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  • Creator; bluskiangel
  • Images; 杨怡tvblog
  • Saturday, March 6, 2010
    heho~ here to update on the request of hunnuh and wanline teeheehee~ hehe shall blog about my 追星ing first XD

    the 追星 part.
    warning: long and fangirly
    last sat went home after MO and took bus with mum to the airport~ heehee taking bus to the airport is cool, they hav security checks and drive into the carpark ^_^ went to stand near the gate thingy, and so 巧 the 怡居 ppl were standing beside me so i asked my mum for permission to talk to them (: only talked to 2 of them though~

    hee then after a while bobby appeared at the luggage belt and some ppl were screaming XD heh and when jessica appeared some ppl screamed too.. heh then tavia was the slowest but when she appeared a lot a lot of ppl screamed XD and i was highing to silan about how cool tavia looked in black (was looking on tiptoes (: being tall is an advantage for 追星ing hee~)

    the card i "helped" silan to hold for a while XD

    pics of them in airport/car:



    last but not least, TAA-VEE-UHH~~ :DDD

    hee then they decided to go out through another opening, so there was this whole bunch of people running in the airport XD and bobby was cute, he tried to exit halfway and then realised that it was a glass pane and not a door XD

    after that a whole bunch of tavia fans were surrounding tavia taking pics with her, so i just followed behind (: hehe tavia was rly 亲切, chatting with some of them~ outside the airport bobby was standing at the roadside and tavia totally didnt notice him XD that scene was rather funny heho~ and i took some pics of bobby and jessica and tavia and michael ^^ my mum was being fangirly-er than me lol, she waved to michael XD

    after tat silan and i realised that the rest of the YJ ppl dumped us behind and took cab to sentosa, so we went to take mrt~ and highed about tavia on the way ^_^ then halfway through the journey received sms that the event was at night, so headed for lunch while silan went to sentosa herself :/ ok i feel bad :/

    went home to print a photo of tavia to get it autographed (thanks sammie for photo paper :D) and made a card for her ^^ arranged my super awesome file with tons of tavia articles too and brought just in case haah~

    went out at 7, and they said that the thing was around 8.30 :/ took mrt with mum to vivo, then monorail to sentosa~~ sentosa is huge luh, got lost for like 30 min and the maps there dont help at all -.- oh and someone was shouting about how the purple signs represent gayness -.- saw some familiar figure on the way to hard rock~ hehe shall not say who (: ask me personally if u wan know lol.

    gathered with tavia fans at hard rock lobby, there were like one whole bunch of them teehee. hee tavia fans are like all girls and older than me but younger than tavia (: hee i was staring 呆ly at the card they made for tavia (it was jus in front of me haah) cos it had a pic of TMOL filming ^_^ the proposal scene ahh *_* hee and chloe was highing about how raymond calls his fans "honey" XD rather amusing XD

    after 1h+ tavia came out of the lift teehee~ when everyone saw her they all stood up lol, and were like "阿怡你好靓啊" and the usually fangirly bren got 电到呆, didnt say anything :/ heh but tavia was so prettaye~ *_* after that tavia pulled a chair to sit (heh only like 1 or 2 chairs away from me ^_^) and was complaining about how uncomfortable it was~ heh and cos she was so close i passed my card to her ^_^ then tavia said can take pics but cannot upload first cos she had to wear the same shirt for her 元宵 function the next day XD hee so cute ^_^ and she asked if we've eaten dinner yet, and viven said no (heh she forgot) and tavia went to 拍 her head XD

    tavia makes her appearance~
    she looked at my camera *_* the colour is 杯具 though :/
     more 杯具 pics~ hee i got so nervous~

    hee and i A-ed this from 怡吧 (: made by 猫 (:

    after that took a photo with tavia ^_^ blur though :/ and the whole bunch of tavia fans went to take group pic with tavia outside too :D cos tavia wanted nice bg XD and she got her assistant to take a pic for her to keep too hee~ then went back in hotel and got the photo and a stevia article signed ^_^ my favourite article ever since i bought tvb mag haah~~ they got placed on the other side of the table though, so i had to go one whole round and slide through the crowd of people~ heh and i got stuck beside a lamp while tavia wrote manuscripts for TY and 怡居 :/ oh well but i saw her 漂亮的侧面 super clearly from the side *_* yay i love lamp view ^_^

    group pic and photo with tavia is on fb hee~

    hehheh and the whole night i got all so high o(^_^)o going to sentosa at night to 追星 is totally worth it haah :D and i like tavia even more after meeting her (: 就是喜欢这样的怡,多么可爱,多么亲切..就像一篇报章提过的,“她美,但不艷,美來得親切、美得可以登堂入室”~ 嘻嘻期待铁马寻桥的欧阳惠兰~~

    heh if u see this congrats! cos that means u survived all the ranting XD hee i got high typing all those so they are a bit... nonsensical haah. 前言不对后语..
    next up: 212 day
    time: when bren gets not-so-lazy (妄想! :/)

    | 4:29 PM |