat loaded tudou on her laptop, then connected it to the huge tv :D so we had some mini theatre thing (with 10 ppl). and they dumped all the pillows and blanket down, so it was like slumber party haah. it was fun watching it at midnight (cos it was a bit horror) :D after tat we watched totoro, and most of the class ended up sleeping after tat. 4am left hannah+wanlin+pg+me awake, so i watched yi nan wang theme on chnl 8, and played Beyond 30s trailer with the comp haah :D rather shuang lol. then they decided to load 500 days of summer. we watched part one, and while waiting for part two to load, they all ended up sleeping ._. and i couldnt sleep aww :( i was like sleep 1 min wake 1 min type de D:

    6+ CS finally woke up (she slept earliest, 12+) so we tried to see the sunrise. was phail la. after tat i slept for another few min, and the rest of the class started up waking one after another. except for hannah. had chicken wings for breakfast, and watched some interview about asian tv awards on chnl 8 早安你好. if no sg ppl win i shall laugh at them haah XD then ended up talking bout how sucky sg tv was, and XNR sucks too :D then watched ads on chnl u (cos i wanted to watch OTFB ad). ended up watching TFL ad :D and the OTFB ad has no tav :( and chnl u was showing random fashion or food shows. for the fashion one we were 贬ing the ppl on their fashion sense, and the food once we were talking bout how gay some guy looked and how unconvincing their faces were. then i went home and slept all the way (6h) and missed a whole chunk of Yummy Yummy :( sad.

    shall end up with some banners and animations(most have 2 versions haah. im fickle XD and the 1st one was chionged D:)~ i love 谈情说案 sales clip too much :D fungyi rocks haah~

    *icon textures from hybrid-genesis or paint-pops

    | 5:40 PM |