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  • Creator; bluskiangel
  • Images; 杨怡tvblog
  • Saturday, January 9, 2010
    i shall blog hurhurhur. since so many ppl 催 me to ><

    stevia show~
    hurhur its airing 25 jan :D 海发 though T_T but someone said it would air in hk 8 mar, which means 8 mar slot they would hav to 海发 another show to malaysia -.- and this would cause the show ratings to drop -.- how pointless man~ oh and they changed the title. from 占星情缘 to some 恋爱星求人 -.- which sucks a lot. and makes me think of aliens -.- and if that wasnt enough they changed the eng title from The Stars of Love to Cupid Stupid. which does not make any sense. and sounds stupid literally. IF NOT FOR STEVIA I WOULD HAVE LIKE GIVEN UP ON THAT SHOW D: meanwhile i shall still call it TSOL (: i flipped when i heard the 海发. flipped(same time) when heard chi title changed. flipped again when heard eng title changed. mann im like a dead fish -.-

    hmm first day of sch i went 308 cos there were familiar ppl there (: then went 212 and saw PG and WQ there (at first i didnt dare go ><) then had phail meeting with 212 at GO, we even went into the accounts office and it was empty -.- then the cleaner came out from nowhere 吓死我 D: and hanna (who started the mob thing) came late =.=

    bonding activities dun make us bond -.- and lessons are rather boring~ LA is boring as usual (b4 ms teng taught i also didnt like LA ><) math got mrs wong again :D but lessons in lib, so everyday climb 4 levels up D: ooh and i spend most of my chinese lesson time highing over tav XD the teacher was talking bout 李世民 and 李隆基 :D fyi i jus researched on them like last sunday cos 李世民 = sauning's(tav char in TOB) bro and 李隆基 = who tavia's char ended with in WIT. ok actually not ended up, cos her char died >< and 唐朝 makes me high thanks to Beyond XD PE is great too, but i was very lonely without huahua :( last in class >< the games were fun too ^^ bonding mann~

    lunch was late :( late lunches = hungry bren D: it was like sec 2 times though, 212 gather at class table, then eat together :D and tj u paoqi-er :( oh and one day ppl were talking so softly that everyone had to lean over to listen and it looked like we were gossiping -.- another day we went to 212 classroom (my mortal-junior who abandoned me was in there ><) and stared at their timetable. then hannah and i went in and hannah said hi >< AND IM 100% SURE THE JUNIORS HATE US D: OH THE HORROR. then went 112 classroom (112 isnt GE anymore) and they are @%#@! lucky D: YLS is their form and chenlaoshi coform. and they got like mrs siew, ms chee and ms ang ._. oh and mr lee and mrs kuan (: 212 teachers mann (except for sci) XD

    first day of sch while waiting for third lang was boring >< went around cca exhibition with gy, then loitered around ICC booth and seniors pasted a sticker on me (: with the ie sign~ now i keep it in my file teehee. was wearing it in sch that time (pasted it on nametag) to advertise~ ooh after sch gy, sammie and i also opened the calendars JH gave me :D one had shirley and nancy. then i got too lazy to check the rest. then after tat still bored so gy and i opened the other one and i was like "why is this dress so familiar" XD TAVIA HURHURHUR~ her awesome purple dress at tvb awards 08~ and a lot of newspapers said it was prettaye too ^^ and that one also had linda and a lot more ppl :D THANKS JUNHUI :DDD

    third lang was okayish :D didnt sleep (normally 3.30 i would feel like sleeping, but i couldnt cos lessons start 3.30 -.-) one point ang sensei talked bout jap festivals, and how they make 年糕 on new yr :D this yr new yr tavia attended some function and made 年糕+wore jap clothes then XD hurhur after 3rd lang i went home and watched the entertainment news(rarely watch now) and saw tavia new yr function >D yeah mann i rock hurhur

    Food Club
    had food club yesterday~~~ went toa payoh with sammie and hannah and wanline :D when leaving sch hannah was tempted to jump into the flower patch. then sammie jus went into the patch -.- the bus ride was okayish hurhur (: they had no more tvmobile though D: (lol typed as tvbmobile at first XD) bought my awesome tvb mag 650 with tavia on cover (in her prettaye blue dress~) then went food court to eat 拌饭 (: 4 ppl share 1 拌饭+ 1 bowl of rice. and i think the auntie thought only 2 ppl share (only sammie+hannah went to buy) so she gave 2 soups. oh well she's still nice :D after that hannah bought agar agar and wanline and i went to buy sushi handroll (: 手忙脚乱ed beside TS as usual, and i was laughing a lot cos from an angle sammie looked like she was holding some trolley in an ad (she was standing in front of it and i made her raise her hands XD)

