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  • Friday, December 3, 2010
    almost forgot... photos from starchasing!!!


    | 11:35 AM |

    havent updated for 5 months! realised i should clear my june hk trip blogpost b4 going for another hk trip XDDD

    day 1
    reached 1h after kenneth event haiz... so jus headed to the hotel and went to the pier to watch the light show! (which tavia and ray promoted in 谈情 haha~~) yeah obviously brenda would high like siao there XDDD then went back to hotel room after dinner, and watched 蒲松龄 ending mv + 谈情 ^_^ which i highed again haahhaah

    day 2
    grandpa went down to walk around, and couldnt find him afterthat lol. after breakfast cabbed to some neighbourhood to visit my grandpa's elder cousin, and shopped around at the market (: then cabbed again to olympic city!! haha heard that there would be a 谈情 promo event there, so went to try my luck~ used the comps there to check info and tavia was rly going to attend haha :DDD so i ran away halfway through lunch to queue~ managed to cut queue with the help of tavia fans haah

    queued for almost 2h, and tvb was playing the funny 告白 part from 谈情 (which made tavia fans laugh haahhaah) the bg board they also just pasted the show poster on a wooden board and stapled it lol, then the words were stickers too ._. around 1+ tavia appeared from behind a pole! haah and ray and kenneth too (: a lot of reporters took pics of tavia and kenneth haha~ then the event they made tavia cook noodles. which was NOT safe haahhaah, and ray had to swallow it XD and kenneth had to do awkward stuff coughcough, but tavia kept laughing at the back~~ sho cute!

    after the event ray walked infront of the bunch of tavia fans, so in some of his photos there is a suspicious camera pointing from behind a tavia board lol XD then went chased to the carpark, and got my photo taken with tavia :D hahaha she was so nice, took 3 times before getting a partly clear one, but still~~ (: and when she said "thank you" (b4 i could say 多谢) brenda totally melted~~~~ hahahahahah~~~~~~~

    afterthat went to disneyland, where i highed about 恋爱星求人 (stevia filmed at disneyland! haah) saw the fireworks and stuff too and started feeling sad for my dear stevia again :x

    day 3
    went macau!! haha the place where i took the ferry was where they filmed 建筑有情天 ep 1! (haha yes everyday i go to at least 1 place related to tavia) so highed about my 阿da, and used the wifi there to check 怡吧 (: at macau i saw a HUMONGOUS linda & steph poster!! hahahaha and highed in the bus lol

    at the hotel, linda posters were pasted on the poles~ where brenda went around taking photos of XD that night also watched 蒲松龄 and 谈情 in hotel with my sis haha, my sis was photoshopping TMOL with my laptop while i jumped on the bed highing about tavia :D and cos my parents werent back we stayed up watching past 谈情 eps on my laptop :D ohoh and i saw 直到你不找我 MV twice!! highed to my dad who was like "who is that?" -.-

    day 4
    my first non-tavia-related day! went to the church where they filmed 爸爸闭翳 (tavia show too haha, although only boyo filmed there) haha basically jus walked around for the rest of the day, yeahh...

    day 5
    haha went back, nothing interesting luh...

    | 11:30 AM |