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  • Creator; bluskiangel
  • Images; 杨怡tvblog
  • Monday, February 1, 2010
    shall blog~ where shall i start from~~ ahh =lightbulb=
    XD aint tavia so cute~ she said that at 鱼跃杀青戏 (aka last scene to film)~ hurhur that time i had a tab with that vid open and was too lazy to see it. then while waiting for it load until tavia part i suddenly rmb the news was on tv (tvb xinghe news slower by 1 day) and jus nice tavia part :D so 准 haah~~ and so i listened to both the comp and the tv at the same time XD

    ok.. sch is normalish, jus that IH sucks. a lot. it made me sleep at 12 for dunno how many nights T_T the only thing that makes me look forward to going to sch is my clique (wanline join us la~ :D) and CCA~ yesh CCA rocks haah~ last fri we played some lord and the ring game (something like tag) and casslynn was super suay haah XD i was the catcher for a while too :/ fri was pig day haah. stuffed myself with fried noodles+jellies+grapes(lol gy and sammie XD)+sausage+cake during class breakfast and stuffed myself with pizza during cca orientation :/ its no wonder im growing fat D:

    yesterday was a high emo day~ went MO in morning and sat with WQ and TJ (2 301 peeps ah~) then halfway through i jus ran out of the lesson without telling the teacher XD met cass at RI for ESIP test, and we were like fangirling in the LT while waiting XD we fangirl too much lol~ then my mum called me to go see tvb ppl after the test, cos the next day (aka today) wun hav moses -.- the test was like IQ test, divided into 9 sections and each section all below 10 min ( = i die) i think i flunked the language sections :/ math was ok though, form equations with number and signs (something i always do to car plates on the road XD) casslynn at first wan follow me to mrt, in the end she ended up going to plaza sing with me to 追星 haah XD by the time we reached there was alrdy quite late, so we stood on 2nd floor to see the thing (actually couldnt rly see, was blocked :( ) the dj came out and asked a lto of stupid ques to delay time~ and they oly arrived around 2.40. hurhur i recorded moses singing LB theme~~ 心花放 :D:D and casslynn helped to take pics~ steven didnt sing though, and his pics were quite blur :/ and tat made me emo for the rest of sat :( cos i didnt rly get to see him too~ highed whenever they talked about Beyond/SITS/CS/AWT :D note: 3/4 of the shows hav tavia XD the rest of the day i was kinda emo while my mum kept talking bout how shuai moses was :/

    hmm yeah my emoness continued to today (actually yesterday. now its 12am le :/) so i was being this irritating kid asking my mum if could go plaza sing for lunch and she said no :( ended up going hougang mall (i wanted to go there last sun lor -.- and she didnt let me) and saw CS poster outside rental shop XD highed again~ (u can imagine bren running around a place with her hands on her cheeks. yeaahh.) after that reached home mum decided to pack. 1230. i packed my 10 issues of tvb mags and got so bored+emo so went to blast music (SITS+AWT+CS theme. aka steven songs) and was spinning a wrapping paper (and kept dropping it on floor) mum found me a nuisance and told me that i could jus go there i wanted to. 1339. ran to 追星. literally. ran across the carpark, down the stairs, across the road (feels guilty for crossing when green man was flashing :/), all the way to the lrt station, up the stairs to the station, up the stairs to the platform, into the lrt. 1342. (yes im awesome XD if NAPFA this speed 100% A) reached mrt. ran like crazy down 3 floors to mrt and into mrt. 1345. reached plaza singapura found a spot on 2nd floor. 1405. :D yay im awesome haah~ the escalators were sealed so had to go one whole round, and could hear dj asking the questions on the escalators :/ was -.- ing (: the spot i found was so much better than the spot on sat~ wasnt blocked much ^^ haha and i saw steven~ like so cute lalala :D and he sang AJCL theme~ (which i recorded but a few s were missing from middle :/ cos my auntie called :( ) then nancy (aka 好姨) was quite funny too, she kept speaking malay (: and sonija was pretty (: took quite a lot of pics, but phone camera zoom kinda sucks :( then halfway when sonija was speaking i went down to 1st floor (1 whole round again) and found a spot near the side (: took more pics of the 3 of them, and steven was still cute :D he kept posing XD after that they left and the whole crowd left too (well most of it) and the DJ was still asking ques, prob too many calendar left~ so i went to 凑热闹 and somehow i ended up at the front :/ so i ans some random ques and got a calendar haah~ mainly i wan it cos nov has Beyond pic (: currently TGOL poster kinda facing me ^^ but their ques rly super easy leh~ i know how ans every single one of them ^^ =zilians for a while= there was one Beyond one ppl 抢着答, about the cast (: luckily they didnt pick me, or i prob jus go "杨怡杨怡杨怡!=long pause= eh who else ah" XD oh well~ shall post some pics from the event :D then go sleep :/

    CS poster. the one which i highed about XD
    the place (ooh Beyond poster XD)
    steven, nancy, sonija (from lvl 2)
    sonija pics from lvl 1~ clear (:
    steven, nancy and sonija (from 1st lvl)
    steven leaving (: so cute right~ my fav pic XD
    and bren, being the fangirly crazy her, went to take a pic of Beyond poster after the event XD

    moses singing LB theme~ his pics (taken by cass) are on my baidu (:

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