    then went popular and shopped for 40min cos hannah's father took so long to come >< i went to look at cds and the 22 china ppl beside me had an interesting conversation about some bimbo person. then they talked bout linda XD
    person 1: 我喜欢她(points to linda album) kayan
    person 2: 谁来的
    person 1: 钟嘉欣
    person 2: 还蛮漂亮的
    XD i did not intentionally mean to hear lol (: then wanline went to buy notebook for math (she chose pink XD) and hannah bought file for guzheng~ and sammie kept talking bout how 9 jan would be lucky cos its SP's birthday. oh ya HAPPY BIRTHDAY SO PHIA (: and we saw some awesome wood model thing and some fake snow thing >< and hannah and wanline bought rose-making stuff (: ooh and 8days looks rather outdated ._. the sonija pic on it from very long ago de >< oh and that night... dinner 11pm -.- no one was home ><

    hmm today started bad. got irritated by my father so much that i dropped my phone on the ground and the battery cover came out -.- stared at 2008 tvb mag cover (which is still in my study room (: havent changed to JH give de yet ><) tavia pic is like at the bottom left and steven pic is jus above it :D ahhh the awesomeness of stevia ^^ oh and my tav BBOL phone screensaver helped too :D

    went for MO, although we (sammie+gy+hannah+i) didnt know if we were confirmed >< the guy spoke rly fast, but luckily behind had ans (jus realised halfway through lesson ><) understood the ques, but by now forgot le D: after that tj and i saw 3 ppl walking out by the side gate, so we thought it was open and tj went >< then on the way to the front gate i accidentally hit hannah's injection wound (sry D:) and we were tryign to ask hannah wat her injection was for. she forgot. -.-

    sammie's dad gave me a ride to bishan, and up the bridge donated for some flag day. go down the bridge another batch of ppl. go home another batch of ppl at traffic light -.- from bishan to my house all have lor >< finished 2 eps of AWT so now im back on schedule :D (hk paused 2 eps cos of TBOTG ><)

    went out with mum and sis and grandpa to kallang leisure park and watched chipmunks :D i adore theodore ^^ so cute and squashycuddly (: ooh and on lvl 1 i saw TKOS showing in poh kim on lvl 2 (: yay i rock ^^ and on escalator to lvl 3 i saw a SITS poster in poh kim XD after the movie i went poh kim to stare at the SITS poster and confirmed it was TKOS (:

    after the movie went to arcade too~ mum played some faeriebubbles-like game and mum+sis+i played the shooting hoops thing :D then sis and i played it 3 more times and 2 of the times we got bonus 2nd round XD hurhur we rock so much ^^ and sis and i played some driving game. she told me no nid step on pedal lor, then my car went so slow -.- after tat i went full speed and hit every single cone i saw XD and then i flipped my car twice >< mus hav been cos of TSOL D<

    went out to eat fried kwayteow and it was nice :D my grandpa (who is a nice old man) gave my sis and i a lot of 蛤 (: (is tat how u write it ><) ooh and my mum helped me ask if he watched Beyond (cos i asked him everytime i saw him. until i felt that it got irritating ><) and he's on ep 9 :D:D hurhur its like the only tavia show disc he has (i dunno where the MR one gone to) and hopefully he likes tav :D =big smile big smile=

    ok long post. i shall go sleep soon since my mum came out to nag jus now. and i spent 1h typing this. hannah and gy and wanline should be happy although i think its ranty-ish. off to read 怡吧~ (ooh and i got QQ (: thanks to 娜娜 from 怡吧 who helped me apply :D 薏米s are nice ppl~ ^^)

    | 11:48 PM |

    Sunday, January 3, 2010

    Happy New Year! did that yesterday cos was bored >< last yr i did a happy new yr image too i think. and it was also blue. also tvb. also had ppl jumping. deja vu much XD oh well now this one has tav hurhur. was experimenting with "normal" fonts, i will be stuck with them during cca anyway -.-

    oh and other than that pic i also went crazy and did 12 tavia banners (:  over here >> :D

    hmm sch's starting 2moro and all i did this hols was homework and photoshop~ oh and i went orchard a lot of times hurhur. last last last last thur has massclique outing, last last last last sat and last last last last sun and last last last thur went with mum, and last last thur went to fetch sis (: i seem like some orchard addict >< within 4 days went orchard thrice -.- hurhur and the first few times i was trying to find sudden weekly at orchard and i found it at last hurhur. at the cheers near my house -.-

    ahh i nid to go at 10 and left 47 min of which 44.5 min are needed to watch AWT ep 5 D: shall jus dump some blends here~ from fungyi calendar project and jus random ones (: and yes wanline, there's RE

    P.S. ok i jus played AWT and wondered why no sound. then there was a little sound and i realised i was blasting it through my earphones -.-

    | 9:20 PM |